Chip’s Recent Video About Stock Market Crashes And Crypto

Chip’s Recent Video About Stock Market Crashes And Crypto

In this recent video, Chip from the Chatterbot crypto investment (HODL) newsletter goes into his thoughts about the odds of a stock market crash due to charts (shown roughly halfway in the video) showing a significantly “overbought” situation. This is simply his own personal opinion; and how it affects his predictions for cryptocurrency and altcoin performance for the rest of 2022 and 2023 are included.

You are welcome to see some of his videos from previous months on this channel: Click Here

If you are ready to learn more about Chip’s use of predictive linguistics to help you select specific altcoins in the crypto space then contact us for specific information to join the Chatterbot VIP members area. In addition to multiple posts each week, Chip and other members contribute a significant amount of helpful content in each post’s comments section:

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