New Chatterbot Podcast – Jan 16 2023 Update

altcoin cryptocurrency newsletter podcast

New Chatterbot Podcast – Jan 16 2023 Update

Chip, from the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter service, posted a new podcast earlier today where he discusses world events, his research team, potential for cryptocurrencies and altcoins going into 2024 and more.

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Chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter podcast – January 16 2023

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here. Welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith from Australia. And we put apps and apps, we set them in the blockchain and look forward across all the internet, we spread out across to look for future events and future happenings. in all areas, news and financial. I want to welcome to the show today I want to talk about this whole legacy media. I really do believe that it’s interesting that a lot of people are now starting to realize and wake up to the fact of what’s happening with these vaccines. I won’t go down that track, because I don’t want to ramble about that. But I do want to tell you guys, that it’s very interesting that some of the events coming in 2023, I do believe it will be a lead into 2024. We’ve been very accurate. I have a team around me guys, people don’t understand the team that I have selected to work with me in the future, and right now are probably some of the world’s leading experts in the field. And I’m working in cryptocurrency, predictive linguistics, and also to do with future events and happenings. And basically, linguistics and all that sort of stuff I’ve been studying, and I’ve been learning, I’ve been teaching, we’ve just had a lot of a lot of success. So I first of all, I want to thank you guys for all the kind messages. I mean, we get hundreds of DMS a day, I can’t get more because it’s just been so busy. And we’ve had a lot of predictions come true. A lot of people are attracted to our, our newsletter a lot of people are attracting to our social media, which, which I’m on right now. And it’s just been a very, very, very busy year. So thanks again to you guys. And like I said, we have millionaires on our client base list. In our newsletter, we have a billionaire who I think is just, you know, having access to those sorts of people is second to none, it’s worth the money straightaway. Now, I know people are skeptical. I know people say oh, you you’re expensive. But there’s no reason to justify we have people that have changed their lives. We have people from all walks of life, we have mums and dads, we have elderly people we have investors we have in between full time workers, who have basically changed their lives for the better. And so we don’t just teach you about investing we don’t just teach you about while this is a good way to become a millionaire, we don’t we’re not into that fake thing. And I want to talk about that in a second. We’re here to teach you about getting your mind right, I’ve done this, I’ve started from scratch, guys. So I’m in the position. And I’ve have the capability of teaching how to do this and how to be very, very successful in a shorter period of time, a medium period of time, or if it’s speaking longer term. So if people are skeptical right now, I like that. And if I was in your shoes, I would be also in that situation of just like questioning what’s happening and all this sort of stuff. And I really think that we’re doing this and you know, it’s not just about our business, we were pumping out, basically free stuff 24/7 for you guys. So we don’t care if you join our VIP member list. We don’t care about all that we were basically just trying to wake people up and help them. And I’m probably more in terms of what’s happening in the real world, I’m probably more glue to what’s happening in the financial world, because that’s at the end of the day. That’s what’s really important, right? We have so many people that, you know, are struggling out there, especially after the COVID Nonsense. And we have a lot of people that are struggling right now. Because even myself, we’ve been affected in terms of the vaccination process and all that nonsense. And we’ve seen a lot of deaths in the last couple of months. So like I said, I expect this to get a lot worse, but people are falling for the narratives. And when it comes to the legacy media or mainstream media, you know, people keep asking me every day, but I think the failure of mainstream media and the death of mainstream media has already occurred. And that’s the problem with crypto, right. When you’re talking about all this financial institute talk and you’re talking, you know, you see all these big stockbrokers and investors. I mean, they’re just pumping out shit that you want to hear. And they’re not really caring about whatever, you know, they’re not caring about the end of the day about you. You can ask any of my clients we care about, you know, we care about the real news, what’s really happening and then we take that even first, the esoterical level, but it’s not really esoterical but, you know, we have a very complicated structure process. We’re work with a Uh, you know, very good people that do predictive linguistics and myself. And we’re trying to spread out across the Internet and pick up certain suggestions and patterns and phrases and keywords. And I’ve been doing it for a long time. And it’s been very successful. It’s been highly, highly accurate. And it just really it just, I mean, what I’m trying to say is, when it comes to legacy media, all these people that that are aged 30 and under, they’re starting to realize that it’s just full of shit. And you can google go on to Google, and you can download things and PDF files, and you can do some richer research. And if you were to do that, just Google project Mockingbird, Mockingbird, I mean, the fake news media has been mind numbing people and pumping out shit 100% Fake news for a long time now. So it’s nothing new to me, I don’t I haven’t watched the news. And this is the reason why I was pushed into doing what I’m doing right now. And while helping a lot of people around the world, you have to realize, a lot of experts come to me, we have a lot of people in commercial industry and business industry and investing industry that come to me. And they say, Look, you know, we’re sick and tired of reading all this crap. You know, from the mainstream media that they’re getting paid to put, you know, propaganda out there. And it’s just not working for them. So that’s why we’ve been succeeded so successful. I’m trying to do things a smart way, I don’t really think of myself as smarter intellectual, we’re just basically doing what no one else is willing to do out there. And so that’s why I care about what’s happening. And I care. Because the reason the reason is like if you wake up in the morning, and you can save one person’s life, and you’re putting all this stuff out there, I mean, isn’t that worth it? I really do. I really do feel we had a lady come to us about three or four months ago, and she said, Look, I thought the stuff you were putting out was absolute nonsense. And I get it like, we could come across as conspiracy or some crypto nut. But this lady actually said, You don’t you don’t understand. And she was like in tears. And she said, I seriously think you’ve saved my family’s life. And she was passing on her information to a family members. And they were like, Oh, my God, like, I can’t believe this stuff is happening. I’m so angry, I’m so stressed. But at the end of the day, it’s not about that. It’s about the actions you take. And so we were sort of saying we’ve been putting out a lot of information about these vaccination things, a lot of information about crypto. And these, this lady just said, you know, she was emotional. So I don’t think you realize what is happening here and what you’ve done, I thought I was going to lose my whole family. So this is what we’re talking about people and I knew, I actually knew that some of this was going to come a long time ago, a lot of people laughed at me, a lot of people call us crazy. A lot of people said this is just absolute nonsense. And then you fast forward to 2021 and 2022. And now we’re in 2023 Guys, and you know, basically a lot of things we’ve been talking about, it’s been happening. So the waters a crazy place, I get it. But if you’re on my side, and you’re on my team, and you’re you’re basically looking at what we’re putting out, it’s gonna make life a whole lot easier as we go into 2024 2025. And so that’s what we’re talking about here today. And, you know, with with many of the things happening around the world, like, you know, you’re watching mainstream media news, and you’re sort of even if you’re out there right now and you’re thinking or you’re questioning things you like something is not right. I don’t get it. Something is in the back of my head. I just it just keeps knocking on on me and it’s just niggling me and I can’t work it out. And that’s probably why you’re on here today listening to this podcast. So welcome. There’s a lot of people that listen to me and wow, what a what a crazy year it’s gonna be and we’re looking at some of the things you know, price a crypto has had a little bit of positivity right now as it’s up, you know, I think I’m looking now bitcoin is sort of sitting around the 21,000 level. It’s gone up about 23% in the last seven days. So that’s quite interesting for me, but I mean, when we’re talking about crypto, we’re talking about Elon Musk. We’re talking about Twitter. There’s just so much bullshit. There’s so much fakeness out there. And the problem I mean, we’re talking with some of my colleagues today it’s not really it’s not really what other people are saying because I know you know have these influences you know the Instagram people and people posting absolute shit. I get that but the real the fake news media is in the legacy media have you know, I’ve just pushing absolute nonsense. They don’t want you to get ahead in life.
They don’t want you to have fun Dan wants you to be on this path of where, oh my god, you know, I can retire at the age of 45 and just have ultimate freedom. They don’t want you to do that. And so if they don’t want you to do that, and they don’t want you to have that those capabilities, and that control over your life, then what are they going to do, they’re just going to tell you absolute nonsense, so that you’re down, you’re always depressed, you’re always in fear, you’re always in anguish, and you always have no money. And so it’s interesting that people come to us. And the opposite of that happens, people are flourishing and doing well. So for me personally, today, I want to just say thank you very much. There’s, there’s a lot of things happening in the world. And I want to welcome you to 2023. I don’t think I’ve done a new podcast this year. And it’s been a very, it’s just been a crazy sort of couple of weeks, we’ve been working very hard. And I just think that when I’m looking at my, you know, all the things that are happening around me, I’m just very grateful. And I’m very grateful for all the support that you’ve given me. So with that said, Guys, I’m actually going to take off you have finished for the day. And, you know, mine, I’m going to try and spend a little bit of time on Twitter this week, I’ve just just been mind blown by some of the people waiting up there and posting and helping me on our, it’s almost like we’re joining and we’re forming, forming this nice little community, we’ve got a tribe of people, they’re very, very smart people. And you know, it doesn’t cost you anything, we’re not gonna charge you to answer our posts or join in. It’s just a fun, free little community, and a nice little tribe of people. And we’re trying, we’re trying to teach people what’s really happening in the world and the real news. And I’ve always, I’ve always tried to do that. And guys, it’s just that people thought we were conspiracy nuts. And what’s the same? What’s the difference between a conspiracy and the truth, you know, about six months. So, I mean, I can laugh all I want, but I’m, we’re just trying to educate people. There’s a lot of really cool people out there. You know, people are just questioning things. And if you’re one of those people today, congratulations. Because if you start to question things, that’s the day when your life will turn around and start to change for the good. So if you’re doing that, and you’re here listening for the first time, welcome, appreciate you. Thanks for joining me and thanks for taking time to listen to my voice. And if you feel free, please remember to like, share, and subscribe to this podcast and join the newsletter below. That’s about it for me now. Have a great night guys. I’m out of here. All the best and I’ll talk to you later in the week. Okay, bye.

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