Month: September 2021

Altcoin Investment Newsletter Podcast – September 19 2021

The video on this page is Chip Smith’s most recent podcast video (also found on the YouTube channel here) about cryptocurrency, blockchain, the stock market and more.

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Cryptocurrency Investment Newsletter For Beginners Testimonial

A few days ago Chip, from the Chatterbot cryptocurrency and altcoin investment newsletter, posted a video showing a crypto beginner’s testimonial after having joined the VIP subscription members area. Here is that video:

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chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter testimonial

New Testimonial Added

Here is a new testimonial from one of the VIP members of the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter which was posted on the Litecoin Bull Twitter channel:

chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter testimonial

While most of the posts in recent weeks have to do with the financial markets, cryptocurrency, and other blockchain assets – many of Chip’s membership area posts directly deal with one’s personal development and the right mindset to attract wealth. The members area has many people who encourage each other, regardless of how long or their success levels from investing in crypto and altcoins or other blockchain digital assets.

The above testimonial is just one of many examples of happy members providing positive feedback and encouragement to other members based on what this person learned inside the members area content.

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