New Chatterbot Podcast – September 21 2023 Update

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New Chatterbot Podcast – September 21 2023 Update

Chip, from the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter service, posted a new podcast last night where he discusses a wide range of world news, exposure of real world events, how they impact our goals (using crypto and altcoins and other investment technologies), some mention of stocks and more.

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Chatterbot cryptocurrency investment newsletter podcast – Sept 21 2023

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter, podcasts radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith from Australia, I want to welcome you to today’s show, this will go out to VIP members, and also the general public. So it’s Thursday here right now in the afternoon. And there’s a lot of stuff happening on I’ll put out some stuff on Twitter, it’s controversial, but look, you know, never shoot the messenger, I know that a lot of our stuff, a lot of our predictions come true. I’m not a guru. You know, I use a lot of different tools, a very busy person. And fortunately, we’ve been accurate over the years having me so I want to put a shout out because I’m just going through, just by the way, guys, the newsletter is on fire at the moment. I just feel like, ever since we helped out Santos, which is one of our lifetime members. I you know, I’m not gonna turn the newsletter into charity event. But you know, a lot of people send in doggie coin, and I just have to say like, we helped someone, not get evicted from the house. So there’s a lot of power in that, guys. If you understand where I’m coming from, I always want to create a community with, you know, 1000s of people around the world, I’ve dealt with 1000s 10s of 1000s of people. It’s very busy in the office here. And we literally save someone from getting evicted from the house. And I know, just so you guys know, there’s a lot of, you know, we have friends all over Twitter, and I fill it in would doubt who is a top financial broker, he removed himself away from Wall Street, because he just found out a new and he was he’s trying to get away from the corruption of Wall Street and the financial world. There’s a lot of different changes coming. But I digress, we helped a member and his family stopped getting evicted from the house. So I’m very proud of you guys. It’s not up to me, I was just like the middleman and had to put people together. We had, you know, other investors, we had charter body members, we had newsletter members, we had just little little ladies who wanted to give some money. So for that I’m very thankful. But I just feel like ever since I don’t know, what do you think ever since then, guys, the newsletter has just been on fire. I’m going through the comments like I’m always trying to add, you know, don’t try to reply to everyone, I don’t have the time. But look, I’m just trying to give you guys you know, the best content and the best stuff, I feel that you guys are paying me money. I mean, I’m not just cutting pasting stuff I’m giving you years and years and years and years and decades of my knowledge. So I’m very, very thankful and very grateful. It’s been a really crazy. I mean, I’ve never had a year like this year, it’s just been crazy. And there’s all sorts of stuff happening. There’s big things happening in the scenes, I’ve been sharing a lot with you guys, I want to expose too much here. But if you’re on the newsletter, yes, I have been exposing a lot of stuff. And as we go into December and next year, and should June or July, I’m going to be exposing even more. So for those of you that are on the newsletter, we’re going to be profiting from the new financial system coming for those of you who are not on the newsletter, I really do. I’m not just putting spam out or trying to market here, I really am telling you guys, you need to get on there. Because the stuff, the stuff that we will be releasing is going to be almost esoteric, like, in a good way, right? Because I really am trying to push out more and more stuff that you guys can’t get online. And this is the stuff that I had met, you know, I have had very good mentors in my life. But I’ve been trained by some of the best and most sophisticated and complicated and most expert investors around the world. So just so you know, I’ve spent up to $100,000 Just on my education and my experience and my knowledge and my background and all that. So, to me, it’s not really about the money. It’s really about what I can give back to you like we’re trying to build a probably a just a, I don’t know about a big community, but we’re trying to build a community that I feel is the right size. And we can pump out and put out across the messages that we want to the right specific time. And hey, you know, if we make a buck or two out of this stuff, and we talk and we’re all integrating, and we’re all like communicating if we can make a buck or two from this stuff. Well, all the more power to us, right? There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with making some money in the world and I have a I have contacts all over the world. But we seem to be, I don’t know, it’s just been growing exponentially. And it’s not because of me, I really feel that some of the people and some of them newsletter members have been actually referring, I’ve got a lot of referrals lately. And, guys, I have to tell you guys that I’m very thankful. So this message today is really we’ll talk a little bit about things and what’s happening. But also, I want to just appreciate you guys because you guys really make this a community, probably one of the best around I feel. And I know we’re secretive, they’re trying to shut me down, I don’t really care. Like, I’ve been taken down before I’ve been shut down. I’ve been laughed at. And you know, I don’t give a shit. Because realistically, at the end of the day, it’s helping the little guy like I, you know, a long time ago, people know my story. I come from humble beginnings. And I had a dream, I just wanted to put the message out there. And somehow it’s just grown into this massive thing. I I don’t think any words can put into perspective about how grateful I am and the message and a lot of people who are starting to wake up. And if you’re probably thinking, Okay, well, I don’t really see too many of my family members, or I don’t see many of my relatives waking up, well, I talk to a lot of people, and just say no, as a general consensus, or if you want to put a spin on, like an overall feel of what’s happening in terms of our predictive analysis and that sort of thing. I’m not sure if people are waking up. But I don’t know if that’s a terminology that you want to use so early in the Great Awakening, but what I really want to tell you guys, that looking and talking and seeing and and I’m scraping a lot of specific data, most weeks that the best way to analyze what’s happening right now, like in the end of 2023, is I really feel that in this time, in this age, people are starting to question things. So realistically, in we’re talking about this great awakening event, or the coming era, Golden Era, if you want to call it that, or what we have been putting out there to some of our members will know a lot about that. But in terms of what’s happening in the economy in that and what’s happening out there in the real world, and since the mandates are put in there really is I can feel a consensus. And I can see it on a piece of graph paper, that people are really starting to question things. And as we go forth, it’s only 2023. So as we go forth into 2024 2526, you know, more and more people are going to start waking up. And if you don’t feel that that will happen, I really feel that it will be people start to question more and more, more and more, they’re going to see a lot of horrific things happen because of the vaccines. And I don’t just mean deaths, I mean, people are really going to start to sit down and go, Oh, you know, like, I had three family members die or get maimed or in a wheelchair, all of a sudden, like what’s going on? They’re all healthy and young and fit. They’re playing sport, and what’s what’s the situation what was going on. And so, I mean, it’s already evident, it’s self evident. I’m not just posting that stuff on Twitter, it’s not just crap, and not some internet junk conspiracy from 1993. Like this, this is the real life guys, this is the real situation of what we’re facing. And this is the real situation of what is happening out there in the real world. I know, when you’re in high school, the teachers are, you guys are not going to understand what happens in the real world. Well, here we are in the real world, there’s going to be a lot of people learning a lot of things at all different ages, I’ve even started to notice younger, the younger generation, maybe 18 and older, starting to, you know, formulate and con coagulate away from the fake mainstream media. I still believe and you can laugh at me if you want. But I still believe that the collapse of the mainstream media is coming. It’s just a very, very slow approach. It’s so delicate and corrupt in the way that they’re spreading their propaganda is that you know, the harder it’s going to collapse in on itself when the time comes available. So right now they’re in a situation where they’re just

I got the hand grenade in the hand, this setting the timer and the ticking timer in their hand and they’re just they’re delaying the time of when the hand grenade goes off in their hand, it’s going to be a mess. So I have friends all across the media that telling me a lot of the same and I have been hoping these people for a long time but been doing a little bit more intimately over the last couple of months. So it’s all very interesting and just Last night, let’s have a look at the s&p here, because as you know, it correlates with the stock market the Bitcoin. So the stock market has gone down from s&p 504 550 to 443 is three, one. So we’re looking at roughly about 100 point loss at point loss on the stock market, as the Federal Reserve has put out news about holding interest rates for now. But in the future, you know, we’re going to see, let me just have a look here. Just bear with me a second. So on the yields, looks like there’s a bit of a descending triangle, sorry, an ascending triangle on that. And so as you guys might not be aware of an ascending triangle pattern on the yields means that we’re looking at much higher prices on the yields coming, which, you know, the news comes out in the in the charts, first guys, and we’re looking at much higher yields coming for the Federal Reserve. And as I speak, there we go. 10 year treasury yields were in a 15, year high just last week, I think. So there’s, there’s a lot or just a couple of days ago, so there’s a lot of things happening with the interest rates, a lot of people are moving their money out of crypto back into the 10 year treasury yields trying to find a, what does that five to 6% yield on their money, that’s really silly. And people are making a lot of mistakes. I did predict this in about 2021. And here we are in 2023, at the end, close to Christmas. And things are playing out exactly like I thought so we information before time a news before the news. And we seem to be looking at things playing out exactly, almost precisely with what we’ve been talking about. But the time you know, I’m always very, very early with my, with my staff. So it doesn’t surprise me that, you know, people might say this or that but we are trying to help the little guy. And we are sitting on the very cusp of a new financial system coming in a revolution, and also riots that I think having shown up in our data for many, many, many months now. I’m not really worried I’ll be safe, we’re in a safe area. So as a team, but I really want to put the message out to you, you might see some rough things happening. Looking at the collapse of the US, sorry, the EU and European regions. So if you are a listener from the European region, I do want to put out the message that you should be making some preparedness, and probably taking caution, what is what is coming because I do feel that the European banks are in a lot of trouble. And with this Evergrande saga, it’s gonna be very, very interesting guys. And I have some very high reputable property traders. I’m not a property person myself, but we have some very, very reputable property traders and investors in our midst. And they are talking about that as well. So I mean, I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the property market. But normally, if the stock market has a really rough ride, so does the real estate market. So we were taking we can be taken aback by the what happened in 2008, the GFC This is a whole different area, because in my own investing career, I’ve been doing this for a while, I have not seen the interest rates, and the Treasury yields go up at the same time at the accelerated rate that they have been going up. So this is going to be a big one. I know that you know when things when push comes to shove, and there is a very some horrific events coming. I mean, just brace yourself. In the future, I know that there’ll be blamed on Biden, we’re already seeing that in our language and our data. And it’s going to be one for the ages. I really think and feel that if you’re sitting here and listening to this it’s you know, it’s obviously for a reason we were chosen to be down here we I think I like someone I can’t get the comment off here but someone sort of said to me in a weird esoteric way like you know if there was some elements or this you know, God is not just going to put a bunch of partying animal who has he has down on the earth to wreck things so I really feel it’s just part of my message and part of my signature to help people along the way and help people see what is actually happening. And you know, I’m not going to get super religious here but I just think the the in the area and the timeline that we’re talking about. You really are going to see some significant events happen. Whether you like it or not So, I want to post this message. I know it’s been a busy time, I always say I’m busy. And I can apologize, but it really has been just a whirlwind. Unfortunately, some of you guys know I have, unfortunately taken a bit of a tumble. And I twisted my ankle. However, I can give you some good news there in that area, because I’ve strapped up my my leg and taking a bit of time out, spending a bit more time the newsletter link for that is below. And I feel like you know, give me a week or two, and I think I’ll be back to my former self. But right now, I might have a have a fine wine, and just relax. And we’ll probably just keep that for the podcast today. There’s a lot of things happening, there’s probably a lot of other things that I did want to say today. But I just wanted to cover the main messages here and just make it easier for you instead of going in and reading like a whole novel, we have had some guest posts too. So Vinny, and a few other people have come to me, Maddie on the on the newsletter, and, you know, this is your community to guys. So if you feel I did post up a out of the mouths of babes heart to heart, I did post that on the newsletter, a really nice guest posted thanks very much for that Vinnie and Maddie and some of the other contributors. But this is not just my, I’m not just the boss here, like this is your community guys. And we want to make it a fun and a positive and enlightening experience for all those involved because I feel like you know, in the coming times, especially in the next two years, we are going to need each other we are going to need to support each other because, hey, just recently, like I said, there was one of our members that, you know, had the chance to get evicted from his house. I hate seeing that, guys. But you know what? Look, I can’t help everyone. But I just I love to help where I can. And I can’t promise anything. But you know, saying, Look, guys, I’ve been in my younger years I’ve been in that situation, I know what it’s like, it just tugged on my heartstrings. It made me get a bit emotional and took me back. So I love to help out people. I’m not a charity, I can’t do this every day. But I you know, you know, we really are that special kind of community. And you guys really, really make this a special place every day for me, I, I wake up and I look forward to interacting with, you know, 1000s of people around the hundreds of people around the world, like it really is one of those things where, you know, you just have to be grateful about what we have. And not everyone has the same I get that everyone is in a different circumstance. Everyone has their problems, I get it, you know, I have, I have my problems, and everyone has their different problems. And we can sit here all day complaining, right? But at the end of the day, why not just help one up support people, and why not just try to make the world a better place. But that guys is about it. For me today. I don’t want to keep rambling on here. power and strength, the newsletter, guys, I’ve been trying to make this a really good place for you guys and chatterbot 1.0. There just so you guys do understand we do have a whole other system coming. Unfortunately, there’s you know, been some errors, and there’s been a few glitches, if you want to call it that. So for now, we have just, we’ve just decided that the chatterbot newsletter 1.0 is just going to continue for now. And then, depending on the situation with a lot of things, including the crypto space, I will be updating and alerting other people there are opportunities and different levels you can join obviously, as you know, with the crypto space and our newsletter, and you know, my My own opinion is just join as high as you can because in the grand scheme of things, it will be better off for you later on when it comes down down the line. Maybe one or two years from now. I’m not sure so, hey, look, that’s about it for me, guys.

I’ve been talking for 20 minutes. I’m coming to the end of my week. I’m super excited. I’ve sort of got lucky on our second wind. But I just wanted to say to you guys, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, you really make things. You make things worth it and you make the community what it is and I’m very proud. So no matter what you’re going through right now. Thank you. Just keep on keeping on. Don’t give up and we’re going to win in the end. All right. Guys that’s about it for me I’m gonna let you go have a great weekend if I don’t talk to him for then I’m going to be on the newsletter tomorrow got something little special coming for you but today we had a nice guest post go in and read that but that’s about it for me and have a great night Talk soon bye bye

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