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New Chatterbot Podcast – August 28 – September To Remember

Chip, from the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter service, posted a new podcast this morning. In this episode he goes over recent geopolitical events, this upcoming September and October, impacts on the crypto and altcoin markets, the recent Fed statements from Jackson Hole and much more.

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Chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter podcast – August 28 2022

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Hey guys, what’s up? Chickpea. Welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Jeff Smith. And I want to welcome you to today’s show. We put apps and apps, we sit them in the blockchain, we spread out across the internet, looking for certain chatter, to predict and circumnavigate the internet to find out what can be on the cards. So I’ve been pretty busy guys, I hope you’ve been well, thank you, for all the 1000s of listeners and our members. Our crypto newsletter is still buzzing along, had a lot of really positive comments, from the stuff we were releasing this week, I won’t go too much into with the IRS, a lot of the mentality stuff that comes along with investing. And just making sure that in the future, that you know, you are basically trying to manage yourself because I do believe as we go into the future, the next couple of years, these elite people that are really, really well running the world, they’re not going to go down without a fight. So I really do think that for people who are getting vaccinated, people still wearing masks, while there will be those sort of people you’ll see out there. And you probably while you’re listening to me probably thinking yes, I have seen a lot of those people. They’re still watching the mainstream media, they’re still watching the news. And, you know, basically being honey trapped into a situation that’s not very, very good. Now, the reason I wanted to talk to you today is for several reasons, but I do feel that I wanted to put this update issue on alert because we’re going to put an update in our newsletter tomorrow. The link for that is, is below. And it’s a September to remember. So remember those key words, not really sure what’s going to happen. I think it’s a combination of a lot of a build up of many different things. A lot of our predictive linguistics have been hinting at September and October to be very pivotal once and to be very, very important in terms of what what we’re going through right now where we’re heading. And going into 2023, which I do believe is going to be very important for the crypto space in the investment world. I do believe that we’re coming into a language in specific points in time where I think there’s going to be consistent constraints. Now the reason I say that is because just literally a couple of weeks ago, we released a video, if you do not understand we actually actually accurately called the stock market predictions, and a stock market crash in Before, boom happened and crash. Also the lead up to 2007 and the GFC 2008. We call that crash accurately all timestamps all put all recorded. And we felt the the language and the specific linguistics that we were looking at, I thought it was my duty and my care to put out more information just to help people. So it’s quite uncanny that we forgot to put that update on YouTube, the moment we issued that alert, the market has actually been doing quite bad. Right now. If you remember the Jackson Hole meeting the the US indices, especially the s&p 500 actually sold off 4% on Friday. So again, we’ve been talking about this many, many times. If you’ve been listening to us on Twitter or podcast, we we’ve been talking about this whole transitory inflation thing, the Fed losing control of inflation, and Biden, who is, you know, going to be the fall guy for what’s coming, I really do think there’s going to be some big events coming around Biden, and also Hunter Biden. And I do believe that you should be looking out for events or news headlines around those two people. I don’t think people are ready for what’s coming. I don’t think people are ready for the truth. And I really think people have been asleep for too long to really realize what’s happening in that investment, you know, investing their time in the wrong areas, ie the fake news. I keep seeing a lot of people even watching CNBC. You have to remember these guys have their own interests at heart. They’re only interested in generating profits for themselves and they’re not really telling you the clear picture whereas myself, try to promote the truth. We don’t really get too much exposure out there, but that’s not surprising to me. i I’m okay with that. And I’m projecting a messy message for people with open open ears if they want to hear it, that’s fine. If not, if you believe all this is crap, that’s okay. But I have a pretty good track record, just so you know. And when we issued that alert, the stock market alert it’s it’s got some pretty hefty views and it’s in Just think that some of the people and some of the comments that I’ve been getting back, I do believe that the linguistics we’re looking at right now, the word September to remember or something around those terminologies would be a very key lead up or a build up into the Christmas period. So I really do feel that while 2022 was a pretty important year, we’ve been many ups and downs, I do believe that these people that are trying to control things, and to control the vaccine mandates and control COVID the narratives, they’re on the mainstream media, I do believe that these people are going to fight back hard, which also does include the linguistic patterns that we see that censorship is going to get a lot worse in the social media space. And I haven’t really seen that yet. But it’s not surprising if you’re going to see something your friends, your family, people that you know, getting ripped off of social media, like Twitter and Facebook, for posting the truth and posting things that are, you know, anti government. So these will be very, very interesting key points, I think they’re very important topics that we shouldn’t be discussing. I think they’re things that naturally, you know, in this point of time, a pretty historical, because, you know, I mean, where are we living in the USSR? And even Twitter has been deleting some of our tweets today. We’ve, I mean, we’ve had hundreds 1000s of tweets, and predictions come true. Yeah, Twitter doesn’t really give us much exposure. And we get penalized all the time. And I, I mean, people ask me, don’t you get sick of it? No, I don’t really get sick of it, I’m just doing my thing. I feel like I’m helping people. And if I can say, save one person, or just wake them up, and shake them awake, even help them financially, I don’t care. If I just hope that one or two people, then for me, my job is done. And I’m very content with doing that. I accept a lot of these things. Because I really understand that I don’t live in the same world that many people do. I know that some of my listeners are well aware and awake of what’s happening in the world. But people just need to realize I don’t really have a job, I don’t really need a job. And you can live quite comfortably comfortably if you work out their scams and get ahead of them. And all the rest of the other people who are getting the vaccination, getting their mass, I don’t want to really go on about it. But that’s up to them. I think people really need to understand that in 2022, going into 2023 2425, you have to work out, do you really belong to the government you want to belong to the governmental system? Or do you want to go out on your own and do your own thing, and live freely, like you should be free since your date of birth. So there’s a lot of decisions that have to be made. I know, a lot of people will be listening to this and thinking, you know, this guy is crazy. But I’m just projecting my truth. I’m projecting what I know, I have a lot of experience with this. And even our friends that we’re attached with, they share a lot of information with us. And I think some people are going to be shocked with some of the events coming. And I really feel like countries like the US are probably going to go into a severe recession, if not worse. And I do think other countries like Australia, and the EU, which is Europe, Central and Northern Europe, we’re gonna go into more like a depression in the coming months and years. So people need to be prepared, they’re not really ready. And I think it’s one of those situations where, you know, if you’re not prepared now and doing things to prepare for these situations, it’s almost going to be too late when they come and hit you and you’re running through your truck through a glass brick wall. So that’s my message for you guys. And for me, personally, I’m, you know, if we talk about crypto, I really think let’s have a look right now. I’m going to load up my portfolio

Unknown Speaker 9:03
Takens this this here on? I will I use coin But we’re sitting at about 1 trillion market cap I think might have gone under that overnight. It’s quite interesting that they do have the sell offs every weekend. And Bitcoin, the impact of 20,000 I really still think 20,000 as a projection is quite high, if we’re talking about some of the linguistic patterns that we’re looking at. And so I wouldn’t be surprised if, you know, looking at the pattern we’re seeing if it’s a it’s a bearish flag type technical pattern. I mean, don’t be surprised if bitcoin goes down to 1211 10,000. I don’t know people are going to be shocked at hearing that. But I do think, you know, that’s not out of the question, because of what’s happening in the financial world, what’s happening in the economy and with inflation and the Fed lying because the Fed had been lying to us for a long time. And I do believe If that, you know down the track, they’re going to try to encapsulate these people in crypto not myself, but encapsulate people that are addicted to crypto and want them to get into like, a centralized fed, digital digitized coin type asset. And I’m really against that. And so I really, you know, for me personally, I don’t, I don’t, I wouldn’t be surprising. I know a lot of people are saying that it’s not coming, but I really do feel that’s what they’re going to pull. And it’s not the real direction that I want things to go. I do understand that, you know, big Well, Bitcoin is down right now crypto is down. People need to realize that the crypto world is early days, there hasn’t been many assets, you know, sorry, applications or decentralized applications. myself, personally, I used to have our own decentralized apps on a daily basis. That’s the reason why we’ve been so you know, we’ve predicted many things accurately. While yes, I’m not perfect, I can’t get everything right, I do feel that the content we’re putting out is pretty good. And it’s been able to help people get ahead, not only financially but change their lives, even during a pet will or so called pandemic. So we’ve been pretty, very, very proud of that. But like I said, a Bitcoin just over 20,000, now after sell off of about two or 3%. And I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to push this right down, because the institute is still sitting on the sidelines. And you know, they’re really, they’re really waiting for the perfect opportunity to put in billions of dollars. I know, personally, I’ve heard of a fund that has about $3 trillion of something ready to be put to work into crypto. So while I think this is just a another winter, I will call it a shorter winner for crypto, I really don’t, you know, I’m not really surprised if they push this right down, even below, maybe we even hit eight or 9000 back again on Bitcoin, before we see some sort of buying take place, or some sort of supporting basing pattern. But these are the things that happens. And you have to understand that this, this really is a game for them. And I don’t really sort of see myself as an investor, you know, basically more of just playing the chess game. So for me, personally, I’ve haven’t been having a lot of fun have been very, very busy. If people are asking me questions, I’ve gone through them I’ve tried to answer and some of the questions as good as I can. But for me personally, I’ve, you know, I’ve just sort of come to the conclusion that I’m, I’m burning the candle at both ends. And I’m just trying to, you know, do the best that I can. And that’s all I can do. So there’s a lot of things happening. And I think, really going forward in September, like I said, September to remember, I really think there’s going to be a mixture of geopolitical events, financial events, I do, you know, I get this sudden feel, and Russia urge to tell you that, you know, that there could be something dramatic coming in terms of a major event that will be on all the mainstream media news, it feels like it’s a tension sort of build up for that. And so people you know, who will listen to this, I just urge you to stay safe, because that sort of has that tone of like a 911 2.0. Again, the second part of that, so it just, it would be I would urge caution, just stay safe, don’t do stupid things. And just be aware, aware of your surroundings at all times, especially if you have kids, family, wife, husbands. And these, these are the important matters that I feel like going forward, that, you know, I need to share. So there’s a lot of things happening out there. And I wanted to share these things with you today. It’s interesting that, you know, we were on we’re on gab and Twitter. And I don’t really think that these are the best performing platforms because they’re so sensitive. I really question Gabbert sometimes because even President Trump refused on gab and that that, for me was enough. So it is frustrating for many of the people trying to spread the truth, especially if you’re trying to help others see the light through the COVID scan Demick and also, through the vaccinations and vaccines. People are having a really hard time trying to spread the truth, it’s being stopped. It’s very evil and corrupt, but hopefully, in people noticing that hopefully this is a very historical event that will be recorded in history. And hopefully that people will see the light rather than just, you know, not being able to see the truth because it’s hidden. So I really think someone should be documenting these things so that in 200 years when all of us here are gone. People can really remember What actually happened and what sort of persecutions we were under? And even Personally, myself? I don’t actually, I don’t envy and I don’t even I feel sad for people that are attacking us because, you know, for someone to take time out of the day into post hate comments and slander people, I mean, you really must have a sad life if you stoop to that level of lowness. So instead of getting angry, I’d never really get angry, I just sort of say, Well, God, I mean, what a sad, pathetic life you must have if you stoop to that low. I mean, there’s a lot of other things you can choose with your day instead of doing that. So for me, personally, I don’t really take offense anymore. And it’s a very tense time. There’s intense emotions, there’s people going through a lot of stuff. And, you know, I’ve learned out throughout life that you shouldn’t, you shouldn’t judge people because you don’t know their life story. You don’t know what they’re going through. And, you know, it’s a very sad time in, in history, and I hope that, like my point here is, I hope that people remember this in 200 years about because I know, it’s gonna be a lot different in 200 years. But I hope people just, you know, this is documented. This is statutory. And basically, you know, it’s recorded in history that this, this did happen, and there’s proof of it happening. And that people can just go holy crap, you know, this is crazy. Imagine if we lived, you know, 200 years back where we couldn’t even voice their own opinion on on this internet thing on the interwebs. So it’s quite amazing for me, I’m still sort of, I’m not befuddled. I’m not the muse, it just, it’s crazy. It’s a crazy sort of time to be alive. However, if you’re listening to this, just realize that you were chosen to be here. And you know, this, this is part of history, you’re part of history. And we all have free will. I mean, I do what I do, because I have free will. And you will do what you will do, because you have free will. And there’s nothing more that I can ask of you. But I do appreciate the time you’ve taken to listen to my podcast and take your time to read my updates. I really do appreciate that. And, you know, there’s there’s a lot of value in that I think, and we’re going to be putting putting out more truth. So that’s about it for me today, guys. I didn’t want to hold you up too much. If you want to. If you want Feel free. Please remember to like, share, and subscribe to this podcast and share it with your friends. And please remember to subscribe to our successful daily crypto newsletter updates. The link for that is below. Enjoy your day. Enjoy your weekend. I hope you had a lot of fun listening to this. I’ve had a lot of fun making these podcasts. And I’ll continue to do so until I feel fit to do other things. But for now, this has been a joy and I thank you again. We have many, many listeners and around the world. I know people have been asking me about a crypto newsletter so I’ll leave a link for that below. Feel free to join if you don’t want to join that’s okay. It’s a very tense time in crypto but perhaps that I’ll give you a hint. That may be a good opportunity. For now. That’s it for me. Have a great happy weekend and I’ll talk to you very soon. Bye bye

New Blog About Bitcoin Price Prediction From Chip

Chip, who runs the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investing HODL newsletter, just posted a new blog about Bitcoin’s price predictions. It is being posted here with permission.

NURSE! Is Bitcoin About To CRAP THE BEDPAN!!? 😲😲

** SNAP** is the sound the gloves make as the nurse puts em on! and said BEND OVER!

I mean, I am hearing stuff all over the place. Bitcoin to the moon, bitcoin to zero. And its been relentless and most of them have all been wrong. As you know we sit back and study things much more at an astute level. And we use our blockchain bots or linguistics program to work out what is coming next. NO ONE IN THE WORLD can do what we do!

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Right now its hard to take CNBC and all of these other clowns seriously. Blockchain the way we see it is going to revolutionize the world. It will just take time.

Bitcoin Keeps Falling. This Week Could Bring a Bounce….. yes, but I am not really getting excited about the action as of late.

Bitcoin prices tumbled last Friday and remained weak over the weekend. I know two big bitcoin investors and had them on the phone with me this week, and they are pretty damn nervous. As they own over 80 bitcoins each. That is a lot of money at stake, and they are very wealthy investors.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were weaker on Monday, in line with the stock market, extending recent declines ahead of what could be a turbulent week of trading.

The price of Bitcoin shed less than 1% over the past 24 hours to around $21,200, off earlier daily lows below $21,000. The largest digital asset started its latest plunge on Friday, when it fell from above $23,000 to below $21,000, and continues to trade at less than one-third its all-time high from November 2021 near $69,000.

Bitcoin has fallen by over 10% since Friday, currently trading at around $20,900 and back below the 200 weekly moving average, which is an indictor watched by many who are big into crypto. So there are many nervous nellies out there at the moment. Me? meh,…. I have quickly realized, you have no choice in what the market does, so there is no use getting upset, emotional or losing sleep over this stuff.

HOPE THIS HELPS!….. Keep reading!!!….


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We even think we have found the next bitcoin, or the next up and coming coin that if you jump in now, it could change your life forever. Now I know you are thinking, here we go, this is another scam, no, we have members around the world quitting their jobs from our newsletter because you are not going to get our information anywhere else. That is something you can bank on.

Pick The right one, and At minimum you will kill it, and change your life and your families financial future. So I can see why in the future people are going to talk about this,and study this. But as we said, its early days, and we are giving our members lots of options! To put their best feet forward … > HERE! <

I mean, I can be wrong, but we are doing about 21 hours research per day with all this. So its fresh on my mind everyday as we watch the crypto market twist, turn, rocket up and come crashing back to earth. There are going to be lots of opportunities for lots of us in 2021.

Remember there are no promises with all of this. I can be wrong, but each time I sit back and listen to our bots and predictive linguistics we have running each week, its always shocked me with its accuracy, I have to do that!.

I have shared a few things here with you today, to make you start thinking…. but I think this is one of the most important articles I have written, because if you actually start taking action on some of this information, it could literally change your life. The only thing is 95% of people are too lazy and just caught up in life and their dreary day to day jobs!!!

Each day I am blessed to think what I am doing for people in the crypto community. But realistically I’m just trying to make them think more, and you as well. The possibility of this whole blockchain stuff is endless, and I bet there is some kid sitting in his room dreaming about it today, and learning about it and they do not know they will become the next Blockchain billionaire!

Its very powerful when you tap into this concept! So I will leave you with that here, to ponder on!!

There is power what you read in here….

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Once you find out many of our magical secrets it becomes quite addictive.

Before you go…..

If we are talking about the crypto markets. Some believe that the significant sell off on Friday was caused by Celsius Network, who are bankrupt, receiving approval to sell mined Bitcoin to cover their operations, It has been speculated that Celsius sold 7,000 Bitcoin on FTX spot [exchange], which led to a cascade of liquidations.

Liquidations refer to the forced selling by broker of traders’ positions in the crypto futures market, which dominates the digital trading space. Positions on margin—made with borrowed money—can be sold in the blink of an eye if the value of collateral, which is typically Bitcoin, falls below a required level.

If Celsius sold 7,000 Bitcoin—worth some $150 million—it would have added significant sell pressure to a crypto market that was already wobbly, and could have caused the price of Bitcoin to fall enough to trigger a mass of liquidations. Indeed, $210 million worth of Bitcoin futures contracts were liquidated on Friday, according to data from Coinglass, the most since a mid-June selloff that saw Bitcoin drop from $30,000 to $20,000.

Cryptos were lower in line with the stock market. While they should theoretically be uncorrelated assets, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have shown themselves to be largely linked to swings in other risk-sensitive assets, like stocks, and especially tech stocks. The tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite index lost 2% on Friday and futures tracking the index implied losses of 1.5% on Monday; the S&P 500 index was similarly weak.

Investors are looking ahead to the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium this week, and especially Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s speech. The Fed’s monetary policy pathway continues to dominate market sentiment, with traders’ expectations constantly shifting over to what extent the central bank will continue to raise interest rates, even amid the risk of recession.

So if you ask me, I would be thinking its more about the economy, and the fed and that situation. Because I believe we are already in a recession, and it can get worse soon, even though the criminal fed will NOT admit to that.


A recent rally in stocks has come alongside optimism that the Fed could begin lowering rates in 2023, but this narrative has been challenged by messaging from officials at the central bank that fighting inflation at a multi-decade high remains a key priority. Powell’s remarks at Jackson Hole could add clarity to the market’s expectations for monetary policy over the coming months—potentially spurring a rally, or more declines.

If we look at things from a more macro perspective, the market will likely be on alert for Fed chair Powell’s Jackson Hole speech scheduled on Friday, especially since multiple regional Fed presidents have maintained their hawkish outlook for the September [decision on rates],

Bitcoin’s outlook for the week is quite unclear and the price will likely fluctuate within a narrow range until Powell’s speech, The $20,000 psychological level could be a reliable support for the price and $22,000 will likely be a resistance until then.

But if we breach that, or the there is knocks on the door there, that would ensure we see lower prices later in the year. So you might wanna buckle up. I do not really own bitcoin, but I will always watch it day to day.

I will not go into why I don’t own bitcoin, because my money is working harder else where. But you must remember BITCOIN is the grand daddy of the blockchain, and other coins can follow its lead. So I will watch it every day, without fail.

There is lots happening, and our bots predict that the prices of bitcoin are following the stock market, and so if we see trouble in the stock market soon, and YES, I do feel that is coming, then a dropping stock market is going to correlate to a drop in bitcoin price, which is going to make many people panic and take the wrong actions. The same as it ever was.

That is why I have made significant profits over the years. I have always gone against the herd and been a contrarian. Remember, I am not a psychologist, but I consider myself good at watching other people who make the wrong decisions at the wrong time, and its helped me stay away from that course of action.

Remember, I do not consider myself to be smart. I just always have learnt from watching others make HUGE life changing mistakes and its taught me that I had to make simple changes to be 7 steps ahead of them, without them even realizing.

Its about working SMARTER when you INVEST. Not working harder! Its actually more simple than many people realize. And These are concepts you cannot learn in any investing book. It takes time and many years spending time with the markets.

Have a great day.



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Recent Money Mindset Shift From Chip

Chip, who runs the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter, offered a tremendous mindset-shift about acquiring real assets in his post last night (August 24, 2022 Australia Time or August 23, 2022 US-Eastern Time). It had nothing to do with cryptocurrency and altcoins, but it offered a massive upgrade in thinking about how to look at one’s status and asset-acquiring opportunities. Going further into the research, you will discover additional ways to save on unnecessary outflows of your money each month in order to invest into cryptocurrencies and altcoins, digitial assets like virtual land and NFTs, and even precious metals or other hard assets.

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Chip’s Recent Video About Stock Market Crashes And Crypto

In this recent video, Chip from the Chatterbot crypto investment (HODL) newsletter goes into his thoughts about the odds of a stock market crash due to charts (shown roughly halfway in the video) showing a significantly “overbought” situation. This is simply his own personal opinion; and how it affects his predictions for cryptocurrency and altcoin performance for the rest of 2022 and 2023 are included.

You are welcome to see some of his videos from previous months on this channel: Click Here

If you are ready to learn more about Chip’s use of predictive linguistics to help you select specific altcoins in the crypto space then contact us for specific information to join the Chatterbot VIP members area. In addition to multiple posts each week, Chip and other members contribute a significant amount of helpful content in each post’s comments section:

Unique Approach From Recent Chatterbot Newsletter Post

In addition to suggested buy-and-hold (aka “HODL” in the cryptocurrency investing jargon) suggestions for various altcoins, Chip from the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter also gives several mindset and mental approach suggestions based on his work. He also consults with blockchain millionaires and other investors who share their tips for the mental side of investing.

Yesterday (August 9, 2022) he added these images from the VIP members area posts on his public Twitter page (link to that post here):

For many VIP Chatterbot members, these mindset and personal development posts often are as (sometimes even more) helpful than the posts with the specific crypto / altcoin recommendations or longer-term market charts. If you enjoy a combination of direct suggestions for specific altcoins to buy as well as occasional mindset and personal development suggestions, in a fun and interactive comments section, then consider joining the VIP members area.

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