Altcoin Investment Newsletter Podcast – June 26 2021

Altcoin Investment Newsletter Podcast – June 26 2021

The two embedded YouTube videos (also found on the YouTube channel here) feature Chip’s thoughts at the time on the crypto space. He covers previous sell-offs/retracements in BitCoin going back over a decade and gives several useful tips and insights not covered by many crypto investment newsletters.

If you like his thoughts at the time and how they played out in the ensuing weeks then you are welcome to contact us (click here) to get more information on the benefits and subscription levels to Chip’s Chatterbot private newsletter and VIP members’ area where you can ask questions, leave comments and get answers from Chip & others in the VIP community.

Here are the two videos (parts 1 and 2) of Chip’s June 26, 2021 podcast:

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