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10 cryptocurrency secrets from a well known millionaire!!!? 🤑

This post is reprinted with permission from the original author.

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I get sick of all the newsletters out there giving clueless advice. YUP! Why can I say this, well because we have special software that predicts events before they happen.

We have done this very accurately for years now…., and I have created several millionaires just from following our daily advice! And we have PROOF to show that too.

I’m not just saying it. So it might be worth to sit the F#$K down and start paying attention my friends!!

People seem to think that millionaires come easy. That is a myth, as I have done well over the years, my friends who are millionaires all have their story and all have seen horrific times and all have faced adversity and overcome lots of struggles.

What I have noticed about crypto millionaires is that they are kind, and they are patient. They understand that you cannot just get rich overnight and expect to ride lambs into the sunset with a hot blonde one week later. That is NOT what this is about.

In fact just like we have said over the years inside OUR NEWSLETTER HERE – We have created several millionaires who listened to our specific data, and formulated a plan were lucky enough to reach not only happiness, but financial security as well.

These people understand that it takes time, dedication and you have to make sacrifices to get to the top of you game, and what you do. I know you are sitting in your seat and think I am going to give you some $10,000 secret, and yes that is true, but what I want you to realize is that if you want to get better in life, and in your finances you have to do things other people are NOT prepared to do.

Right now the crypto spaced is in the midst of a bear market. We can go lower, and while that could be the case, I am not guaranteeing you anything. I just wanna share with you 10 simple secrets that Crypto millionaires have known all along and maybe it can help you on your crypto journey as we go into 2024…..and beyond. You might want pull up a beer and a pen and paper and take a few notes if you feel the need.


I’m going to share 10 Crypto secrets with you below!

1. Be Prepared volatility its WILD!

People have already probably told you how wild cryptos are. That is right, but this stuff can be widow makers. As virtual trading occurs on various cryptocurrency exchanges rather than a central exchange that indeed leads to an increase in the volatility rate. This is one of the cryptocurrency secrets that you must know before entering the crypto market.

2. Crypto coins have no backing, and solid fundamentals.

People actually think that crypto is NOT the future. That is what fake news will tell you every night. That is NOT the case. While there are many uses and you might not think the 2020 elections were stolen, blockchain was used and watermark ballots in the process, and our bots already think you will see common knowledge of this in the future. That Trump actually did win 2020 whether you like that or not. That is the truth and we will see evident of this in the future. Watch the Brunson case, and military courts. They secretly use blockchain and biden will be gone soon. That is the technology behind crypto, blockchain but I will make it clear that valuing cryptocurrencies in a traditional sense is more difficult even if you are not a full-time cryptocurrency investor and is doing it on the sidelines for profit, you need to keep a constant tab on the price swings. Although a 24/7 observation is not needed, checking them at constant intervals is a good thing. The more complicated your investing strategy becomes, the more you should review it. While this might seem to be a thing for short-term investors, long-run investors can also follow these criteria to keep a healthy investment.

3. There are over 10,000 coins on the blockchain.

I remember when there was only three coins to choose from many years ago. Right now, The crypto market has more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies but of all, Bitcoin is the true king of the market. BTC is the first tradable cryptocurrency that has been brought to the market and currently tops the list in the market. This is one of the cryptocurrency secrets that you must know. It’s a lot harder to choose coins, that is why we do what we do. We let our Software drive our choices. And we have been very accurate….. ==> VERY VERY ACCURATE.

4. You have to look deep for blockchain value.

People make many mistakes when it comes to this aspect. Blockchain technology is something that is the infrastructure on which the top cryptocurrencies are founded. Blockchain tech is a digital and decentralized ledger that can record payments and transfer transactions safely and effectively. It is also a top-secret of crypto.

5. Miners are a good place to start.

Bitcoin mining is a very mathematical way for sorting algorithms in the blockchain. It sounds very complicated but it most certainly is not. So, for this reason, the whole job of cryptocurrency miners comes into place. Crypto mining uses high-powered computers to solve complicated mathematical equations on a competitive basis to verify and log transactions. And this is why the graphic-card hardware needs of miners have increased the sales of NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices too. This is one of the cryptocurrency secrets that you must know before entering the crypto market. Learning. about crypto mining will give you a head start in this race.

HOPE THIS HELPS!….. Keep reading for 5 more tips!!!….


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We even think we have found the next bitcoin, or the next up and coming coin that if you jump in now, it could change your life forever. Now I know you are thinking, here we go, this is another scam, no, we have members around the world quitting their jobs from our newsletter because you are not going to get our information anywhere else. That is something you can bank on.

Pick The right one, and At minimum you will kill it, and change your life and your families financial future. So I can see why in the future people are going to talk about this,and study this. But as we said, its early days, and we are giving our members lots of options! To put their best feet forward .

6. Cryptocurrencies is about decentralisation.

This is called the next internet, or Web 2.0 or even Web 3.0. Things are moving fast don’t you think. There is no central hub where the information is stored and there is also no major data center where cybercriminals can attack and gain control over it. Because of this safety, blockchain becomes a great secure technology to make huge transactions too.

7. There are magnificent advantages.

We can talk about decentralisation, but not only that. Blockchain these days is super fast, and does not take days now, it takes minutes. There are many advantages such as being quicker than that of traditional banking, and doing transactions without any middleman saving costs too. Additionally, blockchain also offers user control and transparency. This is one of the cryptocurrency secrets that you must know before entering the crypto market. When putting my profits from a stable coins to my bank. That use to take a few days, now it literally takes a few seconds. No kidding, it’s faster than any bank I have used, and so this is the future, and pushing money back and forth is very easy and very fast these days.

8. Blockchain is NOT perfect. Key to note.

I know I keep talking up this whole crypto thing along with blockchain. Apologies, because I need to give both sides of the argument here, I feel. That is the fair thing to do. What you must realize is that blockchain is a nascent technology that’s still being developed, and it can sometimes lead to slow transaction speed or verification slowdowns that are critical too. There are also issues about integrating this new technology into the fold too. There are good days and bad days, and there are still lots of problems being sorted. So you must keep that into account if you are willing to get your feet wet in all things blockchain.

9. Not Everyone Likes Cryptocurrencies.

I have lost money in blockchain and so have millionaires. While you might hear lots of the good stories and hearing people get rich overnight, there is also the darker side to crypto that I must tell you about. I need to be honest with you here. Because buying and holding digital currencies may not be suitable for all. Some may also like to go with the traditional currencies themselves. This is one of the cryptocurrency secrets that you must know before entering the crypto market. It’s very risky, and it’s not a place where you should e putting your rent money or your grocery money. I have heard horror stories, and you should only invest money you can afford to lose. Crypto gets a lot of negative media attention and they only focus on the bad side of things and blurt horror stories to you each week. It’s not a game for everyone, but if you know what you are doing, and do lots of research you can make a real go of thigns. But if you are wanting to make $30,000 by next week, this is NOT the game for you. You might be better off going to the Las Vegas and putting some bingo buttons or trying your luck at the roulette table. I am NOT saying crypto is all bad, but you have to watch out for sharks, and you have to ensure you know of the risks before you get into the game, because I would not like for you to jump in this space and lose lots of money. I only want to see people succeed, and so that is why I am being open and honest with you here. Just like with anything new online there is going to be really good points, and there are going to be downside. So just ensure you know all the risks before you go jumping in and putting your lifesavings in bitcoin. That might end up in disaster if you are NOT careful.

10. Try Out Technical Analysis

if you are not confident with crypto or picking the wrong coins, then try out technical analysis tools to choose the right cryptocurrency. Technical analysis involves using mathematical indicators and chart patterns to try and predict which way the process will move next. EACH WEEK WE GIVE OUT POWERFUL TECHNICAL ANALYSIS ON CRYPTO, TO HELP OUT LONGER TERM INVESTORS!!! ITS VERY ACCURATE AS YOU CAN SEE HERE! – CLICK HERE! We have a group of highly skilled market technicians to help you beat the other normie traders and investors out there. They are monitoring the markets 24/7 so you dont have to. We take all the hard work out for you!! 🤑💲🤑

There is power what you read in here…. If you like this,……

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Once you find out many of our magical secrets it becomes quite addictive.

Before you go…..

Digital currencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC), is the next evolution of money. We have been talking about this many moons ago, that cryptocurrency is poised for mainstream adoption in the next several years, but we have been talking about that fact for the last 8 years, and its all starting to play out. It will disrupt many weak economies, including fiat currencies!

We are going to get more mainstream crypto adoption in or around 2024…so there is lots of time.

The arrival of digital money/currency will spur massive disruption of the world’s economy, “foreshadowed by the new shifting of planetary economical alignments.”

You might be reading this, and a skeptic, but money is a technology—and technology always disrupts, and once you get your head around this, many worlds open up for you.

No one really understands and is ready for what is coming, WITH TRUMP at the WHEEL….. An “American Revolution 2.0 will officially begin sometime in 2022.”

Biden is not the real president, and you will see the truth come out about the election fraud soon. Very soon friends. They have put in an actor to make you think he is the president, and people are starting to wake up. Blockchain is going to prove who really won the presidency, and that is WHO….TRUMP!??

If something has been nagging at you, and chewing at your mind since the lockdowns started, now you know. Now you can make the connections.

“covid” Scam, coughing, germs, paper money spread of germs, govt intervention, “LETS GO CASHLESS!”…….. ie. The boom of digital currencies.


Consider reading that last sentence again! It just made you smarter, and You now know what 99.99% Of the rest of the world does NOT know! Others are not catching on.

We have already peered into the looking glass for you, with blockchain and confirmed that this is all coming, and it feels like we are writing from the future, ahead of time, to help people open their eyes.

Crypto vs world’s economy

In the next two years, this is just the start, more growth and adoption is coming in the digital currency financial system. This includes the long-planned Chinese digital yuan, and other countries. Its not just all talk!!!!

Instead of reading last weeks news, you now know what is coming, how it affects you and what you can do about it. You can be 17 steps ahead of others, and take action, and even make a few shekels form this new found knowledge of yours!!!

As the old economic guard wrestles with the unstoppable crypto-upstarts, social protest and unrest will likely erupt among fragile economies, and now you know!!!!

We have many new students with us learning more and more each day. My clients are from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds.

As we said, INFORMATION is power, with great power comes great life changing experiences.

Be 17 steps ahead of others, and REAP HUGE REWARDS!

Have a great day.



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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 17, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: April 17, 2021 “Crypto Psychic – Doge Coin & Crypto Tidbits 🐶🐶”

LINK: Click Here


In order to help you save time you also can find the podcast audio transcript below this section. If you prefer to read or scan a podcast’s content, instead of listening to it, then we hope that this offers you some benefit. Due to the translation software we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy so you are welcome to listen to the podcast in order to ensure accuracy of what Chip said at the time.

Once you like what Chip offered and believe that his predictive linguistics model is valuable to you, then contact us by clicking the button below and contacting us. We can offer you a promo code to get access to the VIP private members area for the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chad Smith from Australia. I want to welcome you, we put apps and apps, we sit them in the blockchain, and we spread out across the Internet to try and predict events and crypto prices before they happen. The asset prices on the crypto market have now surpassed I’m having a look here. And we’re looking at over a 2.2 trillion market cap well, very, very interesting. And you actually seeing history in the making. And I really think that myself personally, with in terms of the crypto asset market space, you could see even more of a 100 or 200 or 200x times your return, you know, and people don’t realize the magnitude of what is happening. So, what I wanted to do today is just talk about the entire crypto market. I know that a lot of people are excited, I know a lot of people are talking about Bitcoin and Aetherium. I personally, I don’t really own these top coins. The reason is because the the Bitcoin dominance has started to come down. So it really is a smart way for my team to investigate and look at and approach the market. And I did remember listening to an interview on the Gestalt University podcast. And the guy was sort of saying that, you know, the public is really unprepared for what’s going to happen in the crypto world, the digital asset space. And I really think it’s going to transform the current financial landscape, what’s happening. So I think there’s, there’s a parallel between the financial universe being built right in front of your eyes. And I also think that people really don’t have a comprehension of how big this really will be. It really was one of the main reasons why I started this podcast, because I thought, you know, people were either skeptical or people were probably going to jump out of coins too early. So if you listen to this podcast, and you have been a listener for a long time, these are some of the reasons that I’m doing what I’m doing. And as you know, our crypto newsletter has been very successful, very accurate. And a lot of our members are reaping huge rewards, we have a couple of our members who have quit their jobs, just by reading a few words on the pages. And you have to remember that words are power, and words, the set in the blockchain, and that we can do predictive linguistics. And logarithms basically, can help many, many people, you know, find other things that you didn’t think were out there. And so I know there’s a lot of bickering right now in the Bitcoin communities, and it’s pretty sad to see, but I really think that, you know, blockchain technology in the digital asset space in terms of when we’re talking about, you know, the internet or the web, it really is probably going to be number one, the next internet. And number two, it’s going to reshape the financial system, as you know it. And I think, you know, when we’re talking trillions of dollars, people are now starting to wake up to the fact that even these big asset managers, people in Wall Street, big business enterprises, as you know, it recently Elon Musk, as you know, put through a lot of his own money, or the business of Tesla, Tesla’s money into Bitcoin itself. So, as you’re looking at the digital assets sector, and it’s sort of passing the 2.2 trillion market cap, I really think that, you know, we’re talking about the market, probably doubling or tripling or quadrupling, you know, in the next several years. So that’s something that we will, you know, look for, and it’s not out of the question to talk about, you know, a 6 trillion market cap. It’s pretty unbelievable to speak about it like that. But the normies and the people that, you know, don’t know what’s really going on out there. Even the baby boomers, some more millennials, who are sick of the banks. You know, they’re in their 30s. Now, maybe, and they’re looking at other opportunities that they want to take. And you know, these are these people are trying to set themselves up when they’re retired. And they know that they can’t really do much, you know, the interest rates are really low right now. The market property prices have really skyrocketed, and I think we’ve, you know, the limited Bitcoin supply. There’s, there’s a lot of people that are probably starting to think now that okay, well, I’ve made a huge amount of money on Bitcoin. And I’m just having a look at the charts here and Bitcoin is currently out about 60 1000s. So it’s dropped a little bit but I really think when we’re talking about the entire crypto space, I think it’s going to be very interesting what happens, you know, roundabout June and then leading on into December this year, as more and more institutions, you know, really crave and really want to dive into the space. And then if you don’t realize they’ve been doing a lot of research over the last probably a year and a half. So I know there’s a lot of risks involved. And you know, the probability is there, and the higher people expect the market to go, I think the higher the market will go. And I’m not going to put out a crazy number for Bitcoin, because our blockchain bots and predictive linguistics have already hit the levels of Bitcoin, a lot of people laughed at us, but these levels have been hit. And I think when you’re listening to the top guys out there, all they’re trying to do is I think they’re trying to outdo each other one person will say, Oh, you know, Bitcoins, gonna hit 50,000, bitcoins gonna hit 100,000, and then the next guy comes along bitcoins gonna hit 2 million, I really think as the crypto market changes and develops and, and that sort of thing, I think we’re gonna see Bitcoin, you know, probably not hit those higher levels that people are out there saying, because what will happen very soon as you’ll go from proof of work to proof of stake, and then probably proof to proof of something else, which means the crypto market will have to grow and develop a lot of these people that, you know, maybe have money, we’ll look to see a Bitcoin but if bitcoin goes up to I think, you know, Bitcoin could go to 80, or 90,000. But these people will sort of think, oh, you know, that’s a bit of a bit pricey, I can afford to buy one Bitcoin. So they’re going to start to look around at these cheaper coins. We already knew this ahead of time, we already set out a military plan for that sort of event. And as you can see, a lot of our members have already been reaping many, many huge rewards from that explosion of coins, you know, this week, like Dogecoin, which, you know, I have to be a little bit careful have to think about that, because, you know, realistically, doggy coin was a was a coin that was started as a joke. But now it’s, you know, 50 million market cap, and there’s a lot of people just jumping in because they think they’re gonna get rich. Well, I think it’s sage, you know, we’re looking at an event, which might not be favorable to a lot of the serious investors out there. So for me personally, you have to be a little bit wary, a little bit careful with coins like doggy coin, because they’re basically just a, they’re a name in the blockchain that backed up by nothing, they do not do nothing. Although on the positive side, I do, I have used doggy coin in the past. The coin has, you know, really surprised me, it’s very fast, it’s very stable, very cheap to use. And that’s probably one thing going for it. However, the negatives and the positives, you know, you must as a, as an investor, as a crypto investor, as someone who is a student with their money, you really need to sit down and work out, you know, is this is this sort of thing for me. So it’s going to be a very, very interesting next couple of months. I know we are, I can’t believe we’re in at the end of April. Now, this year has gone very fast. Crypto has been growing at a rapid rate. And for me, personally, it’s hard to keep up but I know I do. I try to put out one alert update on our newsletter per day. We’ve been very accurate. One of our clients has made 50 Or sorry, 500,000. And we have many, many positive stories that are coming through. I’m not here to spam you. I’m just sort of saying that. You know, we are probably sort of one of the go to guys right now, when it comes to logarithm X. And when it comes to predictive linguistics and blockchain. And you know, we’re really giving out the positive news before it’s actually becoming news.

Unknown Speaker 9:10
Myself personally, when it’s been very rewarding, I’ve been learning a lot. And as you know, you know that that is really what the crypto market is about. I don’t really think people understand that the crypto market has been put there just oh, you know, want to get rich, I want to be famous. I want to be a squillion err, I really think it’s been a gift that’s been handed to us. Not many people realize just how good of a gift we have. So when you have something like this, it’s a sort of once a once in a generational type thing. And I mean, I’m always blessed. I’m always happy. I always try to try to stay positive. And I just realize what you know, this morning, just the magnitude of the opportunity that we have right here. And I think you know, in the future crypto is probably going to morph into something that Many of us don’t even realize yet. You know, what I’m really talking about is, you know, the robotics, the AI, you know, and the alternative energy sort of sectors that probably will melt in to some of these crypto facilities. So for me, it’s been a very, very wild ride, but it’s been very enjoyable. And I am, you know, I’m trying to be better. I’m trying to be a better investor and trying to be, you know, someone who can help. And as you know, we’re not here to try and sell you anything. I love the fact that we’re getting a lot more members. And I love the fact that there’s a lot of listeners that are starting to wake up, we’re realizing that even more and more people that come in involved with, you know, how crypto is working, how it will be the future, and how the financial landscape is going to change after COVID ID. So that’s about it for me today. It’s a few little tidbits for you to think about in the coming weeks. However, if you feel free, please remember to like, share, and subscribe to this podcast. And also if you wish to join our daily channel newsletter investment newsletter, please feel free to click that link below and join and we’re giving a free special little bonus to new members that register. More about that later. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for listening and talk soon. Bye

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 19, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: April 19, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – More About Our Addictive Newsletter & What We Actually Do!”

LINK: Click Here


In order to help you save time you also can find the podcast audio transcript below this section. If you prefer to read or scan a podcast’s content, instead of listening to it, then we hope that this offers you some benefit. Due to the translation software we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy so you are welcome to listen to the podcast in order to ensure accuracy of what Chip said at the time.

Once you like what Chip offered and believe that his predictive linguistics model is valuable to you, then contact us by clicking the button below and contacting us. We can offer you a promo code to get access to the VIP private members area for the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hey guys, what’s up ship here, welcome to the chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith, from Australia, and we do what’s called apps and apps, we set them in the blockchain. And we spread out across the Internet to try and pick up the future events before they happen. They’ve been quite successful in crypto and the blockchain world or market and many investment asset classes. But today on a had a lot of people, you know, we’ve our crypto newsletter is actually going viral. It’s been very busy, and haven’t really had much sleep. So apologies if I sort of sound a bit more like a slurring zombie, rather than a human. I know people do asked all the time, you know, are we human? Yes, we really are human. This is a real person talking. I have a very good team around me. And for me, personally, it’s been very, very good. It’s been a very good year, very good start to the you know, Bitcoin has taken a little bit of a tumble. I’m having a look here and Bitcoins, currently sitting at about 56,000. So we’re, you know, we’ve had a drop, you know, of about, probably somewhere around about the 5%. Mark, which, you know, as you know, in Bitcoin, that’s not really a big dump. Although a lot of people seem to go on about it. There’s been a lot of Serkan navigating and use around the XRP factor. And also Dogecoin, which is currently sitting I think, right now, take a look at sitting at about 40 cents. Okay, so we’ve gone up a little bit, quite an interesting that those coins are sitting at that level. And, you know, you have to remember right now in the crypto blockchain world, even though Coinbase has listed on the stock market, I think that’s that event is quite a interesting one. I think that event is going to be a historical one, because I do feel that the in terms of the crypto landscape and blockchain in the way that crypto is developing, I think that’s sort of like a watershed moment in the blockchain and crypto world. So because Coinbase has listed and I’m not sure the price, but I do believe, why do we think and when in my own prediction would be the price of that’s probably going to go up. And if it goes up too dramatically, it’s you know, people are going to cash out and then sort of, you know, basically, you know, take their profits and run. But I do think coin base over the long term is sort of like, you know, it’s like that invention, you need that one type of invention that leads on to something else. And then that’s something else invention leads on to something more dynamic. And on and on it goes. So if you’re listening to this, I do believe we’re on the cusp of the fourth revolution, the fourth industrial revolution. So you’re, if you’re wondering what that is, I mean, we’re going through another technological advance shift, that probably will never be seen again. So there’s many opportunities, not just in the crypto world, what I’m talking about, and what I’m what I’m saying is, when we’re when we’re looking at that, and the fourth industrial revolution, you know, this whole thing of charging your phone, you know, having a lithium battery, cars that run on battery, electric vehicles, clean energy, AI, Internet of Things, also to do with, you know, a robotics, the robots world. And these things are going to, you know, just make things easier. It’s going to make life easier. I know, people are talking about, you know, the fact that oh, you know, a robot is going to take my job or No, I don’t think that’ll be the case. But I do think if you have a youngster that’s getting into university or college, I would sort of hint and tell you that, you know, these are areas in the future. And you know, they’re going to be quite dramatic, they’re going to it’s going to be it’s not going to be a rapid change. It’s normally a slow development. And as we go from the old world into the new technological worlds, you know, you’ll see a combination of, I would say morphing from, you know, robots being assisted to humans and robots working together. So I don’t you know, while I do think down the road robots will take humans job, jobs, I don’t think it’s going to be a six month for, you know, one year one year from now, our robot took my job. I don’t really think it’s going to be like that. I think it’s going to work hand in hand, you know, in terms of the morphing from one world to the next. And, you know, the technological and the technical You know, the software and also the technology doesn’t support, you know, it’s not advanced enough for technology to, you know, for a robot just to take over your job. So, it’s gonna be very interesting to see what’s going to happen today. I wanted just to talk a little bit about me myself, a lot of people asking, you know, what do you do? Are you human, we talk about the blockchain Shabbats, which is basically blockchain, an app and adapt protocol that we set to do logarithmic and predictive linguistics. And we sort of spread out across, you know, all across the internet with using many sources, to try and find out what people are talking about. So I want to talk a little bit about that right now. Because our business is unique. Our business has gone viral, a lot of people are asking, you know, who is this guy? What are they doing? What are their intentions are? What are they doing this for? And what can I get out of it. So I think these things need to be talked about. I’m not anyone special, I’m not, you know, don’t have a high IQ. I’m just basically one of those persons that has a set of military plan many, many years ago. And I thought if all my ducks were lined up in a row, I would then you know, basically implement and start my, my chatterbot newsletter, so has been going for a long time. But it sort of hit a peak where we have many members, and it’s all set up, it’s a daily announcements, we normally do about four to five updates a week, which is sort of, you know, 20 per month, we try to do 20, sometimes it’s more sometimes it’s less. We’ve won awards for our crypto newsletter, because we’re analyzing many things in terms of, you know, the crypto markets, the stock market investment, world’s coming trends, coming themes. You know, we’ll talk a little bit about robotics a couple of minutes ago, and I do think, you know, we’re right now I’m doing a little bit of work and extensive predictive linguistics, data analysis in that in that world. And it’s quite interesting, because we’re finding out a lot of things, I’m learning a lot of things. And I do believe that right now, out in the real world, there’s not too many robots around basically just toys and that and, you know, basic, basic robots just out there helping businesses or post offices, or you’re doing these sort of things at the shopping centers, but that’s going to be incorporated a lot more in the future. So in terms of that, we do a lot of thematic predictive linguistics, if you want to cut down. So we’re, we’re delving into that sort of, well, the AI right now, the AI world, we are currently using some AI data bots, to help with their predictive data. And, and also a lot of other things. So it’s quite interesting. And I know a lot of people think you will, why should I subscribe? We have a lot of members that are getting a lot of benefits. It’s sort of you know, while I’m gone out there, and I’ve looked before, the chat about newsletter is a lot different. Because when you subscribe to these crypto newsletters out there, 100% of them are basically telling you what’s already happened. So for me, personally, we want it to be different when we come online. And when I implemented and started my newsletter, I thought, well, how can we be different? How can we make things better? And how can we really, you know, hone in and make our service one of the best in the world, which I do believe we are.

Unknown Speaker 8:30
And it was basically more about me developing a system and technology where we could tap in and sort of give you guys out there listening. You boys, you know, like next month or next year’s news today. So we’ll other newsletters, like we said, talking about what’s happened over the last month or last year. I don’t think that’s a real benefit. Although from a technological point of view, and a learning environment. I do think that’s, that’s good to catch up on learn. But I think in terms of investing and making money and profiting, as we have had many big stories and really successful stories, actually, in a few clients that have quit their job, I have sort of bought on the fact that the reason for that happening is because we’re predicting things, you know, six months, 12 months, 24 months down the line, and giving our clients our input, giving them an implementation set of criteria where they could go in there and take a certain type of action. And that would basically give them the ability to make some profits either small, large medium. Fortunately, we’ve had some really good calls. And the implementation that we’ve given clients are pretty is pretty basic. It’s pretty basic. There’s no set, you know, you don’t have to be a guru or you don’t have to be an investor with $400,000 that had, you know, 20 years experience. And so for me put Personally, it’s been it’s been very rewarding, and it’s been really fantastic. What’s even more rewarding for me is to see the clients that have come on board and they’ve actually got really good results. So I mean, why subscribe to the crypto chatterbot newsletter? Basically, in terms of, you know, we’re putting out charts, we’re putting out crypto news, we’re putting out our predictive AI bots with, you know, basic words, patterns, linguistics, and gives you the ability to read them and sort of pick up and sort of, you know, think to yourself, Well, yeah, I was sort of thinking about that sort of theme or looking to invest in that. And this sort of, basically just like a double confirmation of that I’m on the right track. And so I think, you know, while we give our daily newsletter analyzes crypto markets for the novice, novice all the way to the intermediate and Institute investors, we have some big investors that have come on board lately. These guys have put a lot of money lately just into the crypto market into the crypto ecosphere, because they do see the benefits. And I really do think, you know, this is just the start and the very beginning of crypto cryptocurrency and digital wallets. So we try to do regular updates for you guys. Sometimes it’s two a day, sometimes more like one a day. And we’re basically getting our data from leading sources that it’s taken many years to set in basically predictive blockchain language data technology that we’re using, behind the scenes, and also behind the gates that, you know, pick up on predictive events. As we sort of hinted many moons ago, that past events for future trends. So that’s another big part of what we’re doing. And we do extensive research in that area as well. Because I think, the more the more you learn, and the more you get from past data, that is a very good indication. You know, while it’s quite boring to some people, you know, it can be quite profitable, if you can see trends very clearly before they form and before other people catch on. So that’s where we’re sort of leading on into it. We’ve actually had about a 92 to 93% accuracy rate. We don’t, you know, no one’s going to claim here that we’ve had 100% accuracy. Obviously, we’re not very good with dates, I’ve noticed that over many, many years. The reason I don’t know we’ve tried to increase the accuracy with dates, however we do, it’s more a bit of an esoterical thing there because I do believe that, you know, trends and events that are maybe destined to happen, or maybe forfeited for different reasons that we are unaware of, or there might be, like, more like a spiritual element to that that no one can really explain it. I won’t delve too much into that area. But I will tell you guys that. You know, basically, when we get over 1000 instances of different chatter, chatter bought news, or events or linguistics or patterns of words. Normally, that’s a pretty good indication that the event has about a 90 to 95% chance of playing out, even though we can’t get the dates. So it actually mean sometimes that the event that we predict, it can happen fairly fast within a matter of weeks. Or sometimes it’s a matter of waiting six months. And in some cases, we’ve actually waited, you know, more than two years. So there’s a time element that is probably more like a weakness, if you want to call it that. But normally, when we get a lot of instances and pick up or different specific words and linguistics are different patterns, that basically is a very good indication that the event is either in the pipeline, or it’s about to happen, or you know, somewhere down the track, you’ll see smaller events lead on to what we call spline events. And those spline events, basically the smaller events leading into something much larger. So it’s very, very interesting. And basically we’re delivering these to your inbox every morning. No frills, no bull crap, and everything you need to know it’s basically we give you everything wrapped up in a bowtie. And it’s normally about a four to five minute read each day. Sometimes our updates are very small, sometimes they’re very large. And due to accuracy and increased popularity, our newsletter is now obviously private invitation invitation only. And it’s been very rewarding for me. So it’s quite interesting that people you know talking about us and they want to know more. Like I said there’s no there’s no real reason And for me to put a gun to your head and say, you know, you must join or pull the trigger. We’re not about that guys, I’m sort of more about we we do a lot, we pump a lot of content out every day, I’m all about sort of helping people I do, I do tell and I do have my, my other team to be more helpful, because I didn’t believe in the comic value that if you, you really, really want to do well in business, that you help people first, and then you’ll get rewarded. So that that really is my comic value. And it’s been probably one of my secrets to my success over the years. And, you know, while people are sleeping, I’m usually up doing a lot of investigating a lot of work. And a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that people probably wouldn’t even really want to hear about. So my work is very monotonous. However, when we sort of do have some really big hits, it’s very rewarding to see people sort of go crazy and start talking and gossiping, and sort of, you know, really lighting up the the chat room. And it’s been very, very life changing for some of our clients. And so that’s basically what we’re doing in a box, I know that I could probably ramble on for much longer. I do believe that our fees and our prices fairly well, I mean, we have used to have the fees, quite cheap. But I really wanted to do, I was in the testing phase. So a lot of the members that got on board with us early on are very lucky. And I do believe that the fees that we have now are pretty reasonable for our accuracy. So you can join the inner circle group. And I do recommend you do that there is obviously, the reason that we set our prices is because we want to keep people in rotation that they are set to a certain plan, because I really think it takes you a while for you to join the membership. See how we work, see how the updates come, work out everything work out our different style LM lodges, we’re putting in sort of like in a daily, you know, novel, if you want to call it that a short little novel where you can read, you can decide on what to do, you can decide on Take, take some notes on on taking action. And I’m also actually putting down what I’m doing day to day. So you’re getting a sort of a representation of, you know, what is doing today? And could I should I follow him? Or should I do my own thing?

Unknown Speaker 17:41
So these are the questions that you know, one needs to ask. And there is many, many things that I do during the day. But at the end of the day, when you know, I’m looking at all my charts or indicators or linguistics or data, there’s probably only one or two actions that I take from all that sometimes none. So it’s it’s been very, very accurate. And I wanted to just sort of touch on a few things for people asking, there was a lot of people saying, you know, we’ll What is your background? Well, I’ve been I’ve studied, you know, business, economics, multimedia, and, you know, technological background, in my early years. And now I’m basically just doing this full time, I’m probably doing, you know, part time investing, and also just helping my clients or running my business. And it’s been, yeah, it’s been very successful. But I know that, you know, there’s going to be a lot of people out there skeptical. But you can see from our testimonials, a lot of people you know, once they get used to how we’re doing things, it’s a little bit different. In some days, people might log in and see no updates, but that’s usually a good sign. Because if we’re not posting updates, that means we’re busy doing something else. And then you know, if there is a snap break, like a one or two day break, it really didn’t usually means that a really good update is coming. That’s something very important. And probably most likely something to take action on. Which happened will probably happen about three or four times in the last two weeks. So there’s a lot of things that are circling, navigating around me and my business. There might be a lot of skepticism. That’s okay. If I was in your situation, I would probably be asking questions and a little bit skeptical myself. But as you know, you know, I’m posting stuff all the time. I’m not going anywhere. It’s been very busy. And I’m wrapped to see, you know, the plans that we set in motion almost 567 years ago, coming true and playing out very perfectly. And we are sort of in that situation now where even the banks are starting to worry about crypto cryptocurrency and blockchain. And I think they should be there, there has been a lot too much for a long time where banks have been bloody screwing over people bending over backwards and just, you know, doing the wrong thing. So I think crypto came along at a time where, you know, karma is coming for the banks, I did read today, there’s about 15 branches in Queensland here that are going to close the branches. And probably more on the way, I think things are going to go more digital, especially with the digital currency testing going on in China right now. So I do believe that things are going to, or banking is even going to go more digital, more mobile in the future. And I think, you know, crypto is just the lead on into that. So for me, personally, it’s very interesting time. I know, it’s the start of a new decade, and there’s been crazy things happen, like, you know, COVID, and, and all that sort of stuff. And, you know, the, you know, the principle of dying, and all that sort of stuff, which I won’t really go into because there’s another angle there, I should take. But I really do think as we’re going into the middle stretch of 2021, you’re going to see very, a lot of big events, I think crypto markets aren’t just going to go one way, it’s going to be very volatile. And so I would expect that to continue to happen. And me personally, I am just going to keep doing my thing. I am worried because people are number one skeptical, the crypto market, but number two, people are bidding on ridiculous coins that are backed up by nothing and don’t do anything in the real world. And, you know, this is why I’m trying to teach people because you know, you might be effect where people are going to lose a lot of money, lose their house, lose their marriages, lose their cars, kids and all that sort of stuff. So while this is a very risky world, I do want to tell you to, you know, be positive and just see it for the values of what’s happening. And you know, how blockchain and the crypto world are going to river revolutionize everything we do. They’re a trustless system, they’re going to make things that are all work unconstructive. They’re going to make things you know, more adaptive, more perfect, more efficient. And that’s what we need for a very efficient running economy. And especially in the financial world, there’s already people that are starting to see, you know, why do I need a bank? You know, what, what kind of just get a loan with a crypto company and do it that way. So there’s going to be many alternatives to the banking system mainboard in it’s already happening, guys, although 2021 isn’t probably the production and implement implementation of blockchain assets in the real world. It’s getting very close. I know with XRP there, and the Swift, you know, transactions and that ecosystem, there’s already a lot of things happening in that world. And it’s very interesting to see. But you have to remember that right now. It’s just very baby beginnings in crypto world, or in the crypto eco structure. And there’s going to be a lot of different happenings. And there’s going to be a lot of different events that that will take place. And a lot of more implement tation and of smart contracts, and, you know, apps and daps. And also many of the real world applications that will be used. So right now, I just think it’s it’s very early days, it’s sort of like, will I use the analogy of when that was dial up days in the internet. That’s about where we are right now. And when we were in the dial up days, a lot of people even thought, you know, the internet was a scam, that email was a scam. It wasn’t going to work. It was just a fad. And how wrong those people were. So I’ve seen the same people come back and say that about blockchain won’t work. And it’s just a fad. But I really don’t believe that looking at our predictive linguistics, that’s the case, I really think it’s going to revolutionize the world. And then morphed into something like you know, the AI aspects and also robotics and payment systems, Internet of Things, and that sort of thing. So it’s a very, very interesting time. It’s a very historical time you will living and bone in something that I would probably classify as one of the most potential technological, massive evolutions that we’ve seen. It’s a slow approach. But I think things have to be bought in slowly and done properly. Otherwise, you know, you have this jumbled system that keeps going back and forth and fails like Boom. And just look what happened there. So I think there’s going to be a lot more skeptics coming in, there’s going to be a lot more newbies, I think institutes are starting to come in and banks as well. And that sort of started at the very beginning of 2021. So it’s going to make things very interesting. But that’s about it for me, and I want to thank you guys listening because these podcasts, you know, they’re a little bit erratic, if you want to call it that, and I’m just trying to do my best to help you guys and help you see a better a better life and a better future. That’s what it’s all about to help. Alright guys, that’s about it for me today. I want to thank you for joining with me. You can read more about our blog. I’ll leave the link below. You can join our free newsletter and have a look at what we offer. In the meantime, please remember to LIKE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE to this podcast. And remember to share with your friends if you want to do that as well. Have a great night guys and I’ll talk to you all very future bases. Thank you. Bye bye

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 29, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: April 29, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – Craig Wright: Speaking as Satoshi”

LINK: Click Here


In order to help you save time you also can find the podcast audio transcript below this section. If you prefer to read or scan a podcast’s content, instead of listening to it, then we hope that this offers you some benefit. Due to the translation software we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy so you are welcome to listen to the podcast in order to ensure accuracy of what Chip said at the time.

Once you like what Chip offered and believe that his predictive linguistics model is valuable to you, then contact us by clicking the button below and contacting us. We can offer you a promo code to get access to the VIP private members area for the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter, podcasts radio series. Wherever you are in the world, thank you. We’ve been doing a lot of stuff, we put apps and apps, we set them in the blockchain, we try to predict future events using linguistics and predictive data. Today, I want to tell you, I spent if my voice is a little bit faint or quirky, we put a lot of stuff out yesterday and for my paid members. And we had some very interesting reactions. Now, basically, without putting in about two hours of a podcast, and with very informative information, even with different prices that we see ahead for different coins. But today, I want to just to do a podcast because you know, there’s this guy, as you know, my voice, I am Australian. Born and bred, proud, very proud to be Australian, very proud to be a business owner here. And I want to talk about a particular person now I don’t normally get on here, and I don’t enjoy, you know, people bagging people and, you know, getting on the tall poppy syndrome, because, you know, here in Australia, I really do believe that we do suffer from tall poppy syndrome, that some things need to be said, because as you know, we’ve been out there in the crypto community probably look more of an influencer on Facebook or Twitter or, you know, all that sort of thing. We have a lot of people, there’s a lot of people that listen to us, we have a very large audience. And our mailing list is quite large. So there is a guy called Craig Wright or whatever his name is. He’s born in Australia. Or he’s Australian, I think, maybe born in South Africa recently, but I know he has an Australian accent, I’m assuming his background is, you know, born in Australia, and, you know, that sort of thing. So, just so you know, doesn’t matter where you’re listening from. In Australia, we were very much against scammers. We’re very much against criminals. We’re very much against people who put themselves out there representing our country, and they’re doing something illegal or I think is fake. So it’s very sad that people are falling for this person. Craig Wright, I think he is a scammer. I think he is illegitimate. I think he’s a fake and a fraudster at best. And he’s going out there and doing many interviews. I mean, he’s sitting in his office is very arrogant. He’s very argumentative. He’s pretending now you know that the lie probably can’t continue. And he has to keep, you know, he has to keep the lie going. If you really want to know guys, Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. For me, personally, we’ve already done a lot of digging. And it’s, you know, I’m 99% sure that this person or individual I don’t know what what he has going for him virtually nothing. I’m not here to back him or his soul, what he’s been doing. But I think that what, what has eventuated is the lies that he’s been putting across the internet for a long time now has just snowballed, and he can’t get out of it. So I just think he’s playing along with the game. And I will tell you that you know, Craig Wright, you know, obviously, I hope he gets the medical help he requires because he’s off the planet. And I already know we already done a lot of linguistics and data saying you know, that, you know, he is more of a scammer. He is a fraudster he is manipulating people and manipulating people in the hole word Satoshi. And it’s pretty obvious to me that that’s what’s happening. I know, you know, I hope that he understands that he’s just polluting the space which, which is what crypto doesn’t need right now. So I’m just speaking from the heart. And just so you guys know if you’re really out there listening to this podcast right now. And you want to, you’re sort of thinking yeah, well, that’s great. And we’ll and all chip, but who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Well, personally, when I’ve done a lot of research into it, I haven’t done any late research. But over the years, we’ve done splits and splits here and there. And it sort of seems to me like I think Satoshi Nakamoto is more like, you know, three or four or five individuals who don’t want to be known. So they want to remain anonymous. Obviously many reasons, but I can definitely assure you that I you know, it’s 90% guarantee that is Craig what right person. Obviously he could have been one of these four or five anonymous people but I think he’s just after money. Your notoriety or fame? I don’t know people out there pretty weird. Some people just have mental illnesses. But really, but my point today that I want to bring across is it’s very sad to see an Australian do this because I know, out there in the crypto communities you know, people are talking about oh, you know, Australians like this. They it’s giving Australians a bad name, it’s giving about Australians a bad representation of what who we are and what we are as a country. If you’ve ever been to Australia here, you know, most people are friendly. They’re kind, generous. Most of my friends and my family here are that. And it’s, it’s very sad to see that this person’s out there, trying to put their name out in the media. And it’s really not representing the way that Australian or who an Australian is, and what we represent as a person and not representing who he should be. If he’s an advocate for what he what the crypto community and all Australians in general, is it? So it’s, I wanted to put it out there today and just talk a little bit about it. I mean, get it off my chest. Sure. But I think people need to be educated that you know, Craig Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. He never will be. I mean, he’s, I don’t know it. To me, it’s a it’s a quite a frustrating thing, because he’s misrepresenting the whole thing and the whole Australian accent, and the whole Australian person, and, you know, the crypto communities here are pretty pissed that in Australia, people, you know, he was actually booed off the stage in in one of the seminars that I attended many years ago. So I mean, I know in time, probably, things are gonna catch up with him. Yes, sure. But I just needed to educate you guys into what I think about it. And I’m pretty mean, I’m disappointed. And I hope I hope he does. You know, I think he’s just too far along in the line now for him to apologize or to drop the charade. And he’s just, you know, he’s probably on the wagon, and he’s going to ride the wagon, ride it as until it falls and crumbles into the ground. So it’s very sad to see. Like I said, I’m not someone on here, I don’t want to come on the podcast. I don’t like to bag people. But it’s been, it’s been a long time. I wanted to talk about this for a long time. But it’s, it’s pretty sort of, we’re in desperate times. And I think, I think with what’s happening in the world today, and the rapid progression of crypto, we don’t need these idiots and morons to come around. And to spoil it for everyone. So Craig white, I hope you get some mental help. I hope you go and see someone and you know, stop doing it. Because it’s just, it’s, it’s toxic. Number one, and two, it’s pausing the crypto communities out there because some people are on the fence and don’t know what to believe. And then, you know, he keeps on getting these massive famous interviews and it confuses more people and brings more people into the whole, you know, brings them onto the bandwagon. And so they think, yes, he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto I really think that it’s a dangerous topic because of what’s happening in crypto right now. And, you know, I really do think there are higher powers that are operating and, and manufacturing things in the crypto world. And, you know, we don’t need this other bullshit to get in the road. So anyway, that’s my thoughts. And that’s my predictions. I’m, you know, I couldn’t be wrong. I just something just sits with me very bad. Every time I see his face on camera. And it really it’s, it’s a very sad situation when you think about it right? Deep down. When you search about, you know, crypto is meant to be and blockchain is meant to be trustless. It’s meant to keep the scammers away. And you know, these things always happen, the scammers come in these frauds come in the big scamming people come in, they’re taking people’s money, and to them it’s just an avenue to to create wealth and prosperity by evil means. So just so you guys know, we’re not trying to do that here. We’re trying to help and we’ve had massive success stories. And I just have to, you know, had to get it off my chest because I know a lot of people listen to our podcasts, and where we’re just trying to help and push out content we think is going to be good for you guys in the future. That’s about it for me today, guys. Thanks again. If you feel free, remember to Like share and subscribe to our podcast and join up to our newsletter below. Have a fantastic guy have a have a fantastic weekend guys and I’ll talk to you again very soon. Okay, peace out

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From May 22, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: May 22, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – crypto crash what happen?”

LINK: Click Here


In order to help you save time you also can find the podcast audio transcript below this section. If you prefer to read or scan a podcast’s content, instead of listening to it, then we hope that this offers you some benefit. Due to the translation software we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy so you are welcome to listen to the podcast in order to ensure accuracy of what Chip said at the time.

Once you like what Chip offered and believe that his predictive linguistics model is valuable to you, then contact us by clicking the button below and contacting us. We can offer you a promo code to get access to the VIP private members area for the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the Chatbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith. From Australia, we do what’s called apps and apps, we set those apps in the blockchain. And we spread out across the internet looking for popular chatter, to predict, or maybe hidden future events coming with high accuracy. As a member of the shadow board, and the admin, it’s been a fantastic year, guys, we’ve had a lot of fun, a lot of clients. As you know, we’ve, we’ve basically put out some of our big predictions in the last few weeks, a lot of our members are quitting their jobs. And, you know, when I started all this, I didn’t really it was quite interesting to see what’s been happening. And I’m quite shocked, actually. But you know, it takes a lot for me to get, you know, quite excited. But for me personally, I’m, I feel I have a job to I feel I have a gift. And there’s no shame hiding that gift and sharing that with the world. So if you’re listening to this right now, we do have a what’s called a chatbot newsletter, we do, basically all things to do with crypto blockchain Bitcoin. And we basically give you a news item, you know, probably four or five times a week. And that’s been going really well. So the link for that is below if you do wish to join us, that’s great. If you don’t, hey, you know, that’s the lokay. We love pumping out stuff, you guys, lots of content that we’ve been putting out very accurate. And I’m not here to, you know, show off my wheel or, you know, be one of those chauvinistic idiots. I’m just here to spread the word love, because I do believe in this crypto world we are in in it together. There’s a lot of things happening. So I want to touch on that in a minute. But you know, I’m basically just doing my job, and I want to, you know, share the love. And I’m very well in the crypto space in the investment world, in the business world. And people need to realize that I don’t need to be really doing this, but I have to be because, you know, sitting at home, drinking beer and watching TV is not really not really my forte. And so I’ve always understood that, you know, if you have something and it needs to be shared, then share it. We love you guys. Thank you for all the kind words and thank you for all we’ve actually received some gifts lately with our loyal members. And I’m just flipping through them here. It’s just crazy. So you guys know who you are. I won’t mention any names. But, you know, we actually received a bottle of very expensive wine. And that was very, very interesting. And we’ll be enjoying that in the coming times. All right, yeah. Today, it’s quite cold here in Australia, the East Coast. And I wanted to just to say to you guys with the you know, with winter coming, I think that sort of leads us into the summertime are around the other side of the world. So interesting to see what crypto what things happen in crypto right now we’re down quite huge. If I check the chart here, I’ll just have a look. And we see that a bitcoin is currently at 37,000. So we’ve seen quite a dramatic dip from you know, that 50,000 region. And um, it’s going to be interesting to see as we go into sort of the June July issue area, what’s going to happen? What I want to cover today is I want to just talk a little bit about what’s happening with Elon Musk thing, because a lot of people have been asking me, I do believe that Elon Musk is just you know, a puppet. He has all these big guys, I really think he’s manipulating the price of Bitcoin and crypto is you know, more illuminated friends, let’s call them can get crypto to cheaper price. And so these are the things that happens, isn’t it? We live in a world where if you get into crypto, you must number one, realize it’s a high risk investment game. And number two, you are playing against people with huge amounts of money. It doesn’t matter if you have $1,000 in crypto, or if you have 100 million in crypto, these are things that is going to be affecting you, your family and everyone around so I do recommend that if you are investing in the game, you should not be using all your grocery money or your rent money you should be just investing money that you can afford to lose. It’s high risk high reward game. And there are many risks attached to that which people sort of you know, they’re not really recognizing that and given that enough credits to go as if you are just putting a little bit of money in and you’re not risking your whole house and marriage and car and mortgage. I do believe that that is that is just a silly way to do it when we’re talking about investing in such a new asset class which is you know, backed up by thin there right now. So a lot of people asking me, you know, what’s going to happen in the future? Well, we do believe there’s going to be a lot of major events happen in crypto in the future. But those are good events. Some of those are bad events. But I will tell you that, you know, what we’re seeing right now, I feel like when we jumped on the podcast last time, I feel that you know, what you have to understand with China and the regulation. And, you know, they’re sort of banning financial institutions from Bitcoin. A lot of the Bitcoin that has been mined up to date has actually come out of China. So people don’t really understand that. And it takes a whole different point of viewpoint, from, you know, the news that’s coming out in the last couple of days. So while the prices on crypto have been quite negative, over the last, you know, 48 to 72 hours, it will be interesting, what happens more towards, you know, the next couple of months. So normally, after a big crash like this, you normally have a consolidation, and the prices normally just bounce around a little, they can even go down more. That’s, that’s, you know, very common occurrence. But I mean, I don’t know what’s gonna come next, I’ll just sort of hint to you that a lot of people are panicking. And a crypto, a lot of people are, you know, doing some silly things. And a lot of other people are telling people to do other silly things. So me myself, I’ve actually been quite calm with what’s happening lately.

Unknown Speaker 6:33
A lot of people have been reading our Twitter account, but we’re just basically on there for fun. We don’t really give too many things away on Twitter. But it is important that we push out some content because I feel that people are waking up to what’s really going on out there in the world, in the political world. And, you know, we are supporting that. And we like that. And I think as we go into 2022 2023, a lot more people are going to wake up. And I think a little more people are going to come into crypto as well. We’re talking about the banking side of things, the regulation side of things, you know, buyers, sellers, bullish sentiment, bearish sentiment, and things like that. I remember seeing a news item yesterday where we were actually looking at a lot of data where the big institutes, it’s quite interesting that they were talking about these big Institute’s we’re getting out of Bitcoin, and then looking back into precious metals like silver or gold. You know, my team did a lot of research about this. And the data were, the data was is basically out there through the banks. And this was not really the case, if you want to ask me the data that we were looking at, which I know is a true set of specific data and regimes, basically was hinting that, you know, these big companies and institutes were actually not jumping out of Bitcoin, and going into gold, but actually purchasing or increasing the Bitcoin portfolio or the amount of bitcoin that they had in their portfolio. I think you know, people have to really be careful here. Because what we have been putting out there has been real news. And what these big fake news media companies do is put out just absolute nonsense and bloody crap. And so we were writing the fact that the bots were hinting that CNN will collapse one day. I know, people were saying, I wish they’d Hurry up. But this is not really how it’s meant to work. And I do believe karma is coming for big places like CNBC, NBC, CNN, ABC, which have been pumping just I don’t watch the news, guys, I’m just tired of the whole crap. When you’re watching the news at six o’clock, you need to realize and understand these people have a regime, you can Google Mockingbird, these people have been putting out a lot of fake news for a long time. And you know, you’re absolutely killing yourself, if you want to watch the news and believe anything, 90 episodes, or I would say 99% of the news that you see on TV is just absolute nonsense. So if you’re listening to this, and sort of your jurors hitting the floor, I understand that a lot of people are really asleep to what’s happening out there. And, you know, try to put yourself in our situation where we do a lot of linguistics work, we do a lot of blockchain work. And you know, part of the problem is we’re trying to get sources and information and linguistics from these big conglomerates that don’t even provide, you know, accurate news. So it makes my job harder. And I’m surprised that we’ve got, you know, so much, right, because we have to always scrape on data that we we feel from sources that are just absolute crap and nonsense. And so, for me personally, it’s been you know, it’s an incredible journey I’ve been I’ve learned a lot. It’s one of those things that the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know it So we just continue on with our journey. And I just trust the process because the process has worked. I’m not really a smart person, I just sort of understand a lot of things in business, I understand how the media works, it’s basically set up to make you fail. How many times have we heard the whole thing, you know, bitcoins a scam, it’s going to zero, we’ve heard it over and over again, if we counted amount of times that that’s happened, you know, you probably you probably couldn’t count it on your hand, it’s, you know, 500 times now we’ve heard the same thing. And 500 times and fake news media has been wrong. So there’s no real surprises on what’s happening. And, you know, as Bitcoin prices stabilize a little bit here, I would sort of expect the bungee cord process of the prices to basically keep continuing. So, you know, with this Hong Kong news, and this Chinese news, I think, you know, it’s, these are word keeps coming in. And we’ve been predicting that for a long time. So eventually, somewhere down the line, we are going to get regulation coming to crypto, and, you know, positives and negatives, like I said, but I really do think if we’re looking at a on the grand scheme of things, I think regulation is probably going to be a good thing. However, it’s probably going to very majorly affect the way I’ll be taking crypto or investing in crypto in the future. The reason is, because, you know, there’s so many people out there that have been scared of regulation. And I just think that, you know, maybe it’s that time where people just need that extra support and security. A lot of people have been on the fence because there really isn’t regulated. So you know, regulations are good. I think with what’s happening in doggy coin, and safe moon and Schubert, you know, these Mimi coins, I think, you know, with, if we did have regulation, it will stop a lot of people losing a lot of money in these and these tokens. Myself, I’ve already talked with my members, I’ve decided not to invest in the coins, like Shiba Inu, or safe moon, if if you were to invest in one of those, I mean, maybe throw in a couple of $100, if you can afford that. Obviously, this is not financial advice. But you know, maybe you have a play, I always have the opinion, that the best way to learn is always through experience, not just reading something and dreaming about it, it’s actually to get into it, get your hands wet, get your feet wet, and basically get some experience behind you. Because that’s how I’ve done it. It’s been a wild ride. And you know, I couldn’t agree with that statement any more than, you know, actions, breed results. And that’s always worked for me. So I’m not sure if it works for you, but it has for me. And I’m sure that you know, with the case of crypto coming and all that down the line, I actually do seriously think that the prices are going to stabilize a little bit. I don’t think that’ll happen in the next 234 months. But I do think you know, eventually down the line. But in the crypto space, it’s going to be a lot harder to make these really ridiculous gains that people have seen in 2020 and 2021. So it’s a very interesting time, we are on the cusp. You know, Blockchain right now is virtually in the dial up days. If you remember the internet, you know, when we were at school people saying oh, you know, this internet, this email thing, it sounds like a scam. It’s not going to work. It’s got no future. And you know, here we are. So I do believe that, you know, I think crypto is going to change the way we do business. In the future. I think crypto is going to be the future, whether people like it or not. And so, you know, when we’re talking about defi, and we’re talking about NFT‘s, I mean, we’re virtually, in, you know, it’s it’s very, very humbling beginnings. There’s a lot of things that have to happen to meet requirements. And as you know, the crypto space, crypto 1.0, I would call it and these first generation coins is only just starting to mature and that so we’re very, very early days, guys, and there’s no need to panic or get upset and all that sort of stuff. These are birth pangs, anything you see. And I really think that the crypto crash that you’re witnessing right now is basically showing how strengthen and how stable the decentralized finance systems are working. So it didn’t really work, you know, in 2017. And I believe that, you know, whatever happens in the coming months, you’re going to see a lot more strength. It’s going to build a lot of people it’s going to sit more coins on fire so they just out they go and they won’t be coming back. So I mean, 98% of these coins guys are just ridiculous and scams, so you just have to realize that this part of crypto is going to continue. And I really think that if I was in your shoes, and your best party Your day we’ll be sorting the wheat from the chaff. And we do, I’m glad that the coins that we have been projecting and doing linguistic and data on in our newsletter, none of those zero of those 0% have actually gone to the top and they listed. So we’re very thankful for that. I know a lot of coins that other people have been in have delisted or gone to zero, or just tanked, and probably never ever going to come back. So you have to really believe that, you know, this is the the top risks in crypto. And while I can’t be right on everything, you know, the thing is, with our chatter board and our linguistics is we only have to, if we project 10 things, we don’t have to be right on one or two of those. And out of those two, maybe one really good thing and this can be life changing of you, as you’ve seen with our members who have been quitting their job. And so I think right now, this is where the evidence has been shown with our business. But I’m not here to show off, I’m here just to tell you, you really need to pay down. And you really need to, you know, number one,

Unknown Speaker 16:03
if you feel the need to join a newsletter, you can do that. But you don’t have to, I know that our prices are quite out there. There is a reason for that. And I’ve been talking about that for a long time. Money is energy, energy is a shift in transfer of other energy. And it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. The other side of it is I think, you know, inflation has started to creep in. I’ve always viewed Bitcoin or some of the Bitcoins as a hedge against inflation. But it’s not a strengthen hedge against inflation. And so, you know, it’s time for for, you know, things of people to shift the mentality of what’s coming in terms of the economical point of view, and what we see coming further into the future. So there’s a lot of things happening in the stock market as well with record highs. And I think, well, people are logging in with their 401 K, and really be happy with a big smile on the faces. I do think that will change in the future. I think you know, that Coronavirus crash we had on the market was just sort of a warm up to other things happening, many negative events. But I think that, you know, we have to be realistic here. And not everyone is in the stock market. Not everyone has money invested in the these financial markets doesn’t matter if it’s Bitcoin, or crypto or stock market or bonds or metals. I mean, we’re people are, you know, not just not seeing what’s happened after the financial crisis, people haven’t really seen how big of a problem the COVID thing will be. But I think, you know, while we tend to sort of think that the pandemic was more of a scam demic you know, there are very many opportunities in different ends of the ponds of many markets. And so myself I’ve been I’ve done very well. But it’s it’s basically one of those things, we have to clean up and exercise your, your duties and your peers as an investor. And you just have to monitor things more closely day to day. So that is also part of what we do. And I’ve been sharing that with a lot of people and helping them that way. But, you know, there’s a lot of pain right now there’s a lot of pain in Aetherium, there’s a lot of pain in coins, like XRP, or Bitcoin. Personally, I don’t really have an opinion on that I’m just sort of looking for any patterns of chatter online that we can sort of pick up and hint at what could be happening in the future. So there’s a lot of people that I think are going to be, you know, really disappointed with, with the performance they’ve had on the stock market, those people will soon come over to crypto. And I think if there is a big event, which will hit, you know, there’s a negative event coming, I feel in the stock market later on down the line. And if that happens, you know, I would be tempted to think those people might want to come and jump over to you know, it’s from loss, they’re going to try and ride those and make those backup in the crypto space. Pretty silly. However, it is what it is as a human psychology. And I will be interesting to see when all this goes down. If it isn’t event to play out in the future. I think that it’s going to be quite, quite interesting. So um, that’s about it for me today, guys. I think there’s a lot of things happening in all sorts of markets. And I wouldn’t get too caught up with all these big influences. You know, Elon Musk, he has an agenda. He has people telling him what to do. I believe that he’s a puppet and I wouldn’t read too much into his tweets, this is going to be more wise he’s going to do a lot of things. He’s going to play a lot of tricks, a lot of people are going to fall for it. So I just have fun with it. And you know, maybe even sometimes we will reply to his tweets, but you know, in the grand scheme of things, I think it’s all just fun. You know, people have an agenda. And you know, that’s that’s my opinion of it. I couldn’t be wrong. I’ve been wrong in the Pass. But you know, these are the things that are important topics to bring up because a lot of people are getting caught up with this. And I really think that if you’re a proper investor and you’re treating this business with, you know, endurance and longevity, you really have to, you know, put these things and these small day to day events, you know, way past where you are, and so this is probably the smart thing to do. Alright guys, that’s about it for me today. I’ve had a lot of fun actually, it’s it’s a pretty quiet day here, and have made the most of that time for you guys and just to help you out, so I’ll upload this podcast. Thanks again for listening. If you feel free, please remember to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE this podcast and also check out our daily crypto updates and alerts. The news for that is the chap called the Chatbot newsletter. The link for that is below. Anyway, in the meantime, guys, I want to thank you all for taking time out to listen to my voice. And I’ll probably be in touch later on. But for now, have a very fun and safe weekend. And I’ll see you all very soon. Okay, peace.

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