Another Chip Tip – Week Of August 2

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Another Chip Tip – Week Of August 2

If you decide to join the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter (click here to fill in the email address form at the top of this page to be send more information), then you might like some of the posts shared by Chip during the week that began on Monday August 2, 2021.

One helpful takeaway (aka a “Chip Tip”) of many from his posts and comments/replies to the Chatterbot VIP members is the daily watching/listening to various suggested meditations. In recent weeks he suggested four specific videos to which he listens consistently to take action and set his universe for wealth and abundance with the right energy.

Chip’s suggested powerful videos received great feedback from the VIP members who commented/replied, and you may find them to be just as powerful and helpful with your cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other wealth-generating investment pursuits.

Chip also posted a Tweet yesterday (under his Litecoin_bull handle on Twitter) explaining his background:

In the VIP members’ area post archives he goes into some of the ways he transformed himself to the point where today he can add value to cryptocurrency and blockchain asset investors around the world.

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