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Recent Money Mindset Shift From Chip

Chip, who runs the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter, offered a tremendous mindset-shift about acquiring real assets in his post last night (August 24, 2022 Australia Time or August 23, 2022 US-Eastern Time). It had nothing to do with cryptocurrency and altcoins, but it offered a massive upgrade in thinking about how to look at one’s status and asset-acquiring opportunities. Going further into the research, you will discover additional ways to save on unnecessary outflows of your money each month in order to invest into cryptocurrencies and altcoins, digitial assets like virtual land and NFTs, and even precious metals or other hard assets.

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Unique Approach From Recent Chatterbot Newsletter Post

In addition to suggested buy-and-hold (aka “HODL” in the cryptocurrency investing jargon) suggestions for various altcoins, Chip from the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter also gives several mindset and mental approach suggestions based on his work. He also consults with blockchain millionaires and other investors who share their tips for the mental side of investing.

Yesterday (August 9, 2022) he added these images from the VIP members area posts on his public Twitter page (link to that post here):

For many VIP Chatterbot members, these mindset and personal development posts often are as (sometimes even more) helpful than the posts with the specific crypto / altcoin recommendations or longer-term market charts. If you enjoy a combination of direct suggestions for specific altcoins to buy as well as occasional mindset and personal development suggestions, in a fun and interactive comments section, then consider joining the VIP members area.

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Comment From July 13 2022 Post

Chip, from the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter, publicly posted a comment from inside the VIP members area. It is in the image below:

He covers much more on topics of mindset, personal development and similar topics to help people not just become better investors.

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Be The Best, **** The Rest

While the title of this post may raise eyebrows for some of you, it is the title of the October 6, 2021 newsletter update from Chip inside the Chatterbot VIP members’ area. Since many people are experiencing some emotional challenges in recent months due to world events, we found Chip’s update – and his follow up replies to other Chatterbot members – to be helpful and timely.

If you wish to join the Chatterbot newsletter, then contact us (click here) and we will get you more information about the VIP newsletter. Should you join then you might find one (or more) of the topics in that post to help you in case you, too, are experiencing some emotional distress due to world happenings.

In just a few paragraphs he gives several actionable things you can do to shift your mind in the right direction to attract more wealth as well as break free from many of the challenges that you see people around you experiencing. This post is just one of many newsletter updates he gives which have helped other VIP members grow and develop quickly to embrace successes in the changing world.

chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter testimonial

New Testimonial Added

Here is a new testimonial from one of the VIP members of the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter which was posted on the Litecoin Bull Twitter channel:

chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter testimonial

While most of the posts in recent weeks have to do with the financial markets, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain assets – many of Chip’s membership area posts directly deal with one’s personal development and the right mindset to attract wealth. The members area has many people who encourage each other, regardless of how long or their success levels from investing in crypto and altcoins or other blockchain digital assets.

The above testimonial is just one of many examples of happy members providing positive feedback and encouragement to other members based on what this person learned inside the members area content.

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Another Chip Tip – Week Of August 2

If you decide to join the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter (click here to fill in the email address form at the top of this page to be send more information), then you might like some of the posts shared by Chip during the week that began on Monday August 2, 2021.

One helpful takeaway (aka a “Chip Tip”) of many from his posts and comments/replies to the Chatterbot VIP members is the daily watching/listening to various suggested meditations. In recent weeks he suggested four specific videos to which he listens consistently to take action and set his universe for wealth and abundance with the right energy.

Chip’s suggested powerful videos received great feedback from the VIP members who commented/replied, and you may find them to be just as powerful and helpful with your cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other wealth-generating investment pursuits.

Chip also posted a Tweet yesterday (under his Litecoin_bull handle on Twitter) explaining his background:

In the VIP members’ area post archives he goes into some of the ways he transformed himself to the point where today he can add value to cryptocurrency and blockchain asset investors around the world.

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New Resources Added

We have just started adding some possibly helpful resources to our Resources page. They include resources for United States taxes regarding cryptocurrency investing and trading, virtual land / digital real estate inside online games, and a very helpful personal development video to watch daily (as recommended by Chip from the Chatterbot crypto newsletter). More resources will be added in the coming days.