New Chatterbot Podcast – June 30 – About Tether

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New Chatterbot Podcast – June 30 – About Tether

Chip, from the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter service, posted a new podcast just over 24 hours ago. In this episode he goes over inflation, concerns about the Tether coin, and much more.

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Chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter podcast – June 30 2022


Hey guys, what’s up Chip here, welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter, podcasts radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith from Australia, we put apps and apps, we set them in the blockchain, we will go out and spread across the internet for chatter, to pick up on certain events that could transpire in the future. It’s been a very interesting week. And there’s lots happening. Again, I’m just purely amazed at all the thanks and all the well wishes, it’s been really busy, but our Twitter has been on fire. A lot of the stuff we even posted in 2017 2018, slowly coming to fruition. So what I wanted to talk about today, in our show, is there’s a lot of chat, and there’s a lot of talk about Twitter and I have been spending a lot probably the last 72 hours or so going through a lot of our data, we’ve been scraping a lot of data, we’ve been trying to get some of the predictive linguistics and a feel for what’s happening with tether. And as you know, I do believe that tether was, you know, it was involved in many things. It has a good side, a darker side, I’m probably more interested in the darker side, because I do think that we’re going to sort of see a lot of truth coming out about what they are. And are they backed up I even believe, you know, it might shock you to, to hear this. But I even do think that they’re tied in with Evergrande. And they’re also tied in with some of the big banks. And also I have learned over the last couple of days or I have known for a while. But I was basically just going over some of the data and some of the things that information that we have. And I do believe that they were either indirectly or directly involved with the Dominion servers that in the stolen 2020 elections. I don’t know many people talking about it and saying, Oh, you’re wrong, and I had many people hating and you can, you can start to see now Texas, Arizona are starting to get into the swing of the decertification of the 2020 elections. But I think it goes deeper. So that’s what I’m here today, I want to talk a little bit about that. I’ve actually seen in the news that more hedge funds are actually betting they’re actually going to go short against tether, especially now the crypto market is sort of melting down a little bit. As you know, I have been involved with crypto for a long time, mostly as an investor. And, you know, what does that mean? Well, you know, I’ve done very well. But in terms of what’s happening on the, on the actual crypto markets, a lot of these big Institute’s are becoming short, which means you bet on tether going down instead of going out. So it is quite a hard. In my opinion, it’s very hard to do, it’s only available to, you know, select people. I also have heard that these people that have you know, the truth is coming out about them. They’re also trying to short the market and profit because they’re in a lot of trouble. So in a lot in the last couple of months, the more traditional hedge funds have executed trades to short tether through a company called genius global trading. So that’s one of the largest crypto brokers for people that don’t know. And I’ve heard that these trades now worth hundreds of millions of dollars in USD. So it’s quite interesting to see that they didn’t want that news released out. So if that is the case, I really do believe that our data and specific I have been talking about this for a long time. It’s not It’s nothing new, it’s not any breaking news. And as you know, tether is a stable coin. And you know the virtual currencies that are supposed to be pegged to the dollar and you know, the most widely traded in the world. So tethers market cap is right now is about, you know 67 billion. It’s come down a little bit but you know, these broking houses which take Gamble’s on, you know, short or long side of the trades, you know, they’re basically exclusive. And, you know, I find that a little bit shady as well. So I’m just trying to give you out the truth. And I know a number of investors and I have friends that have told me in the investment world because I have big investments being big investor friends who have been telling me that this has been happening for about 12 months. So Do these people know what’s coming? I guess so. And I think tether and Evergrande I think we’re going to hear a lot more about that. Especially after the collapse of tether or sorry Tara coin USD so I mean, there’s a lot of differences there with terror USD because it wasn’t a logarithmic stable coin, which means it doesn’t have to be backed up by any real assets. On the other hand, traditional stable coins, like tether or including tether, you know, they hold $1 of actual real physical cash, or Treasury bills, or, you know, traditional finance assets that have to back them up. So, I know, this is probably all Chinese to you guys, some of you guys out there, but I wanted to just talk a little bit about it. And, you know, tether has briefly lost some of its peg during the tether USD collapse in May. But it’s slowly come back to where it’s recovered now close to, you know, basically $1. So I think there’s a couple of leading indicators there. And I’ve been talking about this for a long time, it’s probably no shock if you’re a member on our newsletter. And, you know, I really do feel that that’s what we should be looking at. I do believe that the crypto space is in a little bit of trouble at the moment. Yes. And I do think that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about this down the track, and tether and related entities reached 18 point 5 million settlement in 2021, with the New York, Atlanta, New York Attorney General Office, and, you know, they accused them on making all these misrepresentations regarding the dollars reserve, and they basically didn’t admit or deny the allegations. So that’s a little bit shady, on the site of tether. But some of the short sellers, the people, big investors that are bidding against tether, they believe most of tethers commercial paper holdings are actually backed up by debt ridden the debt ridden Chinese property developers Evergrande. So you can start to see how this small problem basically turned into a domino effect. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re going to see some, like I said, I do believe that sometime in the future, looking at a predictive linguistics that we’re going to see a lot more of this sort of story come to fruition and come to the forefront. And I know a lot of these fake news, people, services are probably going to be doing the same and following along. So I mean, it’s, it’s a very shady sort of a thing. And I know, look, if you’re listening to me if crypto is not for everyone, I just believe that, as you know myself, I put it a lot of truth. I know that, if you’ve been watching some of the banks, they’re slowly declining, they’ll putting less and less ATMs out there, the banks know, because of the basil three compliancy. They’re involved with some very shady things, and their time is coming to an end my friends. So I just want to put that out there. And we are also looking at the other side of the coin here. Meaning Are there any other options because people are sort of worried about tether right now people have money in tether. I mean, so many people got burned in the terror USD coin, people are taking the money out in droves. So we’re looking at other avenues. There’s also a USD C court, sorry, USD coin. And that’s basically our very large stable coin as well, after tether. And it’s interesting to see that that’s, that’s actually added about eight to 9 billion in market cap market value during the same period. So it looks like a lot of these people are sort of swapping their tether over to a much more stable will, I would call this a much more stable simplistic sort of coin, USD coin. So we’re looking into all that. There’s a lot of data I have released here. I’ll be talking a little bit a lot about what we said here on our newsletter in the next couple of days. But it’s very interesting times. And I just think, my own self, it’s, you know, it’s always good to keep people in the know. But that’s about it. For me today. It’s a very interesting topic. I do think and feel like let’s look at the market here, I’ll just quickly go through, you know, Bitcoin is sitting, I’ll just refresh the page, Bitcoins, probably sitting at about just over 20,000 20,313 per coin, if something doesn’t feel right on these levels, so it wouldn’t be surprise, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some much more heavy selling or, you know, much more nervousness come into the crypto space here because, you know, especially around this middle of the year time, it’s a very turbulent time. I feel in that June July period for crypto over the last, you know, eight years. So for me personally, I have been a little bit active, but not so much on the trading or investing side. And for me personally, I’m just going to stick to my guns. I’ve had a you know, a plan that I’ve shared with all my members, I’ve had members with me for you know, 15 years now. One of those have those members have done ridiculously well, but You know, in technical terms, I’m you know, I really just a messenger guys, you don’t have to do anything or buy anything or join anything. For me personally, I

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love to pump out some of this content because this is what I do. And yeah, it’s been very accurate. I’ve been very blessed. And I’m very lucky to be in the situation I’ve been in and I’ll even read a little tweet, because our Twitter has just been refined. But there was a lady from Yugoslavia, and you can look this up. And now username is at White coin underscore bull on Twitter. But there’s a lady slow Gianna from Yugoslavia, who said, thanks to you, and the judges and all your Twitter followers, I’ve been read pilled lately, I could say you saved a life of my entire family crazy. Majority of my family did not get a vaccine, as born and grown up in uvula Yugoslavia, I felt frustrated about the manipulated manipulation of the Deep State. I’m glad that truth is finally coming out daily. Amen to that slide, Jana, I want to thank you for putting out that comment. It was really interesting. And I told my team here that it’s, we’d love to hear messages of like that, because, you know, if we’re helping one or two people out, it makes it all more worthwhile. So we’re have listeners all around the world. And I’m very, very pleased. I’m very, very happy and happy and positive that, you know, we are touching the lives of people all around the world. It’s been a wild ride. I know, I’ve been on this for a long time. But if you’re in my shoes, you will understand that there’s a lot of hard work and a lot of deciphering. And there’s a lot of, you know, day to day, my, you know, Sunday’s are pretty hard. But um, we are really working hard for you guys, I have to say that. And a lot of our members appreciate that. And so I really do, when people sort of give back to me, that’s really why I do this stuff. And you know, according to some of the people on the newsletter, we are sort of starting to hear a lot more of that. So people are out there, people are waking up. I know that it’s probably frustrating, because the last couple of years, you know, we had COVID and lock downs and all that sort of stuff. But in technical terms, it’s one of those things where you know, you just sort of have to stick at it. And you still have to you know, follow your heart and follow your passions. That’s all I’m really doing. And if I can help one or two people that in the process will Hey, you know my job is complete. Okay, that goes that’s about it for today. I want to thank you please remember to like, share and subscribe to our podcast. If you feel free. Paid newsletter is down below, join our VIP newsletter and get our crypto daily alerts. That’s about it. Have a great day. Thanks for listening, and I’ll talk to you all soon. Bye.

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