Review Of Chatterbot Cryptocurrency Investment Newsletter

chatterbot cryptocurrency blockchain investment newsletter

Review Of Chatterbot Cryptocurrency Investment Newsletter

chatterbot cryptocurrency blockchain investment newsletter

This post will be my review of the benefits after having joined the Chatterbot (Chatterbox) cryptocurrency investment newsletter run by Chip Smith. This is in addition to the reviews and testimonials found elsewhere on this website (click here).

I started by following Chip on his Twitter account (click here) and Gab account (click here) back in the Fall of 2020. Some of what was on the timeline and his replies stretched my mind, including the topics pertaining to his newsletter’s ability to use predictive linguistics for cryptocurrency and other blockchain assets. It was a bit intimidating to say the least to learn about “HODL”, the ticker symbols for certain altcoins, and his replies to people asking about crytpo coins.

Yes, I missed the big run-up in cryptocurrency during the February-April 2021 time period and joined the newsletter community in early May. This wasn’t as much of “Fear Of Missing Out” (“FOMO”) whereas I had to prove to myself that Chip’s predictions on cryptocurrency (as well as world events) from the time I first learned about him had very high rates of accuracy.

By that point, I believed that his accuracy – using his predictive linguistics “bots” and other analysis tools – was worth spending the time and money to be a cryptocurrency “rookie”, instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching everything happen.

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His team was terrific from the first day, helping with everything from getting my login & password all the way to some suggested coins to monitor. The suggestion was given to go back into the archived posts and read at least 5 per day plus watch at least one of Chip’s recommended personal development videos for 10-20 minutes per day (video on the Resources page).

I had more questions right out of the gate, so I emailed the team and started posting comments/replies in the comments section under each main post archive. Chip and his team were helpful and replied and answered my questions to help this first-time cryptocurrency investor better understand the opportunities and skip over much of the confusion and “noise” from most of those giving digital currency advice.

Here is one of the videos which came out right as I joined the Chatterbot community, and some of what is presented was encouraging to help me take the step to overcome adopting a short-term “trader’s” mindset and become more of a buy-and-hold (aka “HODL”) investor with a longer-term vision.

What was a surprise, was how helpful other Chatterbot VIP members were to this rookie!

Lisa offered helpful tips about crypto hardware wallets, crypto debit cards, and much more. Others (like Kasi) would leave encouraging comments/replies to help overcome my initial fears, confirm what Chip suggested was working, and how to overcome panic/fear emotions and begin to transform into a more confident investor.

To add more value to the membership, Chip also gave some helpful suggestions for further areas to research for cutting edge investment opportunities. These range from NFT’s, virtual land (digital real estate inside games and elsewhere), ESG factors, next generation internet, precious metals and more. He also discusses how these may integrate with cryptocurrency and other blockchain assets.

His openness, help, and willingness to reply to VIP community members’ questions are some of the factors that separate his newsletter from others which might have a similar degree of high accuracy on the specific crypto picks. Chip’s suggestions (again, never financial advice – just his thoughts!), are rooted in coins which he believes has high odds of longevity and utility versus coins which don’t have good odds of longevity or being utilized by legitimate markets in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about the newsletter and want to hear from the Chatterbot team then you are welcome to provide just your name and email address. Click here to get started today.

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