A Terrific Q&A Post And Comments With Chip

example of Chatterbot altcoin crypto investment newsletter post from March 2022

A Terrific Q&A Post And Comments With Chip

Whenever you are reading this post, should you decide to join the Chatterbot investment newsletter then you will realize very quickly that it is much more than just a list of buy/sell points for various crypto coins. There is a very active community which asks questions on most of the posts Chip makes several times a week.

In addition to cryptocurrency investment suggestions (buying on dips, HODL strategy for altcoins, etc.) Chip also goes into a wide range of topics in the newsletter including:

  • Other digital assets to consider investing such as NFTs, virtual land (aka “virtual real estate”), and more
  • Precious metals and which to consider as inflation hedges
  • World events based on real data, not just “news” which gets rehashed on social media
  • *** And the competitive edge which allows him to even run the newsletter in the first place: the predictive linguistics data (and associated “spline data”) which allows him to “see the future” due to increased accuracy on upcoming events; and then he discusses ways to make investment decisions based on where he knows the situation will go long before others do (again, NOT financial advice!)

When you join the Chatterbot newsletter (click here to be sent a promo code for an introductory rate to the newsletter), regardless of whatever date you join, be sure to read the comments in the recent posts as well as those from many months prior.

In particular, go to the post from March 16, 2022 and read the over 100+ comments & replies between Chip and several of the other Chatterbot community members. This was a terrific post and many learned a tremendous amount that day and in the subsequent days. Many other posts, and the associated comments/replies, from other days offer equal or greater benefit depending on the reader’s situation at the time, so use the March 16 2022 post as an example of the kinds of benefits the newsletter provides above & beyond just crypto coin investment suggestions.

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Testimonials/reviews can be found here.

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