Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From June 12, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From June 12, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

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DATE: June 12, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – Around The Traps Sunday”

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the channel boy newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host chip Smith from Australia. I want to welcome you to today’s show. And basically, I we do apps and apps, we set them in the blockchain. And we spread it across the Internet to try and predict or hint at certain events coming in the future with also to do with Blockchain events and also compare prices. Today, it’s Sunday, it’s very cold, very misty morning here in Australia in the land of Down Under, I want to thank you guys, we had a little bit of a Bitcoin competition. And Danica won the $100 Bitcoin, I’m sure she’s going to put that to good use might be a good time as crypto market is down or cheap prices. And, you know, basically were loving and living and sharing. And that’s all I wanted to do basically a messenger of what’s happening. And I know there’s a lot of people asking me about, oh, you know, Elon Musk is he’s circumnavigating trying to you know, he’s trying to wreck the crypto market he’s manipulating? Well, you know, I’ve been talking about this for a long time now, guys, and you’re playing the Jesuits game, the elites game. For them, not for you. I read a an article this morning, that was saying that over half of the millennials out there have many of much of their life savings in crypto, they just fall into the game. And you guys just be a little bit careful. This is not something to be played around with, you know, don’t gamble, because you know, this can fall to zero anytime you’ve been being set up here. And I think, you know, with all this Elon Musk’s stuff coming around, it’s just setting up the financial watchdogs to bring in, you know, the exchanges into regulatory oversight. So regulation is coming. It’s not a matter of if but when buyers. And so you just have to be very careful. I think eventually, if we’re talking about the crypto space, regulation is going to be a good thing longer down the track. But short term, I think prices are really, really going to be manipulated. And I think you know, when you’re talking about the manipulation of crypto, you know, you need to be very, very careful, don’t put in all your money. This is not a, this is not a casino. And this is not going to make you rich overnight. Trust me on that I’ve seen a lot of people go in there and try to day trade and make their money make their fortune, only to lose 20 $30,000 and go home crying to mama. So I just want to put that alert out there because I feel I’m a messenger I have value. I never really started this whole thing unless I felt that I had the number one I had the education. And number two, I had the high values. And number three had the accuracy. And I wouldn’t really start this newsletter if I had all those three was not part of the makeup of what we have here. I have a lot of very good team members here. And it’s sad to see a lot of these people you know on Twitter or Facebook, Instagram just pumping the shit coins. Because you know, right now there’s what is it eight, over 8000 coins. A lot of these coins are starting to D list. In the future you’re gonna see many of these coins just explode and go to the shit shit the bedpan and go to zero. And a lot of these people are going to be crying and they’re going to be losing marriages, cars, houses, everything. So like I said, this is not to be messed around with put in your grocery money, don’t put in your rent money. Put in all your life savings. 97% of these coins that you’re seeing on your screen today will not be around in the future. And so you need to actually sit down, work out a plan, work out your stall a plan and work out what you’re going to be doing. If you don’t do this, you’re going to get ruined as they say rect R e k t rect. And basically, it’s going to be very sad, I know it’s going to happen. A lot of people are going to lose everything. And this is why myself, I don’t put in all my money. I’ve just put in the money that I can afford to lose. So that is my little warning for you today. I think with the regulations coming I know probably won’t be 2021 Because there has to be many, many legal things put in place. Many people come in many over, you know, regulatory oversight companies will have to come and all that and people you know, might not like the fact that that’s happening. But I think you know, with all the sharks out there with all the scams, with all the people like Elon Musk tweeting with all the idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about with all these influences. I think it really is a good part of what’s coming in the future. Otherwise, a lot more people are gonna Just you know, just get hammered. So we are in a very interesting time for crypto, it is a little bit, you know, it’s a little bit timid right now, because the prices are right down. And I understand that people are now getting on Facebook and saying, you know, crypto is a scam. This is crap, this is all going to zero. Okay, so it’s all just a cycle. And excuse me. I think when we’re talking about the psychology of crypto, it’s the same as any other asset class, people always tend to think, you know, it’s gonna go to zero soon as the prices dropped 10%. But what I’m here to tell you is we’re just going through the normal, you know, different things with crypto, we have, you know, seasons change seasons come and go. And I think the crypto market is slowly just growing and expanding. I can also confirm this myself, because as a business owner in the crypto world, a lot of the institute’s are coming to me. And they’re now starting to actually number one getting involved and join our newsletter. And number two, they’re asking me a lot more about the crypto Bitcoin and some of these other blockchain like NFT‘s, and all that sort of stuff. For me, personally, this is a positive sign, not a negative sign. A lot of people, you know, bad mouthing crypto, places like CNN have always been very negative on crypto. But what you have to realize is you’re playing the elites game here. I’ve always known that I’ve always played it smart. And, you know, basically, this was a manipulated effort by some of these big bankers and Institute’s, because I already know this, and I’m already being told this guy’s so this is what has happened. Some of these companies are now realizing that Bitcoin is or, you know, crypto is a is a fairly good opportunity for them to make money. We’re very early in the days of crypto because I do believe crypto is the future. But in terms of the prices, you know, we’re gonna see a lot more bigger swings. But just so you know, and you need to understand that some of these big banks that saw Bitcoin too high, they now pay, and I’m talking a lot of money, they pay some of these media to put out project negative stories. And that out to many areas of the crypto markets, the price of the crypto has gone down. And so I feel that it’s a manipulator effort. It’s all done behind the scenes, and it’s not a consumption conspiracy. And this is what is really happening to help some of these larger Institute’s and banks get in to crypto or namely, Bitcoin at a lower price. Now, this is not really a good part of crypto, okay. But when you circumnavigate what’s happening around the crypto space, it’s really happening outside of the pond of crypto in these Banking and Investment worlds, the banks know that they are slowly coming to an end, the future of banking will be mobile, the future of banking will be to do with, you know, digital wallets and being your own bank. I’ve been doing this for years, and also accept payments in crypto for years. Because I always felt that, you know, this could be the future, it probably will be the future. It was very hard for me to do that. But right now, in 2021, it’s quite easy to set up a business and accept your payments or your profits, or you know, your daily daily transactions to be accepted in cryptocurrency, especially if you’re dealing with Bitcoin, or Etherium, or Litecoin. So, for me personally, it’s been an incredible journey and incredible ride, I’m learning things that I never thought was even possible. And education level has just skyrocketed, I would say in the, in the last six months, I’m learning sort of in three year chunks, I feel. And also you have to remember where they are linguistics in a chatbot pretty England mistakes, we can go into the future. And we can hint at events before they happen. And we have while we can’t be 100%, right? Because I am human, we do make mistakes and errors at times. We have been quite accurate, and it has made our clients considerable amount of profit. So I’m very happy for that. I’m not here to show off. I just want to be guys as an exciting time.

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When we’re looking at what’s happening in the stock market where you know, that’s at record highs, and I feel that my plans that I sorted through and implemented about two years ago are all starting to come to fruition. These things that we put in place a couple of years back, you know, I didn’t think they were going to happen And fast or slow, but they’re sort of, in technical terms of where we are on the timeline, I think things are going a lot slower than what I thought. So, in terms of some of these smart contracts, we are very early days, there’s hardly any. I mean, there’s one company that has issued smart contracts on the network’s this week, probably a couple of days ago, I wasn’t really impressed with what I saw. And that’s just, that’s okay, because they’re in a testing phase, and things need to be tested properly before they are implemented. And I feel like the beta phase was not a failure. So that’s the main thing isn’t it. And smart contracts and getting into decentralized applications is going to be the future. cryptocurrency is going to be the future. But the prices of crypto are probably going to be in the future, they’re probably going to diversify a diversify away from what is happening in the real world. So I mean, this is a very risky game, it’s a risky sum game. And a lot of people I feel are getting bad information. And so that’s why I’m pumping out content as much as I can, when I can. Got some spare time here today. And I just thought, I’m having a lot of fun in the space. And I love to interact with our members, we just actually released a VIP only podcast, which I don’t release here in the public. But we did that for VIP members. And I do urge you to jump on our newsletter, join up and listen to that video, because I sorry, that podcasts because I’m releasing some very, very intricate details to what’s happening, I feel in the next two to three years, and someone that’s in crypto in 2021 could probably make some good profits off that information as we go into 2022 and 2023, which might be some very important years for not only the growth and adoption of Bitcoin, but some of the prices of the coins, and some of the tokens that I feel that might be issued in the future. So there’s going to be many, many things come that are quick. I know, it’s very easy to say like, when you sit back and you think Holy crap, you know, it’s already June. I mean, I remember when it was January, and just time seems to be compressed and going faster and faster. And I’m loving all your comments, because there’s a lot of smart people. And you have to realize when you have someone like me educating people can get educated and caught up to speed very fast. I wouldn’t be getting on social media and Twitter, and learning from people there because they have been wrong consistently. And they are, you know, I feel that they are just giving their own impression where, with our business, we’re doing proper linguistics, and you know, our sources are very reputable. They’ve taken years to program and we, you know, we’re honing in on that, and we’re taking advantage while other people can’t. I have a really good team around me. And you guys, you know, some of the some of the comments just blow me away like people, you know, making $30,000 in a week, one lady was broke, you know, and now she’s up $700,000. And I really, I really am grateful for what’s happened. And I’m grateful for the experience, because I feel like I’m in a position where, you know, there’s, there’s things that can be said and done that could help people if they take action. I mean, it really isn’t me, it’s really you if you want to take the action, you feel that in your own you following your own intuition, you sort of feel okay, well, I think this crypto thing is for me. As long as you’re not putting in all your life savings, I think it might be a good opportunity. I don’t know, I can’t tell you what to do with your money. A lot of people don’t like to be told what to do with their money. And that’s the way we write our newsletter, we always sort of say, hey, look, this is the data. I feel like it’s worked, and it was accurate in the past. And this is how I’m going to use it. And this is what I do with the data. And I really feel that data is like the new oil, the black gold, Texas tea on the blockchain world. And I feel that we’re using it in a way that’s probably going to be the future. I know a lot of people will be doing what we’re doing. We’re just, you know, we’re going to be doing this the first we’re going to be the one the first ones on the rank. And obviously, I mean, we even have plans to work with other companies in the future with what we’re doing the mystics and hinting on future events. We’re going to be seeing a lot of shocking events coming in terms of crypto in terms of Biden, in terms of the political events you’re going to see. And I think it’s going to just be crazy. I think it’s going to be a crazy time. We’ve seen Words and, and linguistics around the patterns of inflation coming, inflation, severe inflation. So these are the things that we have to listen. And I have to follow my own own intuition as well, because there are ways that one can make money from very bad events, or negative events such as inflation, there are pockets of places where people can invest. And our members are already starting to do that, and they’re already starting to reap the rewards. And so myself, there is other thematic schemes and thematics investment opportunities that I feel are going to be very, very good opportunities. And, you know, going to help people in the future when they’re sort of retired. Right now, we’ve seen the start of the baby boomers who are, you know, coming to the end, either the end of their working life, or they’re starting to think about retiring, or they already are retired. And this is also another big event that I see coming. I also have one of my members who, who understands that as these baby boomers have a lot of money, and their return on a lot of money, their health is in decline, and they have money to spend on the health. The that person is already making a very good living from selling health products and services in that industry. But I digress, don’t I we’re talking about the crypto markets. And I feel you know, there’s a there was another hacking incident recently this week. And I really do have to hone in again on, you know, what’s happening with crypto. And I really feel that the harder it is for you to register on an exchange, and login if it’s really hard to log in. And you have to do your two factor authentication. And it’s actually hard to get to see what you have on your portfolio, that is a really good exchange to be on, the harder it is to get in your exchange. That’s the best exchange to get on. I know there’s a few of them out there. I know Coinbase is quite difficult to set up and jump on and login and all that there’s a lot of authentication, but I really feel that people are complaining about it. But they don’t see that. If you’re from an outside perspective, if someone’s trying to break into your coin base, and get hold of your coins, and you know, they’re trying to send your coins to their wallet. Well, it’s actually quite hard for them to do that. But it is a little reminder here that what’s happening is going to be if we do see the crypto markets recover later in the year, I really do think a lot of these crypto scammers are going to come in a lot of these crypto hackers are going to come in again, and try and take the opportunity to make money and get into your wallets and hack you and crack you and try to take your money, any which way they can. So it’s just another little reminder here, if you are in the crypto markets, and you do have a wallet that you don’t feel as secure, you should transfer that that money or that those coins across. Never give your you know your crypto wallet addresses out to anyone or never get out. Never give out your private keys or your string of letters or numbers or passwords. If you get an email that you think is a scam, just delete it. If you think and feel that it’s some other scheme that you haven’t heard of, and it looks dodgy or it sounds too good to be true. Just delete it. And so I just have to be safe. There’s a lot of people out there trying to screw people over. And I need to be the one to educate you there. And just to tell you, hey, look, you know wake up to the fact that crypto is a huge thing. There’s a lot of people now getting involved. There’s a lot of pee, it’s getting a lot of attention. And there’s unfortunately there are some bad people in this world that take advantage of those things. And so, you know,

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it definitely is I know there’s a scan that was getting put on Twitter, that if you send someone one Aetherium they’ll give you two or three Aetherium back like, I don’t see how that is going to be reputable. I can’t see how anyone’s going to do that. And it has been scammed. I know someone that’s lost $5,000 I doubt they will get their money back. So just be careful guys, you know, I’m not out there, touting or spreading any speaking about any big huge things that’s gonna make you $50,000 in a day. This takes time. This takes hard work. This takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears and the joy that I’ve had doing it and teaching other people it’s been great. But you know, sometimes there’s the bad side of things. I’m more of a positive person but you know, there unfortunately, there’s a few people that ruin it for us. But you know, just be safe, just have fun. Don’t invest all your money. And you know, just be safe, do the right things and I’m sure that in time, you know, you will you will gain what you know and you will be will reward If you do the right things, and if you take the right risks, and there’s a lot of things happening in crypto in towards the end of the year, but and but I think, personally myself, I’m fairly positive. Right now I’m talking about 2021. And I do think that people are, you know, treating crypto the right the wrong way. And 90% of the time, they do things the wrong way. And I always felt that that’s an opportunity. So that’s about it for me today. Thanks again, for listening. There’s been a lot of things happening. I know. Don’t get too stressed with what? Elon Musk, I’ve got to check what he’s tweeting today or this, or this per Max Keiser saying this about Bitcoin. Guys, just take a chill pill, just relax. You don’t have to listen to everyone’s word. You don’t have to my words. I’m just a messenger here if anyone wants to listen, but if you don’t want to do that, that’s okay. Just relax. Keep trying to educate yourself and just try to stay calm. Or I guess that’s about it for me. If you feel please remember to like, share, and subscribe to this podcast. And also check out our brand new crypto newsletter with the daily alerts, a lot of stuff coming in. I’m sure that it’s going to be a blessing for many people and for you as well. In the meantime, have a great, fantastic weekend. Stay safe out there. Have fun, and always be well and I’ll talk to you all very soon. Bye

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