Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From January 17, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From January 17, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: January 17, 2021 – “Crypto psychic – we went viral”

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the chatter bot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith from Australia. We are blockchain linguistic data experts, we do what’s called linguistic analysis, we put apps and daps, we set them in the blockchain. And we spread that across the Internet to try and work out and find out and try to predict future events that may occur. So we’ve had a lot of very interesting feedback. And there’s been a lot of talk on Twitter, I’ve had a lot of people I know there’s a lot of people getting banned on Twitter, I’m just grateful, grateful to God that haven’t been knocked off there. I don’t understand why we haven’t been knocked off there. But I’m very grateful that we haven’t there’s been a lot of, I mean, we lost about 8000 Twitter followers. And this just go as big tech is just out of control. These guys want, you know, crypto to fail, they want, you know, Bitcoin to fail, they want Trump to fail. And it’s just crazy to see. So it’s no wonder that what’s happening in, in and around the world right now, that more people are trusting businesses like myself, rather than big tech, or these big companies, these big conglomerates or fake news media. And so I think that’s going to be a trend going into the future that a lot of people are just going to trust businesses to help them make money to help them succeed, to help them while they’re at home to study and to investigate and research different things. And to help them get out of the situation that they’re in. And so if you’re listening to this today, there has been a lot of new members come on board. There has been many, many of our members become various, highly successful. And the reason is, because I really feel that we’re sort of like 10 steps ahead of other people. And steps I’ve heard I’ve heard of other investors. And myself personally, you know, I’m not really a guru, I just sort of, I just sort of, you know, I’m a messenger, and we have a lot of different things we’re doing. I didn’t actually post an update today, because I just thought there’s a lot of stuff going on. And I just want to put credence to, like, you know, these bad events, and what’s happening out there in the world right now. And sort of as a linguistics data analysis person, I really think that it’s going to be interesting to see what happens, like going into the 20th of January, but I don’t like to give dates I really do think, you know, with what’s happening, I wouldn’t believe anything that media is putting out right now. Especially with crypto because I think, you know, going back to 2012, CNN and ABC were constantly saying how Bitcoin is a scam and Bitcoin is a Ponzi scam. You know, I can see that point. Right now you have Bitcoin up at $50,000 a coin. You know, they didn’t want you to know that. And a lot of people have missed out. So I’m not here to say, you know, Bitcoin bitcoin is the be all and end all I’m just here to say, you have to be careful with who you’re listening to use discernment. There’s a lot of stuff happening. A lot of the big media networks went down today. And I would expect that to continue in the future. It’s probably just not a one off event. And you know, like I said, there’s a lot of people coming to me, I’m hearing a lot of different stories. People say I trust you more than the media. And basically, people that are starting to post the truth are becoming like magnets, right? Because there’s people that don’t really know about COVID They don’t really know about that don’t really know what’s happening out there in the world. And I’ll let me just check here. I’ll just I’m gonna jump on Twitter right now if you bear with me, because we actually clear I can’t remember who the actual person was, but I I have a feeling that Trump is really good friends with a guy friend my pillow which he’s a multimillionaire, but he sells pillows and stuff like that. So correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not really sure if that’s, that’s the right way to say it. But as you know, I’m from Australia. I’m probably more in tune with what’s happening here in Australia. But the guy is Mike, his name is Mike Lindell. And he said, I’ve delivered evidence to President Trump today that he won 79 million votes. And I do believe because Michael Sandel is one of those guys that you know, while he sort of comes across is a bit rougher than some of the out there and bizarre, you know what he does say normally kind of true and what he’s what is what he was telling people is, you know, Biden is not to become the next president of the United States and the mainstream media keep using, you know, President Elect. And normally, that’s not the right word to be using for someone, you know, for so long when they’re about to become president. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens here. And when you when you have a look at what what I’ve come across, it is quite amazing lives. And, and, you know, the treasonous acts and what’s happening, and a lot of the National Guard is in Washington DC right now. You know, it’s very interesting. So I guess you’re probably listening to this and probably thinking, Well, you know, shit, you know, how, how’s this going to affect crypto? Well, it does play a lot of the politics and a lot of uncertainty plays out in crypto all the time. And crypto hates uncertainty. And so I really think what’s happening, you know, you have these people on the left saying, you know, Joe Biden has won. But you know, I’m probably more on the right side of that. And I’m sort of saying, Well, you know, the data and the bots are hinting that President Trump actually won, then you have Michael Dell, who came out actually just 24 hours a day, 24 hours ago and said that he’s delivered evidence of that, which I think Trump already knows. And so, you know, there’s these both sides of the argument defending themselves, but I really think that only one side in the end is going to win, that’s going to be Trump. And so what our team has been concentrating on today, because we have not been too active on our private newsletter, that I really think it’s going to affect crypto somehow. Will it be positive or negative? I’m, I’m not 100% sure on that we will see. Right now crypto is holding Well, it’s done well, the last couple of weeks, as we got in, through the New Year. And it’s, it’s sort of going to be interesting to see how we, you know, the next couple of months, because I do believe and I have been putting out on this podcast, you know, many accurate things and predictions. However, I have to be just a bit wary. Because there’s a lot of people who are now saying, you know, you need to be quiet, you know, Joe Biden’s in stop saying Trump’s one, you know, and all this stuff? Well, you know, there’s both arguments there for and against, but I’m, you know, with our with our newsletter, it’s mostly basically investing and crypto newsletter, so you know, this is gonna affect what we’re doing. So it’s very tied in very synced in with what we’re doing right now. And for me, personally, I find it very interesting, because, you know, we have an opportunity here to create, or we have an opportunity here to make some money. So that’s my personal opinion, I can be wrong. But in in the process of what has been happening the whole time, I’ve always been of the of the effect, too, you know, I think that’s the smart way to do it is to, you know, find something out there in the real world. If you can create an opportunity out of it or make some money from it, I’m not talking about being greedy. I’m just saying, you know, everyone has the right to create an opportunity for themselves. And I really think that this political event is going to create just that. We’re going to see a lot of big events come through the line, and through the next couple of months. I really don’t think anyone is going to be probably inaugurated many officially by the government for a little while now. And I really do think, gonna stick to the story, guys, I could be wrong. But you know, what we’re looking at is is a win from Trump, another four years of Trump bots, he has to be careful, because you know, there’s a lot of very evil people right now. And I do think that the protesting and the riots and the, you know, the drama, and the killings, and all that stuff is very, very, is not very over. It’s not over yet. No, not in a long shot. So if you listen to the audio today, just just be careful. If you live in around the Washington, DC area, I really think it’s safer for you guys to stay at home. If you can say have you locked in your drawer and your bedroom the whole day. I just mean, you know, use the sermon, and go out if you have to, and just just stay stay safe because I think a lot of big events are coming. I have I think, and I have a little bit of concerns about what we will see. Because

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there’s a lot of data and linguistic analysis that we have saying that, you know, the these protests could actually intensify again, and I hope I’m wrong on that. I hope I hope to go Either I’m just, I’m way off on that. But I’m just sort of telling you guys that you need to use a little bit of discernment. There’s a lot of crap out there. There’s a lot of fake news at the moment, about you know, Biden’s inauguration and Trump loss and Trump’s moving out of his house, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So that I get I don’t want to get too political because I want to be positive. And I do think that, you know, it’s amazing to see the run on Bitcoin. It’s amazing to see people waking up to the whole crypto thing. It’s amazing to see that a lot of my clients are, you know, finding out that there are other ways to create opportunities and to create money for them. So even though you know, we’ve been in a lockdown one of my clients, I can’t remember who it was. There was a let me, let me pull that up for you. Because I think I posted that on YouTube. And it was quite amazing, because, as you know, there’s a lot of people that have been affected really negatively from the Coronavirus. And what I was going to do for you guys is just try and read out, you know, the I can’t really find it here. Maybe I can, sorry. Yeah, here we go. So, um, this is from June See, so she, she’s been a client of mine for a long time. And she was just patient, I know that I can read the just saying, oh, incredible. Hello, Chip, I want to say you guys are simply magical, addictive and amazing. At the start of the year, meaning 2020 She said I was I had a little money to invest. I know I was nervous and join other crypto newsletters and kept getting coins that were dying in the article, the listing. And the coin list you guys shared not only were they good coins, they’re surviving, then not only that they are thriving, and my husband is over the moon. We are up over $112,000 us since starting the journey with you well goes on to say I need to tell everyone, your help is awesome. And you guys never sleep. Thanks so much. And I am never going to forget this and how blockchain has changed many, many people’s eyes, you will also and I think whatever day we met by chance, this is very addictive. I’m very happy I recommend everyone check on your offer before it goes away. It’s dirt cheap and worth every penny. If you’ve asked me many blessings, enjoy your day chip on the chatterbot fan for life. Well, so that’s June, she was was very adamant that she needed to change things. Look, you know, past performance is not indicative of future results, I can’t tell you that if you join our, you know, our membership, you’re gonna make $112,000 Because generally worked hard for this. And I know that a lot of people work really hard. And we are just trying to put messages out there and make people realize that, you know, 90 96% of these coins, I would say are just total crap and garbage and ready for the scrap heap. And we’re just sort of trying to, you know, work out what’s happening in the real world, tie that in with the crypto, see where things are gonna explode. Because I believe that with crypto, I think a lot of these coins are going to melt into other niches meaning, you know, we’re in we have the crypto coins, which is number one, we have the first niche coins which defy the decentralized finance world, when things go from proof of proof of work and proof of steak, which you know, there’s both, but proof of steak you have now have these rewards for people that just for holding coins. And then I really think that that’s because of that I think that’s going to melt in and it’s going to you’re going to see the crypto niches coming in more and more. So we’re probably talking about health, about wealth. Even dating, there’ll be all sorts of different, you know, clean energy, you know, green energy, robots, robotics, I don’t know, this is just the data that I’m getting told or you know, this is the basically the data that was coming across my desk. And now no one else in the world has told you this, right? It’s not available anywhere else in the world. But just imagine if you had that sort of you know that information before anyone else. So this is what I’m talking about here. We I believe that my team are the best in the world. And you know if you’re getting forehand is forewarned is forearmed. And I do believe and I keep saying I know over and over like a broken record that information is the best commodity in the world, not gold overall, you know, all these other ones or some special Tesla’s? I think it really depends on you know, what sort of information you’re getting the 20 Only advice you’re getting? And and, you know, are you getting that before everyone else. So I’m not here to tell you that we’re giving it, you know, giving it to you, you know, 80 years before it happens. But I am, you know, people understand that with our data, we are giving it to a lot of people way, way ahead of time, sometimes too far ahead of time and people just can’t understand it. I don’t, I’m not here to blow your mind. I’m basically here just just to say, you know, keep an open mind because blockchain really is the future. Blockchain really is the next internet blockchain is going to blow people’s mind. Because in the future, we’re sort of moving from the last industrial revolution to in the next space of 10 years, what the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And blockchain is all part of that. Robotics is all part of that. I don’t need to bore you. Because, you know, there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve put out there. But I just think it’s a very special magical time in history, you were chosen to view it, including all the Trump stuff, because I think that’s part of it as well, the political side, the Great Awakening, where people are waking up to what’s been happening out there in the real world. As you know, there’s a lot of Mafia going to Big Tent trials, hundreds of them, 1000s of them. And we’re going to start to see how the truth rings out. And the truth is going to help people create a whole different life. So that’s about it. For me today, I want to thank you for joining with me, there’s so much coming on, it’s, it’s hard for me to keep up, I will try to keep doing the podcast. Because I know people have given me a lot of great feedback. And I’m, I’m just blessed to be doing what I’m doing. If you feel like you, you know, you’re after a different way to create money or make money, I can’t make any guarantees. But we’re having a lot of fun. I’ve created huge success myself, my team, I think is probably the best team I’ve had worked with any part of my life in any part of the world. And so I have to tell you that and it’s exciting to see some of the things that we even talked about two years starting to happen. So it’s very interesting, a lot of the tweets we’ve been putting out have been retweeted from a year ago. One of those things are coming true. I’m very blessed. I thank God every day that I’m in the position that I am. And I’m you know, I’m basically just for open ears, I’m a messenger, and I’m not anything special. You don’t claim to be any gurus or you claim to make you a millionaire. We just sort of doing it for the greater good. And you know, I do, I do believe I need to be compensated for the stuff we’re putting out nowhere else you can get access to that in the world. So a lot of investment tips as well, we’re going to have that coming out a lot of free stuff. So even if you don’t even want to join the VIP membership. Now just join on the free list, have a look. There’s lots of stuff, there’s lots of excellent advice and tips and tricks you to chew on in the meantime, um, I’m always doing content I’m always trying to create, I’m always a creator, I’m always trying to help out where I can. And, you know, basically, I do believe if you you know, if you’re positive and you pop out good stuff, then you will be rewarded. So that’s just what I’m here for. That’s just my mission, I feel. And it’s been a fantastic journey. And I’m looking forward even though we’re in the start of, you know, January 2021. We’re the very start of the year. So we’re going to see what happens as we go into February, March, April and the rest of the year. That’s about it for me today. Guys. I want to thank you again for listening to me. I’m out of here. So if you feel free to like share and subscribe to this podcast, share it with your friends or family and also please remember to check out at VIP crypto newsletter The link for that is below. In the meantime, have a fantastic week and people very soon. Bye, bye.

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