Be The Best, **** The Rest

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Be The Best, **** The Rest

While the title of this post may raise eyebrows for some of you, it is the title of the October 6, 2021 newsletter update from Chip inside the Chatterbot VIP members’ area. Since many people are experiencing some emotional challenges in recent months due to world events, we found Chip’s update – and his follow up replies to other Chatterbot members – to be helpful and timely.

If you wish to join the Chatterbot newsletter, then contact us (click here) and we will get you more information about the VIP newsletter. Should you join then you might find one (or more) of the topics in that post to help you in case you, too, are experiencing some emotional distress due to world happenings.

In just a few paragraphs he gives several actionable things you can do to shift your mind in the right direction to attract more wealth as well as break free from many of the challenges that you see people around you experiencing. This post is just one of many newsletter updates he gives which have helped other VIP members grow and develop quickly to embrace successes in the changing world.

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