Chatterbot Crypto Chip Tip – August 4 2021

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Chatterbot Crypto Chip Tip – August 4 2021

In the Chatterbot cryptocurrency and blockchain investment newsletter private VIP membership area today (August 4, 2021 – United States ET), Chip posted a great example of an upside breakout on the charts of a coin he has recommended for weeks. In addition to giving his members extra confirmation that the buy-and-hold (HODL) approach he gave some great lessons about not stampeding in to chase the coin now that it “broke out” of a chart pattern to its highest price in several weeks.

All of this was in the main lesson.

The extra “value” he offered in the comments/replies section on today’s post, however, is where some real benefit can be learned. This “Chip Tip” (!!) is his suggestions for when to wait to enter a new long position, or add to an existing position, for long-term gains if you believe that the coin has the potential to climb higher in the time period for which you are comfortable.

As always, nothing on this website (or tied to it like a YouTube channel or social media) – nor anything associated with Chip and/or Chatterbot – is to be deemed financial advice. You are 100% responsible for your decisions and any losses or risks associated, so always seek competent financial advice before you make any financial decisions.

Should you decide to get a membership to Chip’s newsletter (click here) and participate in the Chatterbot community, you just may find that the August 4, 2021 post’s comments/replies section is just as valuable as the main content that Chip posted. This tends to be true for most of the posts he makes each week.

If you are still considering joining the newsletter then see the recent testimonials and how others benefited from the content which Chip and his team have provided for years. You may go here to see those reviews. At this time his newsletter has different tiers based on length of subscription – so contact us to get more information about the private crypto/blockchain newsletter membership.

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