Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 17, 2021

Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 17, 2021

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DATE: April 17, 2021 “Crypto Psychic – Doge Coin & Crypto Tidbits 🐶🐶”

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chad Smith from Australia. I want to welcome you, we put apps and apps, we sit them in the blockchain, and we spread out across the Internet to try and predict events and crypto prices before they happen. The asset prices on the crypto market have now surpassed I’m having a look here. And we’re looking at over a 2.2 trillion market cap well, very, very interesting. And you actually seeing history in the making. And I really think that myself personally, with in terms of the crypto asset market space, you could see even more of a 100 or 200 or 200x times your return, you know, and people don’t realize the magnitude of what is happening. So, what I wanted to do today is just talk about the entire crypto market. I know that a lot of people are excited, I know a lot of people are talking about Bitcoin and Aetherium. I personally, I don’t really own these top coins. The reason is because the the Bitcoin dominance has started to come down. So it really is a smart way for my team to investigate and look at and approach the market. And I did remember listening to an interview on the Gestalt University podcast. And the guy was sort of saying that, you know, the public is really unprepared for what’s going to happen in the crypto world, the digital asset space. And I really think it’s going to transform the current financial landscape, what’s happening. So I think there’s, there’s a parallel between the financial universe being built right in front of your eyes. And I also think that people really don’t have a comprehension of how big this really will be. It really was one of the main reasons why I started this podcast, because I thought, you know, people were either skeptical or people were probably going to jump out of coins too early. So if you listen to this podcast, and you have been a listener for a long time, these are some of the reasons that I’m doing what I’m doing. And as you know, our crypto newsletter has been very successful, very accurate. And a lot of our members are reaping huge rewards, we have a couple of our members who have quit their jobs, just by reading a few words on the pages. And you have to remember that words are power, and words, the set in the blockchain, and that we can do predictive linguistics. And logarithms basically, can help many, many people, you know, find other things that you didn’t think were out there. And so I know there’s a lot of bickering right now in the Bitcoin communities, and it’s pretty sad to see, but I really think that, you know, blockchain technology in the digital asset space in terms of when we’re talking about, you know, the internet or the web, it really is probably going to be number one, the next internet. And number two, it’s going to reshape the financial system, as you know it. And I think, you know, when we’re talking trillions of dollars, people are now starting to wake up to the fact that even these big asset managers, people in Wall Street, big business enterprises, as you know, it recently Elon Musk, as you know, put through a lot of his own money, or the business of Tesla, Tesla’s money into Bitcoin itself. So, as you’re looking at the digital assets sector, and it’s sort of passing the 2.2 trillion market cap, I really think that, you know, we’re talking about the market, probably doubling or tripling or quadrupling, you know, in the next several years. So that’s something that we will, you know, look for, and it’s not out of the question to talk about, you know, a 6 trillion market cap. It’s pretty unbelievable to speak about it like that. But the normies and the people that, you know, don’t know what’s really going on out there. Even the baby boomers, some more millennials, who are sick of the banks. You know, they’re in their 30s. Now, maybe, and they’re looking at other opportunities that they want to take. And you know, these are these people are trying to set themselves up when they’re retired. And they know that they can’t really do much, you know, the interest rates are really low right now. The market property prices have really skyrocketed, and I think we’ve, you know, the limited Bitcoin supply. There’s, there’s a lot of people that are probably starting to think now that okay, well, I’ve made a huge amount of money on Bitcoin. And I’m just having a look at the charts here and Bitcoin is currently out about 60 1000s. So it’s dropped a little bit but I really think when we’re talking about the entire crypto space, I think it’s going to be very interesting what happens, you know, roundabout June and then leading on into December this year, as more and more institutions, you know, really crave and really want to dive into the space. And then if you don’t realize they’ve been doing a lot of research over the last probably a year and a half. So I know there’s a lot of risks involved. And you know, the probability is there, and the higher people expect the market to go, I think the higher the market will go. And I’m not going to put out a crazy number for Bitcoin, because our blockchain bots and predictive linguistics have already hit the levels of Bitcoin, a lot of people laughed at us, but these levels have been hit. And I think when you’re listening to the top guys out there, all they’re trying to do is I think they’re trying to outdo each other one person will say, Oh, you know, Bitcoins, gonna hit 50,000, bitcoins gonna hit 100,000, and then the next guy comes along bitcoins gonna hit 2 million, I really think as the crypto market changes and develops and, and that sort of thing, I think we’re gonna see Bitcoin, you know, probably not hit those higher levels that people are out there saying, because what will happen very soon as you’ll go from proof of work to proof of stake, and then probably proof to proof of something else, which means the crypto market will have to grow and develop a lot of these people that, you know, maybe have money, we’ll look to see a Bitcoin but if bitcoin goes up to I think, you know, Bitcoin could go to 80, or 90,000. But these people will sort of think, oh, you know, that’s a bit of a bit pricey, I can afford to buy one Bitcoin. So they’re going to start to look around at these cheaper coins. We already knew this ahead of time, we already set out a military plan for that sort of event. And as you can see, a lot of our members have already been reaping many, many huge rewards from that explosion of coins, you know, this week, like Dogecoin, which, you know, I have to be a little bit careful have to think about that, because, you know, realistically, doggy coin was a was a coin that was started as a joke. But now it’s, you know, 50 million market cap, and there’s a lot of people just jumping in because they think they’re gonna get rich. Well, I think it’s sage, you know, we’re looking at an event, which might not be favorable to a lot of the serious investors out there. So for me personally, you have to be a little bit wary, a little bit careful with coins like doggy coin, because they’re basically just a, they’re a name in the blockchain that backed up by nothing, they do not do nothing. Although on the positive side, I do, I have used doggy coin in the past. The coin has, you know, really surprised me, it’s very fast, it’s very stable, very cheap to use. And that’s probably one thing going for it. However, the negatives and the positives, you know, you must as a, as an investor, as a crypto investor, as someone who is a student with their money, you really need to sit down and work out, you know, is this is this sort of thing for me. So it’s going to be a very, very interesting next couple of months. I know we are, I can’t believe we’re in at the end of April. Now, this year has gone very fast. Crypto has been growing at a rapid rate. And for me, personally, it’s hard to keep up but I know I do. I try to put out one alert update on our newsletter per day. We’ve been very accurate. One of our clients has made 50 Or sorry, 500,000. And we have many, many positive stories that are coming through. I’m not here to spam you. I’m just sort of saying that. You know, we are probably sort of one of the go to guys right now, when it comes to logarithm X. And when it comes to predictive linguistics and blockchain. And you know, we’re really giving out the positive news before it’s actually becoming news.

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Myself personally, when it’s been very rewarding, I’ve been learning a lot. And as you know, you know that that is really what the crypto market is about. I don’t really think people understand that the crypto market has been put there just oh, you know, want to get rich, I want to be famous. I want to be a squillion err, I really think it’s been a gift that’s been handed to us. Not many people realize just how good of a gift we have. So when you have something like this, it’s a sort of once a once in a generational type thing. And I mean, I’m always blessed. I’m always happy. I always try to try to stay positive. And I just realize what you know, this morning, just the magnitude of the opportunity that we have right here. And I think you know, in the future crypto is probably going to morph into something that Many of us don’t even realize yet. You know, what I’m really talking about is, you know, the robotics, the AI, you know, and the alternative energy sort of sectors that probably will melt in to some of these crypto facilities. So for me, it’s been a very, very wild ride, but it’s been very enjoyable. And I am, you know, I’m trying to be better. I’m trying to be a better investor and trying to be, you know, someone who can help. And as you know, we’re not here to try and sell you anything. I love the fact that we’re getting a lot more members. And I love the fact that there’s a lot of listeners that are starting to wake up, we’re realizing that even more and more people that come in involved with, you know, how crypto is working, how it will be the future, and how the financial landscape is going to change after COVID ID. So that’s about it for me today. It’s a few little tidbits for you to think about in the coming weeks. However, if you feel free, please remember to like, share, and subscribe to this podcast. And also if you wish to join our daily channel newsletter investment newsletter, please feel free to click that link below and join and we’re giving a free special little bonus to new members that register. More about that later. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend. Thanks for listening and talk soon. Bye

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