Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From January 27, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From January 27, 2021

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DATE: January 27, 2021 – “Crypto psychic – All about XRP RIPPLE”

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the Chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith from Australia. And I want to welcome you into the show today. And we’ve been doing a lot more podcasting. And we’ve been doing a lot of data and analytics. And it’s just been really, really fun to see what’s happening in all things to do with Bitcoin on blockchain, the rapid growth of Aetherium is, is quite interesting to me. And I know a lot of people don’t really want to talk about it. Because you know, a lot of people don’t understand what’s happening. You listen to my voice right now, and a lot of people don’t really understand that crypto is very big. A lot of people just, you know, they listen to the mainstream media, they listen to their friends and family, they listen to the skeptics, they say, you know, our crypto is a scam. And on and on and on it goes. And I know that there’s, of course, there’s going to be many negative things said out there, but you guys have to realize and understand that this is the future, this is where we’re going as you are listening to my voice, China, in the plans in the works of handing out lotteries to some of the people in the in the general public. And they are testing like things, you know, in the in the, in the mainstream the economy of how they can make things go more cashless, that is the word that is the key word that is the analytic data that we’ve been picking up for a long time. And I do believe deep within my heart, that you know, these, these are the things that we have to be wary of. But also, it is it can be very lucrative, if you know what’s coming before it comes. Now I’ve had a conversation with one of my clients who he made about five and a half $1,000 in profit in a coin. And he really just said, you know, it’s not really about the coins. And it’s not really about, you know, reading the stuff that we put out constantly, every day, it really is about, you know, knowing the future ahead of time, knowing what things can be being done that down the track. Like I said, I do have plans, when down the track to start a website, you know, like the next big thing, sort of a website where people can come in. And remember, you have people from all over the world that have different representations of what they think you have representations of people that have a lot of experience in the investment world, you have a lot of experience, people that, you know, they know a lot of things and they and they love to share it, you have retired people that have nothing better to do with their day than to sort of help out. And these are the sorts of people that I love to hang around with. You know, I’m not a I’m not a guru, I’m not a genius, I really just am lucky to be, I have very, very good ethics, I like to work hard. I like to put out lots of good content. And I’m lucky enough to hang around with some of the smartest people in the southern hemisphere. I have a group around me and my team, as you know, they are just, you know, these guys would climb over arrays of barbed wire with glass on it. And so I’m very lucky to be doing what I’m doing. And as they say, you know, if you put yourself around smart people, you become smarter, sort of like a tennis player, right? You know, if you’re practicing tennis and you want to get better in the tennis game, you don’t sort of hang around with people that are beginners or a novice in tennis, you want to hang around with professionals if they give me the time or people that are in the amateur tour. And you know, if you’re playing with people that are much better than you it’s sort of lift your game. So that is my mantra, and it’s been working for many, many years. The business that I have the chatterbot newsletter, the crypto daily newsletter, we’re doing huge things guys are told and I want people that this year is going to be huge for what we’re doing what we bring out yesterday and literally last night, we have been basically up most of the night that we released our $499 product, you know if you want that I will sell that to use for for a price. However, we gave that to our members for free and it’s already getting results. And it’s just been huge. It’s been crazy guys. Newsletters gone viral. We’ve been doing a lot of things. There’s been people ringing us emailing us. And so I know we’ve been inundated so if you messaging us we will get to your message eventually we just been sort of swamped. But you know, things are good. I’m having a look here right now at the MA Okay, we’ve got Bitcoin as come down, and we’re sitting at about $30,000 per coin Aetherium, zero to 100. Interesting to see polka dot has come up the tables then sitting on number four now. And I mean, I didn’t want to didn’t talk about this a while ago, where we will see the rapid progression of crypto. As you know, we have cryptocurrency. And then we also have the other niche, which is default, which is also decentralized finance, which crypto has built it across there we have, you’ll farming and you know, proof of stake now where you can hold coins and just make money for holding those points. I think blocboy is another big, I think they’re even tied in with the banks. But you can sort of, you know, if you have over $10,000 in Bitcoin, you can leave it there, you make sort of, you know, I don’t know, half a percent every day or whatever it is, and 3% a year or something, something like that, I don’t really get involved with that, because we’re doing the other the other BB L, or sorry, the barbell end of crypto. And we’re sort of more just investigating prices and coins, that sort of thing, if you really want to know, on 90% of the crypto market is a scam. Pretty big statement there, I know. But it for me personally, you just have to be careful, there’s going to be a lot of people lose money, there’s going to be a lot of people lose marriages, houses, cars, kids everything. So you just have to be a little bit wary. And you know, people are putting in their grocery money, their rent money. I mean, it’s stupid. Any money that I’ve invested in this niche, I realize it’s high risk. And you know, it’s funny that I can afford to lose. So let’s just say crypto dies and crashes. As you remember the very horrific event in 2007. In 2018, you have to remember that if this happens, you have to be well equipped, and you have to be ready. It can happen at any time. It’s a high risk world. High risk, high reward, yes, I agree with that. But you have to be ready just in case something like that happens. Do not put in your money, just all your money you have in your bank, use discernment and you know, basically disposable money. So if you have, you know, an extra 300 430,000, I don’t know how much money you have. If you have that sort of, you know, cash laying around doing nothing. That’s the sort of money you should be putting into this. But please, this is not investment advice. You need to seek financial planning or financial financial planning before doing anything. Realistically goes, we just thought our experts and what we’re doing, we’re doing apps and apps, we set them in a blockchain, we go out we’ve been very successful in creating, you know, data and analytics, the government have already come to me, and I’ve already promised the boys that we won’t be using this for the government. Because we’ll be using this for good. I don’t know if you put this sort of technology in the government and what the fuck would they do with it? I mean, I don’t really know. And that’s, that’s a bit scary to me. And I’m just doing my own thing. And I’m here to help you guys, because that’s really what it is about. And it’s gonna be interesting to see the big events come into 2022. And I do believe that while Joe Biden is the inverted, comma, President, there’s a lot of things happening, like he was signing executive orders, you know, on blank pieces of paper, Kamala Harris was sitting there just saying, you know, just sign up, Joe. Very interesting, guys. It’s all optics, not a conspiracy. I know, we’re going to be correct on this. And Trump is still at the wheel, even though it doesn’t feel like that. It’s just an event that’s going to shock many people wake up many people and I think this is going to affect the crypto market. And for me, personally, I don’t see that negative events around crypto being you know, our panic panic, I’m going to panic because remember one of our first one of our first podcast, we actually I think we actually released that when the market was dumping. A lot of people said, you know, you’re wrong. That’s this is the end of crypto, we’re going to it’s going to die. It’s not going to be around in a year. Here we are. And Bitcoin has skyrocketed, you know, over 40,000 per coin. And a lot of these altcoins have performed quite well. I know it’s a very volatile world, but the people and the haters and everyone, we haven’t had some guy that was trolling me for about a year. And I said, man, what are you doing? And I didn’t even block it because I knew he was such an idiot. That eventually, you know, these people wake up eventually. And you need to give them the chance to wake up even when you know the chips are down and things are there’s been modern shit thrown on your face. I didn’t block him on to do. But I just felt this guy was going to wake up and he actually joined with us about two weeks ago. Three weeks ago

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and is waking up. People are waking up. It’s funny that a lot of Michael 90% of my clients are very awake. They know what’s happening in the real world and what’s happening in the political world. They know what’s really happening and why these like CNN, ABC, CNBC, CNBC, CNN, every letter right? They’ve been they’ve been saying that Bitcoin and crypto has been a scam for years because they don’t want guys. They don’t want you to get rich or enrich your life by crypto, they want you to have a loan. They want you to be slaved for the bank, they want you to be on the computer all day. They don’t want you to live a happy life. They want you indoors, they want you out of the sun. It goes on us to camp draconian measures people they want you to wear masks. Now if I can saying that you should be wearing a double mask they don’t want you to be wearing just one mask. It’s to mask and what’s the next it’s going to be Oh, we want you to wear bloody three months or four months. Like it never ends even angels are doing now they’re doing anal swabs to to try and predict that if you’re going to have Coronavirus I mean, guys, guys, you need to really wake up putting putting something up your rectum kebony to somehow predict that you’ve got Coronavirus. I mean this is just goes on and on it goes I’ve been telling you this shit for years, people have not been within people have been some people have been listening. I feel sorry for the people right now. And the normies out there that just really don’t know what happened, what’s happening. We’ve got a boom in electric vehicles, we’ve got a boom in alternative energy. There’s so much stuff happening. And you know, even if something happens with, you know, a negative event with blockchain and crypto, it’s even better because when they when things die back down and brought back down to ground level, it seems to rebuild itself even faster and quicker. So bring it on, I don’t care what they plan, guys, because we already have the secrets, we already have the events we already have. What I feel is the key to the lock. And when you have the key to the secrets. It really is game over time. And you know, we’ve been doing this for a long time, guys, we haven’t been doing this for for four or five weeks. I’ve been in this game as a 21 year old locked in my room. And while people were saying, you know, what’s this idiot doing? Like, this is what we were doing. I was putting people around me I was doing a lot of designing, I was doing a lot of planning. And you have seen the combination of 15 years planning work, guys. Okay, so please be wary of that, that we are not just a fly by night company, we have had, you can go back even if you don’t believe me, it’s all timestamp, we can’t change it, you can go back and we’ve dealt with basically had 100 predictions come true out of about 120. Probably more than that. And these are just the main ones, we have a really big prediction that I think is going to play out maybe towards the end of 2021. So there will be some waiting time when that if that happens, and if it even if it slips over into 2022 Oh, my god like this is going to be very, very lucrative for my friends. And are you I am not really one to get excited. But I am addicted to what our chatbots and our predictable. And mystics has been saying for a long time. And as you know, like, every time I don’t listen to the bots and I just think I’ve become skeptical. I’ve learned time and time again you get bitch slapped and they just think it’s almost like someone out there is laughing at me. Even though that’s a metaphor, but I just think oh what an idiot I was I didn’t listen to that it just sounded so crazy. But normally the crazier the predictions, the actual in real life, the crazy they are the more chance to have a playing out and I’ve found that I’ve learned that the hard way. I’ve probably missed out on hundreds of 1000s of dollars just not listening to my own thoughts and my own thoughts. And you know, who’s got who’s pays for that it’s me and myself. I take full responsibility. And even when Bitcoin was about $150 A coin, we put it out that it’s going to 400 some people thought I was fucking nuts. Some people felt crazy. You know, matter of months later it happened and look where we are now. We’re still at $30,000 a coin, a Bitcoin and things just keep going, you know, on the up and up. I love the news with ripple guys, and I’m just going to touch on this before I go. A lot of our clients have been asking about ripple but I want us to tell you, this is a very, very delicate subject. The SEC have come in the fine ripple. I really think that when we’re talking about what’s happening in the in the world of you know, sending and receiving mean money ripples gonna play a big part. But what I wanted to tell you is I really think that this whole charade of saying, you know, XRP is a currency or is it a? or is it a security? Well, my own personal opinion is, you know, it’s a currency, it should be treated as a currency. And no one should come in and should stick around with, with that piece of evidence. We all know that it trades like a currency, it acts like a currency, I think it’s going to be interesting that in the future, if ripple becomes really important, like, I’m just saying, if they, you know, if they sought out their legal cases, and they’d become very important in the future, I mean, it’s probably going to, it could even become more like a stable coin, if it’s deemed a currency. And I’m not really sure about what’s happening right now. But I look, I’m very skeptical, I’m really wary to listen to anyone. I have real two really smart friends in the banking world, they’re both saying different things. And so I don’t want to get confused with this fact. And I’m just, I’m just going to put it out there that I really think XRP is a currency, it shouldn’t be treated as a currency, it shouldn’t be traded as a currency, it probably shouldn’t be categorized and more as a cryptocurrency than, you know, anything else. Because that’s what it is. And I do believe that all these people saying it’s a banker’s coin, well, yeah, I do agree with that. However, if you always have, if you can get your hands on information, and and you can make money from that information, I do believe that, you know, it’s taken me a while to learn this, but you but you need to sort of set aside politics, you need to set aside some of these other, you know, it’s not really a question of ethics, because I feel that, you know, in this world, you have a right to be, you know, wealthy or live a happy life, be financially free. And I believe if you come into any information that is going to help you get there and get you there the quickest way, I do believe that you need to, you know, snap things up, or just basically, you know, take up opportunities when they arise. So, is XRP going to be an opportunity? Well, I’m sort of mixed on the situation. But you know, you know, one is, you know, the linguistics and the patterns that we see, um, it’s, I just really feel that this XRP stuff, it could go two ways it could go towards Okay, XRP is a security needs to be listed. We need to put on the stock market, as you know, a ripple company or x ripple or something like that. Or it’ll go the other way, where they’ll just, it’s basically have been all theater, and they’ll say, look, XRP definitely, it’s nothing to do with security. It’s not sold like that. It’s a cryptocurrency let’s keep it on the cryptocurrency market on a blockchain on the blockchain infrastructure. And just let it do let it let it do let us do with things. It’s thing, because I think, you know, when too many people get involved, and the downside of it is when regulation comes in, I think this, this whole FP thing is going to set off some sort of regulation in the crypto markets, I can see it coming. It’s in our data and our prediction patterns, linguistics that, you know, eventually down the line, they’re gonna have to regulate crypto now, is that going to be a good thing or a bad thing? Well, pros and cons, but I mean, it’s probably good to have a bit of regulation, I think initially, it’s going to be seen as a very negative thing and affect the market in a negative way. But then people will sort of wake up and go, Oh, shit, you know, will this sort of stuff doesn’t need regulation, because there’s so many scammers and scams in the crypto world right now. And it’s going to weed out, you know, it’s going to force the bad people out and the good people back in. And I believe that, you know, if we’re going to go into a more crypto baseball, than that is what really what’s really needed to happen. I know a lot of people won’t agree with me, you’re entitled to your opinion. That’s just what I think. Do I see it as an opportunity? Hell, yes, I do see it as an opportunity for someone who maybe comes into the crypto market a bit later. So we’re talking like 2023 2024, I think that’s regulation might come in, and we’ll see some, you know, big events around that, including price fluctuations, and everything like that. So that’s pretty interesting. My My people,

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and I just wanted to cover those sorts of things today. I know you’re going to hear a lot about XRP. And the court case and the SEC and what’s going on, probably more in February, but in January, I know a lot of people are definitely just sort of, you know, they’re watching it. They’re seeing what’s happening. I think to me, it’s more about just, you know, watching a theater and And we have to be weary of that. And you know this, there’s some really shady things going on. I know that a lot of people already see that. But you know, it’s funny because every time the crypto market goes up, you know, you normally see the scammers and the and the dummies and you know, the our souls come out they spam and scam people and, you know, happens time and time again, we’re going to see it in 2021. We’re going to see it in 2022. If you remember the big Kinect stuff, will, you know that you were going to see more of those programs coming out? They’re going to huge, huge, huge trouble. And I just think, you know, as we sort of go into the rest of the year, it’s going to be rife. So you have to be careful, you have to use discernment. And that’s just my analogy with everything happening, especially with XRP as well. Alright guys, that’s about it for me today. I love doing this podcast, please remember to like, share, and subscribe to these podcasts. We have actually released a $499 product today on our membership page on our VIP gold membership page. There is a fee for that. But you know, you get that in for free. So what we’re saying is if you join up, you sign up, you get that product for free. And then you know we’ll even throw in an extra month so you’ll get an extra membership for our newsletter. And you know, I didn’t want you guys the prices are going up. And I just do that because I want to weed out all the all the nitpickers and I want to weed out all the time wasters. I’m really off to serious people that really want to do good in this world for them, their family, and everyone else. So that’s about it for me today guys. Please remember to share this podcast and join our newsletter. The link for that will be below what’s coming in 2021 We have a very, very brand new in the it’s been a very, very great start to the we will see what the rest of that brings. That’s about it for me today. Have a great week and I’ll talk to you all very soon. Peace

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