Chip Tip – August 22 2021

random bitcoin coins falling

Chip Tip – August 22 2021

If you decide to join the Chatterbot newsletter (click here for more information and how to get emailed the VIP private area information) then Chip has a quick post from August 11. It is a post about the “Gateway Drugs” of the two main cryptocurrencies: BTC and ETH.

In it you may find some helpful advice about Chip’s philosophies regarding altcoins (sometimes “alt coins”). Just one of the points in that post reads, “I don’t do crypto like everyone else, I am trying to use the bots to project the future and get ahead of those that are ahead of the normies out there. 👀🤣

There is a lot more in that post, especially in the context of previous posts from recent months. Chip offers some helpful insights for investors (not traders), so consider taking the next step and emailing us to get more information about the VIP members area subscription level. Click here to get started.

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