Just Because The Crypto Market Is On Sale That Doesn’t Make It Cheap

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Just Because The Crypto Market Is On Sale That Doesn’t Make It Cheap

The following blog is posted with permission from Chip of the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter.

I Can ramble on all day, and I get sick of all the newsletters out there giving clueless advice. YUP! Why can I say this, well because we have special software — CLICK HERE — that predicts events before they happen. We have done this very accurately for years now…., and I have created several millionaires just from following our daily advice! And we have PROOF to show that too. I’m not just saying it. So it might be worth to sit the F#$K down and start paying attention my friends!!

The valuation of the crypto market has fallen pretty hard recently. I see all sorts of clueless analysts calling for a bottom here. Like they do every months. We have just has one of the biggest drops on crypto in the last 6 months and people out there are wondering if this is it, and we go into the toilet. Or other are screaming at me WHEN MOON, WHEN MOON???

I will Start with the good news, such as it is: Cheaper coins are a good thing for those willing to get their toes wet in the blockchain space, but investing is never easy and I class this space as one of the most risky Assets I have ever seen. I have seen people get rich in 1 year, and sadly other who do NOT know what they are doing lose their entire life savings. Its pretty sad really?

Sure crypto is cheap now, and they’ve become a lot cheaper in a very short time. Unfortunately valuations were able to fall so fast because they were so high to start with. This all reminds me of the DOT COM BOOM and BUBBLE BURST that ruined so many people..

With bond yields soaring this year, it should be no surprise that valuations plunged.Here we come to the bad news. Wall Street has only just begun to worry that earnings might fall too. So we are watching the stock market because the crypto space has been following the stock market movements religiously lately. Its very interesting. Even as valuations were dropping, analysts continued to upgrade their forecasts for profits for most of the year—until a few weeks ago. Now forecasts are being slashed, and investors are increasingly convinced that a recession is on the way, which would crush earnings.

Bring this back to valuations, and it looks dire. So if the stock market is going to take a hit, then I wont be surprised to see cryptocurrency coins take a hit soon too. But that remains to be seen. Its early days for the whole blockchain space… and 2022 is a year I have seen a lot of nervousness around people. Its like all their greed and lack of knowledge has come to bite people in the ass all of a sudden. People do not know what to do.

Almost all the fall in stocks up to early June was due to the effect of rising rates on valuations of those expected earnings, not the effect of tighter monetary policy on the economy reducing the earnings. That makes the earnings season even more important than usual, as results are scrutinized for clues on whether profits are being hit already.

The chink of light is that after such a big fall, and with investors deeply gloomy, any good news could lead to a big jump in prices. But then again, Crypto can give you many false senses of securities, you get excited, and then only to be knocked down back to earth as the prices drop through the damn floor.

Like I said, I have seen people getting rich from crypto very fast. I have also seen people lose their house and life savings. But they are taking on silly risks, and as they say GREED WILL GET YOU CAUGHT IN THE END. But people deserve to know the truth here, and I do see crypto or digital currencies in total as the future, and very soon we will see more banks fall and fail. Heck in the future we might not even needs banks, and KARMA is coming for them very soon.

I already know and tell my students we are on the precipice of one of the biggest financial shifts the world has ever seen. Yes, you are watching history take place, whether you like that or not. Its pretty special and amazing.

All these so called “Crypto experts” Do not understand many things, and calling for the bottom in crypto prices each week. But all of these calls for support, valuations are really only helpful if they suggest crypto is cheap that bad news is all priced in.


People do not understand the crypto is in the 1st of 2nd innings of a 9 innings baseball game. It does not matter what anyone says, or tells me, usually they are dead wrong. The crypto market as I tell my students are an EATING, BREATHING, SLEEPING DRAGON, it cares for no one, and nothing! It can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but its early days, and how can you expect anything else.

It isn’t affected by the optimistic Wall Street predictions, so remains among the most expensive it has been outside the bubbles of 1929 and 1999-2000. So I am not going to get on my high horse and predict anything drastic here, even though we have been very accurate the last few years….and our clients understand that we use blockchain technology to predict coins, prices and events, and its fun to watch them all play out going into 2023.

One huge caveat is needed: Valuations and all the charts in the world, even the ones they use on wall st to invest in cryptocurrencies, are not going to offer you a guide to short-term market moves, where sentiment and daily news dominates. There is not a holy grail to making money online or in cryptocurrencies for that matter.

In Conclusion, What I will tell you is NO ONE Knows what happens next. We have just been learning about the human psychology and able to MAKE HUGE PROFITS from other peoples mistakes when it comes to crypto. But even then, What we will say to you is there is NEVER a perfect entry or price to get in to a crypto coin. That is just for psychics and seers. What these so called Crypto “Experts” are not going to tell you at the moment is SURE CRYPTO COINS are a lot cheaper than a few months ago, but still not cheap.

What you have to remember is JUST when you think cryto coins are “CHEAP” and a “Bargain price” and you think you so called GOT THIS!, That is the time that the crypto space can teach you are pretty brutal lesson and they can get A LOT CHEAPER, very quickly, and you will see people crying out to Jesus in the street and ready to slit their wrists!!!

People are just hoping and praying for the market to skid up higher soon! The same as it ever was. Just because we HOPE that does NOT happen, doesn’t mean anything. The crytpo will just do its thing, so its always better to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED in 2022. That is why a warning like this is very well justified right now, especially with all the global events happening around the world right now, and inflation at a 40 year high!

Yes, coins are cheap here, but dont be surprised if they get cheaper fast, suddenly… literally over night while you sleeping. 😁

Hope this helps.



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