Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From June 26 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From June 26 2021

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DATE: June 26, 2021 – “Crypto psychic – Crypto Winter Really?”

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Transcript From June 26 2021

Hey guys, what’s up Chip here. Welcome to the chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host chip Smith from Australia. We do what’s cool apps and daps. And we set them in the blockchain, we spread out across the internet, looking for certain chatter, and many things online to predict certain future events using Blockchain itself. It’s very interesting, a very cold morning here, cold Sunday morning in Australia, a little bit of mist in the air. And there’s also a lot of pissed people in there. So let’s talk about that for a minute, guys. As you’re listening to this, right now, Bitcoin got to a high of over 60,000. And now we’ve dropped to better 50% crash on the markets, what are people talking a lot of people panicking. A lot of people realizing that, you know, this is not a get rich, quick scheme. And a lot of people sort of sitting on the log sulking. So I want to talk a little bit about that today. Because myself, as you know, I’ve been in crypto for a long time. And there’s many people messaging me, there’s many people joining our membership, and our VIP membership newsletter, the chatter bot newsletter. And a lot of people out there seem to think that, you know, this is one of those things where crypto goes to zero. And I just want to chime in here because I think a lot of people are listening to idiots. And a lot of people just are in panic mode. So first of all, you have to realize that in terms of what’s happening in the crypto space, and in the blockchain world, we are very early days, meaning that the people that you know, who are a top of the agenda have part of blockchain, they really understand that, you know, there is a lot of technology to be built on. It’s very early, like I said, and the backbone infrastructure for crypto and the real world hasn’t really even been invented yet. So when we’re talking about proof of stake, we’re talking about proof of work. Even things like proof of identity, proof of location. I mean, hardly is hardly anything has even been built in this world to support those daps or applications. Even some of the coins that people are talking about and saying they’re scams, I really don’t think that they can put that umbrella of narrative on these coins, because, you know, they’re really not doing anything. And they’re not producing anything. And they don’t apply to any things, anything in the real world. So for people who come out and say, you know, this is just ridiculous. This is all going to zero. I see people on Twitter complaining, crypto is a scam. Kryptos is Kryptos. And they really just venting. And so I need to be the voice of reason I feel a lot of people are listening to me and I do have a role I feel. And that is to sort of put people on the straight and narrow Yes, have done very, very well in business. I’ve done very well, in the cryptocurrency market. And myself, I’m even more relaxed than I’ve ever been. And I’ll tell you why. There seems to be a lot of people, a lot of these influencers out there that seem to pump out a lot of bad information upon bad information. They’re really listening to maybe one or two YouTube people, they have a big following. And they seem, you know, they seem to think that putting out really bad information is going to help them and I don’t you know, it’s just about greed. It’s just about all about them. Whereas, you know, I started very slow in this space. And I always made a promise to myself that I would, you know, try to help people to see what’s coming. Because I believe myself personally, without even talking or realizing that the crypto space is in trouble right now. Yes. But I do believe you know, there’s a lot of events to come in the crypto space, both positive and negative. And people just need to realize that and understand that we are very, very, very, very early days in the whole blockchain space. And so I wanted to just sort of touch on that for a moment. Because I really feel that in the crypto world You have to be you have to have your wits about you, right? It’s a very risky game. And I know a lot of people out there are saying, you know, I want to be rich and Chipo, you know, I want to be wealthy, I want to have houses and cars. I mean, this really is not the secret to life. I mean, you can have a house, you can have a car, when you die, do these things really go with you know, and so everyone out there wants to be rich, for the most part. But I think what they really meant is they want to be, you know, they want to win a lottery and have some fun and just blow money. They don’t really want to make the sacrifices for what it’s taken. For me, I don’t think people understand, you know, they say, Oh, yes, you’re very good, and this and that. But I don’t think people really understand that I don’t really share my personal life. That much, they don’t really want to make sacrifices like we have, and my team have made, they don’t want to do that they don’t want to put the hard work in and make it happen themselves. So if you’re not willing to do these things, you’re not going to be successful in crypto, you have to really work hard at this. And it’s not about buying a coin and becoming successful and becoming rich, and oh, you know, want to be a millionaire or a billionaire, I really do feel that crypto is going to make many, many billionaires. But you know, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. And we’ve been lucky enough to predict certain events. Sure. But you know, if you if you’re willing to make many sacrifices, and to work hard at this, and to really understand and do a lot of research, will, then I think you’ll be ready, and you’re well on your way to success. But, you know, there’s a caveat there, you really have to understand that there’s a lot of risks in here. And you really have to set your mind to being a winner. And to doing the right things. I mean, I sort of think my success has sort of come a long time ago, when I just decided to make, you know, some very good decisions early on, not so much in the last year or so because crypto is is changing. And a lot of people don’t really see that. And, to me personally, that that’s what it was really about. So I feel that I’m in the position because I made some very good decisions, you know, years ago, sort of puts me in a position now to help you guys and to spend time doing that. Although the podcast I must say, I haven’t spent too much time doing the podcast, but I do love doing these, it’s a great medium to get out there and to meet people and to you know, really share my, my thinking and my thoughts. Because not only does it help you guys, it really helps me I want to be a better educator, I want to be a better mentor to some of my people. I have a lot of members, and I have a lot of clients that rely on me. So while it is a little bit stressful at times, I’m not here to complain. I’m just sort of here because I think, you know, Tiger Woods said, you know, many, many years ago, you know, there’s always ways to be better, there’s always things we can improve on. And there’s always things that, you know, need attention. So I think, you know, while people can say whatever they want about me, I’m just, you know, I’m trying to be real. I’m trying to be open and honest. And in the end, I think it really is about I’ve always wanted to help people. I wasn’t sure, many, many years ago, and we’re what areas so it’s quite interesting that I’ve sort of come across over to crypto because I do have, you know, a pretty extensive experience in the financial world. But when blockchain came along, I was quite excited because I really feel and think that, you know, when we’re talking about this world, and especially the defy world, which has popped up, we’ve been doing a lot of research. I mean, I have a lot of time for people that want to talk about the defy space, because I really feel that in the future. You know, if you’re a banker, or you work in a bank, and if the de force base grows to a place where I think it’s going to go, which which is you know, it’s going to boom. And I mean, sure there’s going to be, you know, negative times and times when things will get tough in the defi space. Sure. But I think it’s sort of like a three step forward two steps back approach. And so some of these banks, I mean, they already know if if these banks around the world understand what’s happening, I think they’d be pretty shit scared because they might be out of a job soon. And crypto is going to be the future just so you know. You know, these big banksters that are that have been

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doing the wrong thing. I think karma is coming their way. Finally, finally, we’re seeing some of these people, you know, pay their dues because you know, Whoever wants to go into a bank these days, I don’t really go in there. And like, you know, I’m not living off crypto, don’t get me wrong, but going into a bank is always a negative experience, they sort of treat you like an idiot. And they downtrodden you, they’re very negative, they sort of laugh at you, I’ve, I’ve been into a bank where people were getting laughed out. And I mean, no one’s in the no one in the in this world is in the same financial position as you were mate. You know, some people are better off, some people are much worse. There’s all sorts of lifestyle conditions that have that have helped with their condition. And so I really think it’s horrible to see people get downtrodden on and treated like crap when they will as soon as they walk into the bank. I mean, it’s pretty crazy. But I’m getting back to the whole crypto thing and Bitcoin right now slumping and a lot of people talking about it. So I just want to be the sort of the calm narrative voice in a sea of just absolute nonsense out there. So I mean, there’s also talk about a crypto winter, I mean, I’ve been through a few winters, some have been horrific. When, as a more of a hotline, my, my portfolio was down maybe 92%. So people are slowly forgetting, like, you know, people can say anything about me. But I’ve been through that through the times when our crypto portfolio was nearly all gone. So, you know, this, this whole thing about our Bitcoin being down 50%, well, don’t really hold any bitcoin at all, you have to remember that, you know, this really isn’t a crypto winter, it’s, it’s more of a, it’s a drawdown, and Elon Musk is out there doing his thing. And that’s going to continue. But, you know, these, these new Bitcoin investors, they are sort of, you know, jumping in, and they got all excited, but they have to really realize if you if you want the really big gains, and you have to be prepared for, for really big losses. So, a lot of these newbie traders are experiencing the other side of that, that trade or other side of that ride, and they’re not impressed. So it’s pretty funny to watch actually in to see the comments. But I really think you know, you know, you have to remember in when wasn’t 2020, Bitcoin rose from 5000 to 64,000, in April 2021. Now, if you want to look back in history, or any of the history books, I mean, I haven’t seen an asset class do that before. So this is what we’re experiencing, this is the ride. We’re in uncharted territory. And as severe as the recent sell off is, you know, I mean, it’s not really even close to being the worst in bitcoins history over the last will, ever. So you have to remember that guys. And, you know, since 2020 12, sorry, probably pull Bitcoin has viewed 14 Sell offs. And most of those have been, you know, roughly 30%, six or more have been about 50%. And three or more, like I said, I’ve been through one of the crypto sell offs, where sort of went down 80 to 90%. So realistically, in terms of looking back, this crypto dip we’re having right now, you know, isn’t really that bad compared comparative to all the rest. So a lot of people are calling in a crypto winter that’s coming, I’m not sure about that. But you know, it’s quite possible, right? Because selling begets selling. And, you know, in October and November 2013, remember, we have to remember that Bitcoin rose tenfold, and then it fell at 7% through January 2016. I remember that, I remember quite well. And there was a lot of people talking then. And, you know, it didn’t really recover from that high until about 2020. So, we’re talking about a lot of things here. And, you know, I’m having a look at what people were doing, having a look at what the smart money is doing. And we’re sort of talking about that. We talked a lot about that. And the sad thing is, I mean, I’m not sure if it’s sad, but looking at the action and the on chain analysis that we have, I really do think that Bitcoins, probably going to head for a few more losses coming in the next couple of weeks or months. And you know, right now is probably not a timeless right now is just to sort of stick to your guns, do your due diligence. be productive, don’t be don’t be anti Don’t be hiding. I think if bitcoin does headed down a lot more you know, there’s there’s a major level there About 20,000, if it breaks that, well, then, you know, obviously things could get worse. But you have to remember that this is cycles, right? And each cycles rally has been driven by a new group of buyers. And each sell off has basically been driven by a whole different group of sellers. So you know, this is happening again. And the crackdown in China, I think was a big one. Elon Musk tweeting, that’s another big one. And so you really have to sit down by yourself and just think, well, are these major shifting events in crypto market and blockchain? And does that spill the end? Or the disaster of of certain things in this world? So a lot of the Bitcoin funds continue to bleed, right? I was talking to two big hedge fund managers. And they both were saying different things. Both were skeptical, both were, you know, panicking a little bit. But, you know, you have to remember the end of institutional investors who tend to invest during with all these vehicles that are the public listed funds. They still are sort of churning and chomping at the bit, and you have to realize they get in, they’re good in a lot later. Right. And so if they’ve gotten a lot later, they, you know, they How would I say this? There’s this sort of working out, what is the best action to take here? As we go into the middle of the year, we are in the middle of the year. And, you know, I think the outflows are right now it was about 211 million, lot of skid marks going around. And I think when we’re talking about the you know, the wallets, the wallet, wallet transfers, it sort of tends to look, for me, it’s that sort of is not a negative sign, because a lot of the major Bitcoin holders around the world, they are most most of them anyway, are huddling at the moment, because, you know, they’re they see, they see that Bitcoin, it’s not about the prices going higher down the track. It’s more about the rapid progression and the technology, and also the technology behind bitcoin, which is blockchain. And they see that as you know, a strong part of the future, and room for growth. So I think a lot of people in the market still believe that institutional money might come back at a later point, they’re still trying to work that out. And there are exchanges coming on board. I mean, bit by Nance, sorry, by Nance, and also FTC, install a lot of business around those. And I think, you know, I think institutional investors are still a little bit skeptical. But you know, they’re still showing up. And that and that’s my point of the podcast today. I think, overall, where the crypto market is heading, isn’t that important. And that’s also the point today, it’s about where blockchain is, in terms of the timeline. And is there more room for improvement down the track? And the answer to that is a resounding yes. So I’m just being a voice of reason today. And for me, personally, as you can tell, I’m not really panicked. I’m not out there, pumping some scheme. I’m not out there pumping, some negativity. I think the best thing to do if you’re in a position like myself, is to you know, remain calm. And not to go out there and, you know, be upset and emotional and just start blurting out on every social media platform you have. That crypto is a scam, it’s crap odds, you know, it’s all a scam, it’s not gonna make you rich. I mean, these are the things that has been touted right now. But I think it’s just because of the emotional overtones and everything in between. So that’s my message today. I want to thank you guys for listening. It’s a very interesting time. It’s a very historical time, not only in the political world, but in the financial world. And also with crypto, obviously.

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There’s going to be a lot of big events coming, which is what we’ve been talking about over on the newsletter. So if you want to join that newsletter, I’ll leave the link below. You can join have a read we’ve been doing a lot of many good updates recently, a lot of predictive linguistics and it’s just been really crazy because we’ve had many members do really well but I’m, I feel that over the last year or two year or two, we’ve really been knuckling down. My team has been really working hard and we’ve been getting really crazy results. So far. The sad part is, no one can actually teach me what I’m doing. I have to sort of teach myself. I have had several men mentors over the last couple of years. But it’s been a new ballgame here. And this is what’s gonna happen, I really feel and think that blockchain will there’s going to be all these new and brand new industries that people are just going to jump into. And the negative part of that is people can’t be taught. But I think that’s kind of cool, right? We’re sort of in the shifting paradigm where new things are going to open up, new opportunities is going to open up, new experiences are going to open up and quite excited. While other people might be negative. I’m always feel that it’s always good to stay positive, keeping that positive frame frameset. and good things will happen. And I’m all about just spreading the truth. And I think what’s happened with this COVID thing is a huge scam. And the key word nurenberg keeps popping up there. So I think a lot of these people that are, you know, projecting the vaccines, a lot of these people that are projecting all COVID is now turning into some other variants, I think these people are gonna get their Jews and karma is coming. So I really feel that basically with a lock downs, which is that for myself, when the lock downs came, and I was knuckle down, and will, less people were annoying me and I use that time. Let’s just say I use that time very, very wisely. I got to work. And I was sort of I had a few secret projects that I was working on the side. And now that those just were put on the front of the queue. So the lock downs actually worked for me, not against me. And that’s really what it is about, right. It’s adept at adapting to your surroundings, adapting to your environment, and doing the best that you can. So I feel that this year, even though we are halfway through it through guys, I really feel that had a few beers today. And I just enjoyed some of the work we did. I reminisced on last couple of years and what’s been happening in blockchain and crypto with our business that’s just been just a huge blessing to my life, my family and also people around me. So I want to thank you guys, again, I’m gonna wrap it up here. It’s Sunday, and I’m just gonna go relax, because there’s, there’s gonna be a couple of big weeks coming here. And I don’t mean in the crypto world, I just mean, politically, one of these big events happening around the world as you know, John McAfee, and that sort of thing. And I really think that this is, well, I think in my in my own mind, this is sort of setting up the framework for some very, very big events, many dominoes to fall as they say. So I’m going to leave it here today, guys. Thanks again for listening. Sorry if I rambled too much in 20 minutes here. And all I want to say is many blessings from a team here down under. And I hope you have a fantastic week ahead. If you feel free, please remember to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE this podcast and share it around with your friends and family. And I’d be very much appreciative of that. And also the link below to our VIP chatterbot blockchain crypto newsletter is below. Feel free to jump in. There’s a lot of free content, there’s a lot of stuff to lap up. And if you are into the whole crypto thing, I’m sure it’ll help you out. That’s about it for me today, guys. Big salute, signing off. Have a fantastic Sunday, wherever you are, and I’ll talk to you very soon. Okay, bye bye.

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