Finding Unloved Coins

crypto investment newsletter sample chart of altcoin

Finding Unloved Coins

One thing that Chip, from the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter, enjoys teaching is finding “unloved” coins which he believes – based on his analysis of the bots and predictive linguistics – is poised to perform amazingly well in the future. He has been recommending one in particular for the longer term buy-and-hold (“HODL”) crypto investors; and he re-emphasized that particular coin this week.

Here is the chart (name of coin and price levels removed):

Note that the chart is breaking its downward trend for the last 6 months plus is challenging 2021’s low price already. This coin is unnoticed by many who tend to focus solely on the top 10-20 cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

When you join the Chatterbot newsletter (click here to contact us for a promo code) be sure to look for the March 24, 2022 post and associated comments. This is where Chip tells you which coin this is + the reasons behind why you will want to consider this particular altcoin for your HODL portfolio.

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