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aug 11 2021 podcast of a cryptocurrency and altcoin investment newsletter

Altcoin Investment Newsletter Podcast – August 11 2021

The two embedded YouTube videos (also found on the YouTube channel here) feature Chip’s thoughts from this week on several topics pertaining to the crypto space. He talks about recent successes by some of the Chatterbot VIP private area’s members, goes into topics about mentality and renting coins, and he gives several additional useful tips and insights not covered by many crypto investment newsletters.

If you like his thoughts at the time and how they played out in the ensuing weeks then you are welcome to contact us (click here) to get more information on the benefits and subscription levels to Chip’s Chatterbot private newsletter and VIP members’ area where you can ask questions, leave comments and get answers from Chip & others in the VIP community.

Here are the two videos (parts 1 and 2) of Chip’s August 11 2021 podcast:

chatterbot cryptocurrency blockchain investment newsletter

Review Of Chatterbot Cryptocurrency Investment Newsletter

chatterbot cryptocurrency blockchain investment newsletter

This post will be my review of the benefits after having joined the Chatterbot (Chatterbox) cryptocurrency investment newsletter run by Chip Smith. This is in addition to the reviews and testimonials found elsewhere on this website (click here).

I started by following Chip on his Twitter account (click here) and Gab account (click here) back in the Fall of 2020. Some of what was on the timeline and his replies stretched my mind, including the topics pertaining to his newsletter’s ability to use predictive linguistics for cryptocurrency and other blockchain assets. It was a bit intimidating to say the least to learn about “HODL”, the ticker symbols for certain altcoins, and his replies to people asking about crytpo coins.

Yes, I missed the big run-up in cryptocurrency during the February-April 2021 time period and joined the newsletter community in early May. This wasn’t as much of “Fear Of Missing Out” (“FOMO”) whereas I had to prove to myself that Chip’s predictions on cryptocurrency (as well as world events) from the time I first learned about him had very high rates of accuracy.

By that point, I believed that his accuracy – using his predictive linguistics “bots” and other analysis tools – was worth spending the time and money to be a cryptocurrency “rookie”, instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching everything happen.

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His team was terrific from the first day, helping with everything from getting my login & password all the way to some suggested coins to monitor. The suggestion was given to go back into the archived posts and read at least 5 per day plus watch at least one of Chip’s recommended personal development videos for 10-20 minutes per day (video on the Resources page).

I had more questions right out of the gate, so I emailed the team and started posting comments/replies in the comments section under each main post archive. Chip and his team were helpful and replied and answered my questions to help this first-time cryptocurrency investor better understand the opportunities and skip over much of the confusion and “noise” from most of those giving digital currency advice.

Here is one of the videos which came out right as I joined the Chatterbot community, and some of what is presented was encouraging to help me take the step to overcome adopting a short-term “trader’s” mindset and become more of a buy-and-hold (aka “HODL”) investor with a longer-term vision.

What was a surprise, was how helpful other Chatterbot VIP members were to this rookie!

Lisa offered helpful tips about crypto hardware wallets, crypto debit cards, and much more. Others (like Kasi) would leave encouraging comments/replies to help overcome my initial fears, confirm what Chip suggested was working, and how to overcome panic/fear emotions and begin to transform into a more confident investor.

To add more value to the membership, Chip also gave some helpful suggestions for further areas to research for cutting edge investment opportunities. These range from NFT’s, virtual land (digital real estate inside games and elsewhere), ESG factors, next generation internet, precious metals and more. He also discusses how these may integrate with cryptocurrency and other blockchain assets.

His openness, help, and willingness to reply to VIP community members’ questions are some of the factors that separate his newsletter from others which might have a similar degree of high accuracy on the specific crypto picks. Chip’s suggestions (again, never financial advice – just his thoughts!), are rooted in coins which he believes has high odds of longevity and utility versus coins which don’t have good odds of longevity or being utilized by legitimate markets in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the newsletter and want to hear from the Chatterbot team then you are welcome to provide just your name and email address. Click here to get started today.

blonde woman smiling holding cryptocurrency coin

Chip Tip – August 5

Earlier this week, Chip from the Chatterbot crypto investing newsletter posted a lengthy set of helpful tips on his public blog. This information is not inside the private VIP members’ area, so we have received permission to repost it for you to read and consider implementing.

8 Big Crypto mistakes you are making, and how to AVOID Them And Get Rich In The Process!!?

Today is the 5th of AUGUST, and crypto is down a little from the massive run up and While I see so many blowing up their accounts, I can tell you truly……. many of our clients are thriving because of 8 reasons. I want to go into them today for you. Because is making some people rich! Now I am not guaranteeing you read a few lines of text here and you get to quit your job, and buy an island somewhere and you get to sip on coconut cocktials for until the end of your days. What I am saying here, is most people do crypto all wrong, and wonder why they are losing money, and I am here teo help you fix that.l

The main mistakes are not having a plan or an emergency fund

She revealed you need to do your research and not be led by trends with crypto and just jumping in the latest fad or trend. Following the herd is the fastest way to lose money in crypto!

Im going to share 8 secrets with you below!

1. Not having a plan

The number one error people make when they start to invest is they don’t have a plan.

‘Not having a plan is a bit like driving a car when you don’t have a clear direction of where you want to go,’

‘Most people don’t just jump in their cars for the sake of driving. In my opinion, it should be the same with our finances as well.’

When we started investing in 2000, we had the goal of saving $100,000 to go towards their first apartment deposit.

When they achieved this in three years, they didn’t know where to go from there.

‘Then, we discovered financial freedom,’

‘This is the idea that if you have enough money saved and invested, you would be able to live comfortably off your investments without having to work.’

We now made this a new financial goal, and she said it means their investing is a ‘lot more meaningful’.

2. Not having an emergency fund

The second mistake people make when investing is not having an emergency fund.

There is this real importance of having an emergency fund in March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic hit and lots of her colleagues were made redundant from their marketing jobs.

For some people, this is three months’ worth of their salary, while others like to focus on saving a specific figure – like $5,000 or $8,000.

While you need to have some emergency money on hand at all times, realize it’s also vitally important to keep some cash back so it’s ready to invest

And while we dont recommend you put in thousands at the start, realize the more money you invest, the more you can make back.

3. Not having some cash on hand ready to invest

While you need to have some emergency money on hand at all times, it’s also vitally important to keep some cash back so it’s ready to invest.

We all have bills, ;but we usually invest when the market takes a tumble or when we log in and see coins that are very unloved and called scams…

‘That’s when I realized the importance of having some cash on hand ready to invest when a good opportunity comes up!! I remember people talking about BUY WHEN THERE IS BLOOD ON THE STREET, and while people invest the wrong way around, we have made huge profits from just buying unloved coins, and assets. Its the best time to be buying, when others are panicking or getting out of the market.

4. Investing because of the hype

From Bitcoin to Ethereum and other alt coins like RABBITCOIN…..[we dont recomment this one by the way], every day it seems like there is another stock or cryptocurrency that is dominating the headlines.

Please be careful of this….

You must realize, that you should never just invest in something because there is lots of hype around it, because that generally means everyone already knows about it and it has reached its peak.

‘When I hear people talking about a particular stock or crypto rising really quickly, I get really wary of that particular investment,

You should always do your research before you invest. Just because some influencer is in a coin, and getting paid a huge fee to pump that asset or coin it does not mean it will do well and survive in the long term.

We even think we have found the next bitcoin, or the next up and coming coin that if you jump in now, it could change your life forever. Now I know you are thinking, here we go, this is another scam, no, we have members around the world quitting their jobs from our newsletter because you are not going to get our information anywhere else. That is something you can bank on.

Pick The right one, and At minimum you will kill it, and change your life and your families financial future. So I can see why in the future people are going to talk about this,and study this. But as we said, its early days, and we are giving our members lots of options! To put their best feet forward … > HERE! <

5. Comparing yourself to other investors

You should never compare yourself to your friends, family or those you see online,

This is principally because people only discuss their successes.

‘Be mindful of what you see on social media, as sure, someone may have made money on something, but that doesn’t mean you should invest in it

‘This is probably because they invested earlier, when it was a better opportunity.’

She also said you should remember that a 10 per cent return is a good annual return.

Even American business magnate Warren Buffet only operates at a 20 per cent return.

You absolutely must be patient when you invest, and you can’t expect to see results overnight. I am still yet to see anyone get rich in a week from all this, so come into this with very sensible and realistic goals and dreams.

As soon as greed comes into this, watch how KARMA will come along and knock you the HELL out, so just be mindful of all this, and be grateful for the opportunities, when they arise.

6. Not being patient

There is a famous quote that says you should only invest in something if you’re willing to hold it if the market shut down for 5 years, and we agrees with this whole-heartedly.

stock market or crypto has an average positive return, but not every year is positive.

‘When you are a long-term investor, you should be investing for the long term, and you shouldn’t really be bothered about what’s happening in the short term.

Long-term investment is anything that is five, 8 – 11 yrs.

7. Being too emotional

Getting emotional with anything to do with money is a bad idea, you shouldn’t think of things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ investments.

‘At the end of the day, CRYPTO will do crazy ass things, even while you are sleeping, the market can tank by 40 % and then by the time you wake its back up 50%. So take all this into account. The market will always return back down to its fundamental value, and not many poeple expect this, they just want to get rich and buy a lambo and fake tits for their wife. 😂

There is therefore no point getting emotional about it. Just accept that most people do not invest and never get ahead in life, and so you are wayyyyy ahead of these people. I once heard the saying, do not invest emotional, realize poor people spend like they are rich and never invest, and always talk about how broke they are. RICH people spend like they are broke, and use lots of their wealth to INVEST without ever stopping and that is how they make even more money and get even more ahead in life.

Doing this can make you wealthier than you have ever dreams, and do not tell yourself its TOO LATE. Its never too late to start investing!!!

8. Not doing research

Finally, never invest in something without doing your research.

‘If you want to become better investors, you should spend some time reading books and learning how to become a better investor,’

In particular, she likes Rule #1 by Phil Town and One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch.

Another good book is TRADING for a living by Dr Alexander!

Through listening to audiobooks, you can quickly learn investing is the key to generating a passive income to work towards achieving financial flexibility and freedom.

STOP living from pay cheque to pay cheque and earning only $400 per week. Get a really good job and invest 50% of your money into fast moving assets!!! its the best advice on making money at your job and a second income stream, your investments.

‘When I was 19 and moved out of home I had no savings and working only covered the bare minimum, so I decided to take a chance to drop out of university – thankfully it paid off,’ and I am a milloinaire. Its been a crazy ride but I started with nothing and took my own advice.

The impressive net worth is calculated by the total number of assets, minus any debt.

You can build nice asset streams too, as you go along. Even with small amounts, you can get assets including property value, stock and cryptocurrency portfolio, offset account, savings and superannuation. The home loan debt is the only liability.

One of my clients invests $3,000 each month to maintain a balance and usually try to track the market before buying, and his portfolio is now over $533,000 USD. He told me things add up fast, and its been a crazy ride for him. But he consistently always invested money each month, and never missed a month without fail. Sure there was a few small losers, but his winners did well, and cancelled out his loser and he has enough money to retire.

There is power what you read in here…. If you like this then,……

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