Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 7, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 7, 2021

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DATE: April 7, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – Big Events Coming oh Boy!”

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Hey guys, what’s up ship here, welcome to the chatter bot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host chip Smith from Australia, I want to welcome you today to today’s show, we do what’s called apps and apps, we set them in the blockchain. And we spread out across the internet, and use specific data to try and predict events before they happen. We did have a lot of accuracy with the Superbowl we did have a lot of accuracy with the crypto markets this year. And also with the college basketball, unfortunately, we did call the, you know, the finals, but we didn’t actually get the winner Ryan. So it was pretty interesting to actually do a lot of data and linguistics and pattern work on that. And I think, you know, when we’re talking about what’s happening in and around the world, I really do feel that what we’re looking at is, we’re looking at a state right now where, you know, I really think that the Biden that you’re seeing right now isn’t the real president, he really can’t pardon anyone. And I really think that the decision for the Democrats to rig, the US election is really going to come back and haunt them very soon. So I know, while you might be listening to this, and might be a little bit confused, that’s okay. I think things will make, you know, they’ll make sense in time. But right now, you know, you are watching part of, of a show, you’re watching part of the circus. And I think as time moves on, you’re going to be rapidly progressed into, you know, reality, and what’s been going on with COVID, which I would say it’s not a pandemic, it’s more like a scam. demic. And I really think, you know, for people that think that’s a conspiracy, they need to sort of look into what’s happening, you know, do any of your friends or family or, or close relatives, have they had the flu? Are they sick? Have they had COVID? Has anyone on your family died from COVID? And I guess, you know, 99% of the time for that would be the answer would be no. The other interesting thing that I really want to hone in on is Did you see the event they had at the White House, they had a so called Biden Easter egg hunt, with the with the fake is the rabbit, Bunny and all that stuff. But if if you did actually see what was happening, which was quite interesting, at this specific time, when we were watching, our team was watching the Biden Easter egg hunt. And also, we were watching the the actual, really the live White House feed webcam feed at the same time, and are both showing different things. So this is the thing, I think people are starting to wake up that you know, Biden is not really the real President of the United States. I know that it’s probably hard for some of you to comprehend, but others who are awake, you know, know exactly what we’re talking about. So I think it’s a really good idea right now, if you are out there and trying to work things out to, you know, seek the truth. A lot of the members that we have on our VIP channel, crypto newsletter are very awake, they don’t watch the mainstream media news. And you know, I think people need to start watching the White House webcam feed, because some of the bullshit that the mainstream media are progressing and pushing across is not actually what’s happening in the real White House in Washington, DC. So we have actually posted some things around social media and on Twitter. And we’re pushing out a lot of stuff, which I think is important if people wanting to know, what’s really happening out there. And I really don’t think, you know, at this point of time that you’re watching, you know, real, real things happen. I think there’s a lot of things that’s going on behind the scenes. And I think for me personally, it’s a matter of, you know, watching the actual White House webcam feed when the mainstream media at the same time are pushing absolute crap. So it’s kind of funny, I know a lot of people are awake to the fact. And we saw a lot of red sirens and lights with the White House in darkness at the same time there was going to be, you know, this so called Easter event with Biden and audiences and all that sort of stuff. So I know it doesn’t it probably makes you think a lot about what’s happening in the world. It’s a very, very interesting start to the decade. I know that with crypto and we’re going to probably see more things come in to do with like space exploration and AI and robots, robotics, huge technological advances. And for people out there you know, we will be pushing the limit notes and the idea or theme, that we’re on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And it’s going to just basically change humanity forever. So this is what we’re talking about. Myself, I am not a guru on the tech industry, we’re basically just fully involved with the blockchain stuff. And when you’re talking about what’s happening in the blockchain world, I know, we are very, we’re at the very start, I keep telling people that, you know, it’s basically almost like a baby in a womb ready to be born. And we’re very, very early days. And so a lot of my clients have done well in crypto. And a lot of my clients continue to do well in basically trying to find, you know, the, the hidden opportunities out there before anyone else, if you can get involved with this, I really don’t think that the COVID pandemic, or whatever you want to call it, I really don’t think in the future, that’s going to be any concern of yours, because you’ll probably be able to support yourself, and crypto and money. And you may in the future, not have one job, you may wake up in the morning, and you probably will have three, four or five or several jobs, earning you specific income or a nice little chunk of income, probably three or four times more than what you’re earning at your job right now. So there’s a lot of things right now, there’s a lot of opportunities. And I think there’s a lot of secrets, there’s a lot of government corruption, there’s a lot of political corruption. And I think that the scam of the US elections, I think all that’s going to come out in time when the time is right. And I know a lot of people are going to be shocked. And I think you’re probably going to see looking at our data and our Lin with the parents, I think you’re going to see a lot more bigger news and events circulating around Biden or his son or the Biden family, I think people are not going to be ready for that sort of news. And so I really think that this is more like a mission, or I think more like a martial or situation that people can get right now. But I know they don’t like to use that martial law. You know, the N word is people are a little bit skeptical. They’re a little bit afraid. They don’t want to make people panic. So they’re using the term lockdown or terminology to that effect. So I know that people are starting to notice that, you know, Biden is even really in the White House. And I know people might be listening to this thinking, oh, you know, this guy’s a nut. But, you know, this is really, really interesting to see what’s happening because even the blue checkmarks and the very, very big cancel on Facebook and Twitter. I mean, if you think I’m kidding, the even these people are starting to question and like, be skeptical, and about the things and everything they’re seeing in the news. And also, like I said, if you keep watching the White House feed the live feed, it basically is showing nothing that the mainstream media is showing. And so I think you’re going to be in a situation down the track where a lot of these mainstream media companies are going to collapse. And we are basically, let’s just say we know a lot of people on the inside that are sharing information with us that are confirming that in the future, it’s you know, I think the news and media are going to feel and see a lot of karma coming. As you see more and more of these big accounts on Facebook and Twitter, they’re starting to question everything. They’re studying to hear everything, even some of these people are getting into crypto because they know and they can see, maybe down the track. There’s inflation. And you know, the banks really don’t look after you. And even here in Australia, the banks and the banking industry, they’re constantly in the courts. They’re constantly in trouble. They’re being called out for the greed and corruption. And I really don’t trust them anymore. So it’s a matter for me like, where is your money going to work? Where is your money going to work harder for you? And who can you really trust? I think at the end of the day, I’m not asking you to trust me or trust what I’m saying. I know we have been very, very, very accurate over the years. But I’m just saying, at the end of the day, you really have to take action and you’re the one that has to trust yourself. I really think that is the matter of how the future will be going and not trusting idiots and not trusting scams and all sorts of things. And when you see some of these journalists out there being paid to just promote crap. I mean, I would not even trust the media with a 40 foot pole. I mean, they’re using green screens, they’re using different storylines. They’re constantly lying. And I think people who are brainwashing have been watching companies like CNN on NBC or Fox or some of these big news. Some services all their life, it’s hard for them to listen to this and say, oh, yeah, this guy has a point.

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So, as people continue to wake up, I think we’re going to see a lot of things around, you know, COVID. And what’s been happening, and I just, you know, I feel sorry for people that aren’t awake, I feel sorry for people that are listening to these major news announcements. And yes, people like the mainstream media, if we want to touch on that for just a moment, you know, see at places like CNN, and CNBC and all these financial, so called, you know, commerce, financial gurus, they come on there, and they were saying back in 2016, that Bitcoin was gonna go to zero. The reason they do this, and the reason they pumped that is because they’re in cahoots with the governments, and they’re in cahoots with the big banks, and they want you a prisoner in your own mind. And they also want you to, you know, listening to people like myself, or alternative media, and they’re basically telling you, you know, in your own mind, they want you a slave to the banks, they want you in a shitty nine to five job, they want you working, they want you angry, they want you stressed, and they want you at the end of the day to be paid, you know, siphoning money across from your account to their account and making them rich. So this is how the world works, it’s pretty sick. I know that a lot of people might be listening to this. And, you know, you might be listened to the podcast for the first time, I really do advise you to go back and listen to the rest of our, you know, updates. Because at the end of the day, there’s so much stuff that’s happening, that people aren’t aware of. And I think it’s gonna shock a lot of people I think people in in the coming years are going to start waking up to what’s been happening. And also, there’s people that you know, think, you know, Bitcoin is gonna go to zero. And, you know, I don’t, I don’t really know what’s going to happen there. But, I mean, I do believe that in the future, was we’re going to see, you know, Etherium and Bitcoin do their thing. But, you know, if you’re having a look at what’s happening right now, and the Bitcoin dominance, a lot of a lot of this mentality of you know, bitcoins going to be the next dollar, I really don’t see that as the point I really don’t see that as a as an event happening. But some of these smaller coins, they’re going to give Aetherium and Bitcoin a run for their money, I do believe in the not too distant future. And then I really feel that it can morph into something else. I know that in the future, we’re looking at, you know, things like quantum computing, quantum computing getting bigger. But how will that affect affect crypto, I mean, that’s anyone’s guess. And me personally, I would, I would be thinking that it could, you know, go either way, like, either really, really badly, or really, really good. And so I think, you know, when we’re looking at all this, and you’re seeing the change, and a shift in quantum dynamics to what’s happening in the financial systems, that’s, that’s really interesting for me, and we’re doing a lot of work or a lot of investigative work. And, you know, we’re going to see a lot more people who were once skeptical of crypto, I just jump in. So we’re very, very early days, I keep saying that. I know. But we are, it’s sort of like the dial up days of the internet. And if you can remember that I was just a youngster. And I remember being in school and people saying, Oh, you have the internet or Yeah, and sort of people, either on the side of like, you know, this is a fad. Or the other side was oh, wow, that’s really cool. You know, I think that’s gonna be big in the future. And so here we are, like, this is 2021. And things have rapidly progressed. And I’m obviously a lot older now. But there’s, there’s a lot of things that I I think there’s a lot of big, shocking events coming, I don’t think people are going to be ready for the big shocking events. But when they do happen, I think it’s going to be good for humanity. And I do, I really think it’s going to help others. Other people out there who were asleep at the wheel, really, really wake up to the importance of the internet, the importance of blockchain and the importance of you know, sorting out and being self sustained in a in an economy that, you know, might be in Rocky, Rocky or dire situations. I really think Europe is in a lot of trouble. And people aren’t talking enough about that. But for me personally, I don’t know when the shit will hit the fan with that. But I do think if you’re in Europe, it’s something to think about. Because there there is a lot of things happening inside the government. There’s a lot of things happening inside the banks, the stock markets in Germany and Europe and you know, especially in Western Europe that people aren’t looking at. And so we’re looking In a lot of data, we’re scraping from that area. And I think people, you know, it’s a situation where you have a choice, you can either sort of put your head in the sand, or like with people in crypto, they, you know, a lot of my members sort of saw the, the use of crypto or how it can be very, very, you know, big in the future or how it could be useful. And they just jumped on. And, you know, obviously, they have reaped huge rewards. Obviously, you can go back and look at our previous podcast yesterday, because one of our members has made, you know, half a million dollars just by reading our newsletter updates. So I mean, there’s no guarantees, I’m not here to tell you, you’re going to be an instant millionaire, I really don’t think that people are aware of the karma side, or the karmic side of the finances and the financial world. Because if you start getting greedy, and you start, you know, rubbing you $2 together, and oh, I’m gonna get rich, and I’m gonna be a millionaire. And I’m gonna take over the world, and this is my ticket to becoming a billionaire. Well, I mean, I’ve seen that happen time and time again. I think, for me, personally, I’m just very happy to be doing what I’m doing. I’m very blessed. You guys have been very nice to me. And, you know, in this world, I treat people the way they treat me and I go out of my way, if someone sort of, you know, wants some help, but I, while I can’t help everyone, all the time, I do try to go out of my way to help people that that are in need. And that sort of need questions answered. It’s been a very, very interesting week, I’ve had a very good relax and r&r because I felt that in this sort of semester, and the last couple of months, we’ve been working a little bit, you know, to the extreme. And I felt that, you know, some of myself and my staff, we probably, you know, we just needed to recharge your battery. And I think Easter gave us that opportunity. So it’s really good to be energized, it’s really good to come back and do some of these podcasts. You guys. I know, I can’t, I can’t do them all the time. But I mean, we’re trying our best. And that’s all we can do. We’re just messengers, I’m not, I’m not here to say I’m a guru, or I know the future or I’m from the future. We even had a really funny comment that, you know, one guy said, Oh, are you guys like robots from the future? Well, no, we, we are real people, we just, we work really hard at this. And we try to be the best in the world at what we’re doing. So I know, in the future, there’s probably a lot more other people that are going to come on board and do what we’re doing. But for me right now, it’s it’s a matter of just, you know, working hard trying to provide a service, I really don’t see how things will change for me in the next two years. But I’m hoping that with some of the developments we have, you know, it’s going to take our business to the next level, and we might sort of morph into something else. I’m not sure about that yet. But it’s been very rewarding for me. And I couldn’t do this without you guys. And I know some of my team members are listening to this. So from the bottom of my heart, and from all my gratitude that I have, I want to thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to either support us or read us or listen to us here on the podcast. Because I think, you know, we’re in a situation where I think many lives can be changed, I think many lives can be saved. I’m not here to tell you to join our VIP chatterbot newsletter, you don’t have to buy anything from me because I’m just you know, I mean, the reason is, if we do so much, there’s so many things, it’s probably just easier for people to go in, and you can get access to all their past newsletters, or their past content or their past podcasts. And it just, you know, while while it’s all a heck of a lot of stuff.

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I really think that’s just the easier way than, you know, go to each person individually and start coaching them, you know, we just sort of say, hey, look, you know, join up and read all the updates, get all the coaching, take some notes, and it seems to be working quite well. So that’s about it. Because yeah, we we try to keep things simple here. And I know that in the political world in the financial world, I think these I think there’s going to be a lot of events come in this this pandemic was just the start or the acceleration of that because people are talking you know, cough cough, you know, hand on germs, hand on fiat money, physical money, let’s move to the digital side. So we didn’t post a little random article this morning, which which wasn’t China wasn’t really meaning China is going into crypto but they are definitely going into digital currency meaning, you know, more like a government backed digital dollar and not really crypto but they use both. There’s a lot of people in China that they I know that they’re, you know, probably five years ahead of other countries, including America. And they all they know what’s coming, they know what’s coming. My friend who was in China said, you know, they were buying stuff with their phone, not fiat money, then I think that was an financial, they put money on their phone, they go in there, they buy things from the shop. So it’s already becoming very digital, a very digital economy. And they said, not many people were using cash to buy things. So I thought that was very interesting. And personally, I would like to go over there and see it. But for me at the moment, I think, you know, we’re just, we’re just here doing our thing plugging away. And that’s about it. Alright, guys, well, I had fun today, it’s been really interesting. And I think some of some of these newsletters and podcasts have been joining. But I’ve been sort of disappointed, because, you know, all these newsletters out there, sort of pinpoint and talk about things that have already happened. We’re trying to talk about things that haven’t yet happened that, you know, could spread opportunities, and that could give, you know, an advantage over other people and other investors out there. Right now, there’s huge amount of things happening. I do. I do also think that robotics is an area that I’ve been looking at, over the last couple of months to and the data with web scraping there looks really, really positive. And I think there is a YouTube as well called Boston Dynamics, which they sort of seem to be the forefront and the leaders in the robotics world. And I’ve been sort of watching them having a look at the comments in the in the, in the, in the in the comments section of those videos, which are quite amusing. And people saying, Oh, my God, we’re screwed. You know? I don’t know, I don’t know about the whole robots taking over the world and killing people. But I mean, you know, I will, I hope that doesn’t happen. But I just think there’s probably going to be some opportunities and some developments in the not too distant future where, you know, you could probably take opportunities up in that space. But we’re, as we said, it’s a little bit early. There’s not too much that we can say other than just keep your eye on it. And the these other things that we do, because I think some of the thematic thematics and the themes in that sort of area are worth watching as we go sort of into 2024 2025 and then into 2030. So, you know, I don’t think that the Jetsons and pumping out the Jetsons cartoon way back in the day when I was little. I don’t think that was an accident. And I think, you know, are we are we going to enter into a world where the Jetsons are more like real world reality? Well, I don’t know. But I can definitely see. See a situation where that could eventuate Yeah, sure. Maybe in 100 years, I don’t know. But these are just sort of birth pangs we’re experiencing right now. And, you know, it’s definitely a world of futuristic world, you know, space exploration, sat nav, staff, robotics, 5g, you know, all these areas are things that I think we have been talking about, but they’re things that you could, you could probably write down and just sort of keep your thumb on, as we go in the next, you know, I’d probably say the next decade, because there’s so many things and opportunities in that side of the world, that people just aren’t looking at, and aren’t observing in 2021. So that’s about it. For me today, guys. I know, I covered a lot of stuff. And you know, the future is what you make it and I know that people are going through a bit of a hard time now they’ve probably maybe suffered like a loss, even though you might not have suffered a death or loss in your family. It’s sort of like, oh, you know, all this big, I’ve lost my job or have lost my income, or have lost money or that sort of thing. So I wouldn’t be sort of telling those people or if you’re in that situation, just sort of keep positive. And, you know, hang around people that are positive and who are trying to do better in life and who are trying to make lemonade out of lemons. That’s all we’ve done. It’s been working for us. I’m not sure if it works for you, but we’ve been just sort of trying to keep fairly positive and keep on track and just plan plan ahead. So that’s been really good for us. Alright, guys, that’s about it for me. I’m going to stop rambling here 25 minutes now and I’m going to let you back to your day. If you feel free, please remember to like, share and subscribe to this podcast. And also if you are not a member of our daily VIP chatter bot newsletter, please feel free to click that link and join it the meantime have a great day thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you all very soon Peace

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