New Chatterbot Podcast – Jan 23 2023 Update

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New Chatterbot Podcast – Jan 23 2023 Update

Chip, from the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter service, posted a new podcast earlier this evening where he discusses a wide range of world news, exposure of real world events, how they impact our goals (using crypto and altcoins and other investment technologies), some mention of stocks and more.

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Chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter podcast – January 23 2023

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Hey guys, what’s up, take two, I want to welcome into the show today, chip here, and a lot to get through. So let’s get straight into it, we put up some daps. We set them in the blockchain, we do what’s called Predictive linguistics. And we try to predict future events before they happen. And we’ve been quite accurate. So first of all, guys, I’m just looking on our Twitter here. And I mean, guys, I have to thank you without you guys. I mean, we are nothing. So we’re virtually at 19,000 followers when I start, just so you guys know, when I started the whole, you know, getting on Twitter, the timing was key, we knew the the, you know, the conspiracies and all that sort of stuff on there, it will get thrown off. And we know the censorship is going to get worse. And obviously, you know, if you’re listening to this, that Elon, not Elon is running Twitter right now, which is basically high level parts of the military. But I won’t get into that. Also attached to Dogecoin, as well, but I won’t really want to get into that today. It is interesting right now that refresh the page, we have Twitter sitting at 22,922. So Bitcoin has gone up, yes, a lot of the influences sitting out there on Twitter, and Facebook, and all that all those junk out there. They’re basically saying, oh, you know, this is the it’s gonna take off. And, you know, bitcoins go into fourth million dollars, or whatever it is, you know, we don’t see that in our predictive linguistics in the future. And there’s gonna be a lot of changes to many financial instruments, not only to crypto, but the way you do banking, the way you transfer money, the way the security and secure functions, you know, they basically interact around the whole banking, and the banking, financial industries. And when we were telling people a long time ago that some of the banks will start closing Well, we will write again. So that’s going to continue, because your I really feel that with my background. I have been in this financial world for a long time, I’ve done very well, I’ve owned and sold businesses done well. And we have friends around the world. So you’re basically getting Intel information that is second to none. And I mean, people can call our Twitter, you know, like a blog or prediction blog will, it’s not predictions, because we already know the stuff is going to come true. So this is why we call ourselves the news before the news. I’ve even had predictions from you know, 2015 come true. 2016. I don’t think we joined the whole Twitter thing until about two, let me just check. I think it was about I joined on March 2018. But we did time that I won’t go into why we did that. But we did time that for specific reasons. And we’ve got a lot of things that we wish to do in 2023. So when we talk about 2023 and 2024, guys, are you going to see a lot of things I know people email me and message me and say, oh, you know, but I haven’t seen anything. And this isn’t happening and nothing’s happening. Nothing’s moving. We’re not winning, we’re losing. Well, that’s just not the case. Because I’ve had people, especially since December 2022 that are messaging me saying, oh my god, this is going to be awesome and amazing. So there’s basically things happening every day now. And for me to you, that’s gonna continue, guys. So you just have to stay positive and look for things that are happening. Biden is in a lot of trouble. And people don’t understand is a lot of very high up important people in the military that are reading our feeds. Because we had to circumnavigate a plan for the future. And even our friends, they’re not judges, they got banned on Twitter that really pissed me off and annoyed our team. So we’re going to really get some payback for that soon. But in the meantime, being on Twitter, interacting on Twitter and and being very active, I mean, I have a team of about five or six people that are helping me and we’re really really, you know, we’re basically trying to give you guys the inside scoop of, of things to come. Now, personally, I mean, I won’t go until do too deep, but on the other side of that the financial thing, so we were planting seeds. A long, long time ago, guys and people were laughing at us people were sniggering and calling us names. You know, the thing you know, we’re having the last laugh because some of those things that we posted Even when we had no followers on Twitter, in two back in 2018, I was very grateful because I thought, you know, one day, we’re going to have the last laugh and that is slowly coming to fruition again. So these self fulfilling prophecy prophecies that we keep putting on there are not really those at all, we knew that the censorship on Twitter was going to get bad we, we have a very cheeky, you know, we have three or four people posting on Twitter, it’s very cheeky tongue in cheek. Yes, we did get in trouble, we almost got fully banned about three or four times, I’m very grateful that we just, when we had our meetings, we sort of had to say, look, let’s just turn it down a bit, because things are getting hairy, especially after our friends and judges got banned fully. But we will say, the judges while they won’t be back on Twitter, we’re going to very much work together and collaborate with them with another blue check accounts. And it’s going to be a lot of fun. There’s a lot of people shitting their pants right now higher in power and these elite that are not liking one thing, and that’s the people are waking up. And while you might not see it on the surface, we already no using our predictive linguistics and our the technology that we have, that this is going to happen, there is no, there’s no way that it can’t happen. It just means that we call them veins. So you have three or four different veins in the future to get to one specific event. But they’re all different. They’re specifically on one different timeline, just like when you were born, and when your die there, you know, time is irrelevant, there is no such thing as time, if people can get their head around that, especially with the crypto stuff, then you can become very, very, very successful. I learned this early on my career. And I virtually just teaching people my tricks and my tips and my tactics. So while the crypto thing is sort of my area, I mean, I’m not even sure about that, because we’re just getting specific data. But when I was formulating my plan many, many, many years ago, a long time before 2018, I somehow just stumbled upon data, which was more specific to the stock market, the financial world, the banking world, ATMs and all this sort of stuff. So I thought, Oh, my God, you know, this stuff is so good. This is sort of like getting the lottery numbers for your, you know, the next week, and having them secretly hidden in your cupboard, and no one else can get access to them. So this is why we keep things private, we keep things, you know, very, very sort of low key. And I know that people could probably say, Oh, well, if you just go out there until everyone in the world, the data it’s going to happen? Well, we don’t do that. So it’s very interesting to see a lot of the things we put out there and the data specific to what to what I sort of feel should be put out there. I have a lot of variables. And I have a lot of discretion whether sometimes we should put information out there. The reason is, some of sometimes the information, I don’t think should get out there because it’s very dangerous. And in the wrong hands could be even, you know the worst. So there is that side of this during this in my job as well. So
it’s very delicate. It’s very sophisticated. We’re working very hard. So while one subject I know, look, guys, we get about 100 to 200 DMS a day on Twitter. So look, if you if we don’t respond to you, you haven’t pissed us off. We’re not angry with you. We’re just here to tell you that I just aren’t seriously guys, I can’t get to all the Dems in the day. So I have clients to attend to have other people have people messaging me from Iraq or rainy Iran, Iran, I don’t know Do you buy? I just physically guys, if I spent all day DM DMing people, I just wouldn’t have any, any time left in the day to do my work. So apologies if I can’t get to your messages. And I would realistically if it was, I’m not forcing you and telling you what to do. But realistically, if it was up to me, I would jump on our newsletter and you know, talk to some of the other people and myself there. Because I think getting on those sorts of channels and mediums is much better to interact with myself or get expertise or get information from my team and keep up to date with things. So I won’t go too much into crypto, but I really do think that people are getting too excited. Myself personally looking at the Fed the Fed and broke and they’re just trying to devalue and take money away from the people again, and raise interest rates keep inflation high to ruin people, that’s their plan. But also on the other hand, the White House all with this happen to wake people up because they’re not able to afford things and they need to wake up to the government who were trying Want to kill you with a poisonous vaccine, and also keeping you broke, and keeping you giving them your hard earned money to them, while they, you know, go on their luxury yacht liners and live a life of luxury. So people need to wake up to what is happening, have known this for a long time, and I know some people are not going to get it. And you know, one to 2% of people are too far gone. And they’re never going to understand what we’re talking about here today. And if they will listen to this, that call me a conspiracy theory or a nut job, or, you know, I’ve been called many things to me, you know, you know what guys, I’m going to give you, one of the best pieces of information that I’ve ever received by mental is, don’t give a fuck about what other people think about you. Because your self talk matters. And if, if other people’s opinion of you matters, then you’re never gonna get anywhere in life. So I love when people try to rattle my cage. I love people trying to call me out. And I love people dissing me because it means I’m doing my job, right? It means I’m doing something right. Otherwise, you know, if I wasn’t getting that, and I wasn’t getting people talking about what we’re doing, then I feel like I feel like well, you know, I’m not making an impact. And they’re basically giving me free advertising and free promotion, if you want to call it that anyway. So I’m glad I’ll bring on the haters, I don’t really care. It’s too late for some of these big wig companies, some of the banks. And you know, that’s why the employees had to get the vaccine because they know that things are going to get bad. And they don’t want the employees coming back. And, you know, taking out lawsuits or taking them to court and prosecuting them. So it all makes sense, right? You only have to look at the small, fine print details to understand what’s happening. And anyone anyone out there that I the the trust the government, You’re crazy. You’re crazy, because there’s so many changes coming. And the one one definite thing that they don’t want to happen is to for people to wake up, and people are already starting. You can see it on Twitter. A lot of people even some of the people that were so pro Vax, it was making me sick. They’re even coming into my DM messages and emailing me and apologizing saying shit, look, I’m really sorry. I hope I didn’t offend you with all the stuff I was putting out there. And I was attacking you. And I was like, you know, seriously, guys, you know, you don’t have to apologize if you just basically sat down in a chair, use your damn brain, just for one second, work out what’s happening and why these vaccines are forced on you. Well, then you wouldn’t have to come back and apologize in the first place. And yes, unfortunately, this has touched me personally, I have lost someone will a friend. I won’t say who. And you know, we’re getting a lot of messages about people losing friends, family, loved ones and you know, children, you know that once you go there, guys, that’s a no go area. For us. It’s one of the reasons that I tweet. The reason is that children are our future and and how down How dare these people ruin their future and give them you know, zero existence, because they think I will, you know, stuff this. And basically they’re calling you cattle, and low IQ fools. And so this is the way we fight back, guys. But for me personally, it’s been an honor and a privilege because I know that we’ve been getting a lot of messages lately, I’ve getting a lot of a lot of following. And I’m not here to just sort of, you know, put myself up on a pedestal, we’ve been very accurate. And I don’t do it for that I do you know, I don’t want to be you know, some rich and famous guy parading around in a van and, you know, waving hands in the streets. I do this for you guys, I do this for you guys, because you’ve been very generous, you’ve been very kind. You take time out of your day to read us and to, you know, basically get our advice, when you know, I don’t really want to call it advice. I mean, you’re just considering the options of what of the information that we’re putting out there. And when I was tweeting the other day I do I really do believe and I feel it in my heart of hearts that, you know, the currency information is going to be the currency of the new world coming and I really do feel that if you have information that other people don’t, then you’re going to succeed and you’re going to lift yourself above and beyond anyone and anyone’s dreams, you’re going to succeed beyond any level that anyone’s ever succeeded. So just remember that going forward because you know, while I don’t know everything, I do know enough. And so that’s that’s my point. So if you’re an expert in some level, if you’re an expert in some field or some specific niche, keep honing those skills skills, guys, because if you if you can become one of the best in the world at what you do, people will want to pay you handsomely they might want to hang out Whether you, you might want to, you know, take it in another direction, or you want to make want to make it your full time job or career. So just keep honing your skills because you might, you might be skilled in something so specific and something so my knew that one day people are going to come to you for advice and expertise. So just remember that. And remember that the more information that you gather, and you know about different things, the more you will succeed in the future. So that has always been my goal, even from a young person. And I, you know, I’m trying to go along my lifeline timeline, and, you know, learn and teach and acknowledge and help others whenever I can. It’s been very, very, very, very, very busy time. But again, again, without you guys following us on Twitter, I mean, I’m, guys, I’m so grateful that you actually take time out of your day to read myself, I started very small, and from a very, very humble beginnings, I have gained so much friendship, and I have gained so much knowledge, just from just from interacting with you guys. Because I think and feel that the psychology of people is changing, you can sort of feel it in the air, right? That the way people interact and talk with each other, especially since COVID. It’s a very interesting thing. And I think society is changing. And I think the way we interact socially is changing, because it’ll lock downs and certain things like that. But I’m just I feel like, well, I know a lot of things, you know, socially and psychology wise, I really am learning a lot about people, what they think how they think, and how that infects the investment world. We even like a will give you a little tip here that I was doing some specific work last night.
And we have a specific set of algorithms and predictive linguistics. But let me just check here for a minute goes oh, what just give me a second, I’ll just check the Tesla price. Because we had some really, really interesting data. So I’ll give you have a look at something to the chart here because Tesla chart. So right now we’re looking at Tesla, Inc, which is actually listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. And what did it do it had, it had a pretty good day yesterday on the stock market up 7%. However, today, it closed at $143.75 USD. So when we’re talking about that sort of thing, and with what’s happening with Elon Musk, and Twitter and the military who are now in control, it’s going to be very interesting, because while the price of sorry, the stock price of Tesla is $143 per stock, like I said, we have linguistics in the future of that sort of hitting $400 us in the future. So it’s actually quite low. And I you know, I do believe that Tesla could even go lower from 143. But, you know, the key to that there is we’re always bad with the timing. So I don’t know the timing of that. But I do know that the data that we’ve had, you know, in the last year, Tesla has gone down about $166 per stock. However, in the future, I do believe that we’re looking at language and specific patterns of that price going, you know, you know, somewhere in the future or around about the $399 level, or $400 level somewhere down the track. So, and don’t, you know, don’t quote me, this is for educational purposes only. And I thought I’d throw that out there because, you know, someone might want to, you know, follow that information or write that down and maybe just follow along. It’s not investment advice. And it’s just for educational purposes only. But there’s a lot of information around Musk and Tesla at the moment. And so we incorporated that into our data and unspecific linguistics, to just to see what we can get and what results we can get from that. So that’s very interesting for me. And so I’m very interested in sort of, you know, investment, technicals, and our specific linguistics that people might be interested in. So we’ll, we’ll keep that for now. We’ll sort of put it in a logbook, we might come back and check that at a specific time. I mean, I don’t really think it’s going to happen this year. But in the future, it wouldn’t be wouldn’t be surprising, because we had so much specific data hinting at that. So getting back to what I was saying, there’s going to be a lot of lot of a lot of a lot of interesting events coming. I do see some linguistics around a busy time in 2023. And I think this has to do with vaccines and some of the people who are in trouble with that. Like I said to someone on Twitter the other day, you know, 80% of this stuff is happening behind the saints. And people will say oh, well, that’s just a copy out. You can’t say that. Well, you know, the normies aren’t ready for some of this stuff, guys. And so that’s the reason why some of the good people the military are putting only 20% in front of the people in mainstream media, and alternative media, so it’s just sort of warming people up. Because, you know, they want, they don’t want people writing and Bill burning down buildings and going silly. But I do believe in some aspect of that there will be a phase of that happening when people, even people who are vaccinated, they’re going to start waking up and get angry. So we’ve got a lot of things to deal with here, guys. And, personally, there’s a lot of things that we should be looking forward to I know, you know, technically, we should, you know, this was so negative and bad arm should have taken more money out of the bank, we’re not telling you what to do, guys, we’re telling you that there’s going to be so many changes coming and specific to what our name is on Twitter, and all sorts of things, that we have a lot to look forward to, the currencies can change, we’re going to have a lot of, you know, private citizen bank accounts that are going to be asset backed. And, you know, there’s going to be a lot of changes, happening with money, financial systems, banking, credit cards, all that sort of stuff. So, you know, this game isn’t over yet. We’re only at the very beginning. I know people want things to hurry along at some specific timeline to them. But that’s pretty selfish. Because all of this will just happen when the time is right. So you have to understand what is happening, especially, you know, a lot of people come to me, they want to get in crypto and make a million dollars, you know, by next Thursday, but you know, that’s not the right mentality. So the real reason you shouldn’t be joining our newsletter is just to shift your mentality. And we’re teaching the law of attraction, how to manifest things in your life that you want. It’s not just the financial side of guys, because I started this newsletter, meaning that I wanted people to be happy and healthy, wealthy, wise, spiritually, mentally, physically, and also, financially, I think it’s your birthright to, to be very, very secure financially. So you can go out, get a job or not have a job or live life go on holiday, and just enjoy life, while these evil people of the world don’t want you to do that. That’s actually the exact opposite. They want you to be a sheep, a slave to the banking system, and they don’t want you to be having much money at all. That’s their plan for you. And so we’re trying to give you a roundabout way of changing all that and using their corrupt system against them in your favor, because that is possible. And, you know, even even the things like the the moon landing, which is, you know, it’s it’s not real guys, and you know, into I remember in 2009, a so called Rock from the moon, that the astronauts and the embassy donated to the museum events, and it was found out to be fake. You know, it’s already been confirmed 2009 that this was actually just a petrified tree, a stone from the ground. It wasn’t from the moon at all. So, you know, there’s, there’s a lot of these things happening, guys, and they’re being found out, they’re being caught out there try trying to hide this information, specifically like the moon landing, because they don’t want. I mean, if the real truth got out about that, guys, there’ll be riots on the street and people will be burning down buildings. And so, you know, there’s a lot of things happening when we’re talking about technology, banking, robotics, and the ripple effects to many interesting you can have a look right now. Microsoft, Amazon and other tech companies are already laid off more than 60,000 employees in the last 12 months. Microsoft 10,000, cut job cuts, Amazon 80,000 job cuts, Metaverse, sorry, Facebook 11,000 job cuts Metalist, you know, just it goes on Twitter 3700. job cuts on and on are goes. So there’s a lot of things coming. There’s a lot of things changing a Goldman Sachs is even laid off its entire trading floor. But you won’t hear that on the mainstream media, right? They’re not going to tell you that they don’t want you to know. So there’s a lot of things coming. And I’m very, very, very blessed. I just feel blessed to be part of all this. It’s in my timeline. It’s in my lifetime to be sharing with this and teaching other people the secrets that they don’t want to be revealed to you. So I’m having a ball guys. And I think I’ve already wished you Happy New Year’s, but it’s the 24th of January. So we’re pretty much well into the new year, right? But I wanted to get some things off my chest today. And just to sort of say, hey, you know, if you follow me, that’s fine. If you join our newsletter, that’s fine. If you don’t want to follow us and you don’t want to join our newsletter. That’s also fine. I’m not going to hold it against you. I’ve had a lot of different experiences with many, many people. And we’re going to keep sharing the intel that we gather, especially for you guys for free. Because why not right? There’s no reason why I should be charging for the intel that we’re throwing out. And especially with the economic news and some of this government news and people higher up in the Big Pharma? Well, that guy is they’re just in a lot of trouble. And that’s why they keep pushing the vaccine. And they’re going to, they’re going to push other things. Because they know, it’s a one way street, they are going to keep pushing and hounding people to do the wrong thing, because they know the end is coming for them. So I wish them luck, because the ship is sinking the Titanic, well, that’s a whole other thing, isn’t it? The ship is sinking, but they’re on the top of the bow, and there’s no going back for them. It’s
a one way street. And, you know, while they while the ship goes down, they want to take as many people with them. So just keep that in mind, please, as we go into 2023, as you start to see some big and shocking events. And as you continue to learn and grow, and may the truth be revealed to you right in front of your eyes, and may anyone in your family and anyone in or around your friends circle area, may they start to wake up and start believing some of the things you’ve been telling them and made and made people just see the goddamn truth. Because the reason is, if a lot of these people saw the truth, and people started to, not to comply, and to push back, we would be in a different situation. And I know there is timelines for that. And there’s different, you know, it’s a very, very convoluted and constructing sort of way of saying it. But to me, you know, if we stopped complying with their thing, they would die a very, very fast. So this will continue. Unfortunately, yes, this is going to take years, guys, you just have to be patient. But what I’m noticing right now in 2023, and you’ll probably notice it too. Instead of things happening, you know, big events happening once a month, things are going to start happening sort of once a day, or once every two days where you’ll go, wow, you know, this, this thing is starting to move. I’m starting to feel relaxed, things are working in our favor. And you know, good guys are in control. So just remember that here. And I want to just say to you again, I feel very blessed that people are following us and listening to us. And I want to I want to just say to you, I really, really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Please remember to like, share, subscribe this podcast. And also follow us on Twitter, the newsletter for our crypto stuff, we get a lot of stuff coming really, really fun. And we’re going to have a ball so you can join us below. In the meantime, thanks again for listening. I will stop rambling here. I’m going to I’ve got another meeting to attend. So have a great day. Thanks again and I’ll talk to you very soon. Peace

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