Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From May 15, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From May 15, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: May 15, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – ELON and Our Client makes $1 million USD”

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the channel board newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith from Australia. And I want to thank you for joining with me, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping away here. And we’ve just had a tremendous, tremendous couple of weeks, as you know, having a look here at the crypto market, and we’re sort of sitting at about $2.3 trillion. It’s really interesting to me, the Bitcoin dominance has fallen right down now to 38%. We did say that this was going to be an event happening. And I just want to get into a few things here. Because, you know, there’s so much magic happen as special things happening. We had a Bitcoin giveaway, a couple $100. So congratulations to Judy there on that win. And we probably will be doing more giveaways and more little prizes as, as the year progresses. I can’t believe now we’re in May, right. And, you know, sometimes the stock market’s a bit turbulent in May, the crypto markets are definitely on a tear, we’ve had a little bit of, you know, a little bit of a correction with the Elon Musk news about, you know, not accepting bitcoin for Tesla payments. And again, and again, you know, we hear a lot about this stuff. And they’re trying to push the green and sustainability agenda, which I know is the future. But, you know, it’s a little bit coy the way he did it. And, you know, we were talking a little bit about that today. And I just sort of think that, you know, it’s one of those things where you just have to keep at it keep chiseling away. We’ve had some very accurate predictions come true. And just so you know, basically, in the next day or so one of our members who actually will be, you know, quitting his job from our newsletter. So, fantastic fever. I know, you’re listening. And that’s just incredible, if you want to ask me, because, you know, there’s so much there’s so many things happening. And I I’m just really over the moon, that, you know, this sort of thing has happened. So I want us to touch a little bit on that, because, you know, there’s a lot of stuff happening with Coinbase. happening with by Nance. I know a lot of people keep asking me about finance. And you know, it’s not available to many people. But, you know, by Nance is one of those exchanges that, you know, it’s probably going to be bigger in the future. And, you know, right now, the alt coins are booming. But you know, people really have to understand that hardly anyone is in crypto, and you know, eventually down the line, you know, it’s probably going to be too late for people to get in. So, for me personally, there’s a lot of things happening. I know that there’s a coin called Sheba emu. And I’m not I decided not to get into these coins. And I think there’s a good reason for that. But it’s just interesting to see how this sort of shift to green energy and sustainability and green crypto, I mean, that’s very, very interesting for me. And we’re going to follow that trend, we’re going to do a lot of analysis and predictive linguistics in that terms, or in that space, and to see sort of what we can come up with because this is a very new thing. Hashtag green crypto, I see that happening a lot on Twitter these days. And a lot of things are happening. We’re talking a little bit about tokenized, stock and tokenize real estate, because in the blockchain world, you have to realize that, you know, we’re sort of in the dial up days of blockchain, I’ve said it before. And it’s a very interesting way to look at things because you know, the future of crypto, and the traditional sense of finance is going to shift and it’s going to be look, we’re going to be looking at something that’s, you know, totally unrecognizable. So, in terms of the NFT space and defy these are the new trends. People keep asking me, you know, is it too late? Is it too late? Well, I mean, I don’t think it’s too late to get into crypto, but you have to be very selective. You have to know your crust, and you have to do a lot of research. I mean, we spend many, many hours just sort of studying things, looking at trends and following you know, what’s happening with Bitcoin because, you know, just me personally, I feel like Bitcoin slowly losing its dominance. As I said at the start of the show, you know that Bitcoin has now dropped. What are we looking at? At 38% for Bitcoin dominance, so it really is a situation now, which is an interesting one, where some of these smaller coins are sort of rising from the ashes, they’re like fees, a phoenix rising from the ashes. And they’re slowly sort of clipping at the heels of these major coins like Aetherium and Bitcoin. So the real interesting play here is to not only look at that, but to understand that, you know, other people aren’t doing this. And in the crypto game, you have to be looking ahead, you always have to be trying to be seven steps ahead of other people, you know, the battle mix of the Sci Fi and the defy, which is centralized finance, mixing with decentralized finance. And the way that’s evolving could because it’s very revolutionary. I think, in terms of the next 10 years, we’re going to see things that we thought were only sort of possible on the movies. And personally, you know, I’m sort of more looking at things, people are sort of buying these coins, and, you know, looking at these new shiny objects, they’ve got the shiny object syndrome, like these new coins sheen, every was a spoon, I don’t know, I would put a big red X on that, because while the coins might go up, I really think all they’re doing is just copying the beamy coins and these major coins. And, you know, I’m sort of more looking at, you know, instead of just buying these coins, buying the coins, that back the technology that the coins run on, because, I mean, you have to realize that when the big investors start coming in, this is what they’re gonna be looking at. And not just, you know, sitting there and buying Bitcoin or buying XRP, or something like that. So it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens, we have a lot of members doing really well, we’ve given lots of examples, even one of my members has made $1 million, he’s over in Africa. And I know that Mike, you’re probably listening to this. So a big high, there’s a there’s a little bit of a political situation, you know, inflation they’ve got, you know, it’s pretty brutal over there right now. So very chuffed that one of our members has been able to do really well, just listening to our advice and following the

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basic, basically getting himself out of a really tough situation. So you have to think, you know, when you’re in that sort of situation, you’re stressed, you’re sort of emotional. And still, you know, we just tell people, forget everything else, forget the haters and the bullshitters. And just just keep working, keep working hard at it, and you know, keep chiseling away, and I’m sure you’ll get good results, not financial, not financial advice. I can’t guarantee anything. But, you know, we we sort of tend to say that we are keeping ahead of the trends of many people, we are releasing a very big Podcast coming up this week, meaning, you know, we have a lifetime membership. And I’m going to be releasing, you know, like an hour of my voice podcast, to help, you know, project what I see coming with, you know, the inflation, rising interest rates, prices, Bitcoin, and that sort of thing. I really think these are the most important topics that we should be discussing in 2021. Also, the Bitcoin dominance, and you know, what’s happening with exchanges, like Coinbase, or Kraken, and things like this. So it’s been a very, very big week. We’re working very hard. And I think, what people are focusing on, and I will tell you this, I’ll just say it out loud. That, you know, people are watching Elon Musk in his tweets, I really don’t think you shouldn’t be reading too much into the tweets. You have to remember, Elon Musk is just a puppet he’s in with the Freemasons. He’s in with the Jesuits. He’s in with these top elite people. And they’re basically telling him what telling him what to do what to say. I think behind the scenes, Elon is sort of involved in too many things. He’s into deep and he knows he can’t get out. So I think he’s sort of wiping his brow sort of thinking, holy shit, what should I do? What should I be doing? And it’s just the puppet guys, the puppet masters just telling him what to do. And a lot of people, you know, really go into Twitter and you know, or what did he say in his tweet, what code words? What’s he trying to say? Well, I really wouldn’t read too much into it. It’s pretty blatant. You know, he’s just doing what he’s being told. He’s a good little boy. And I wouldn’t really be basing any of my investment decisions, or in basing any more ideas on what Elon has been saying. If anything, he’s basically giving away what these top guys won’t do with crypto and to be honest, it’s it’s not 100% legit, and it’s not 100% Positive guys. So you need to just understand that that, you know, there is a game here that’s being played, you’re in a video game and, you know, to do well in this space, and to know what’s coming in the future, you have to be lightyears ahead of other people. I know a lot of people now are starting to put out crypto I even heard, you know, in Uber, with Uber drivers, it’s pretty crazy, you know, here and there sort of talking and you’re sort of, you know, if you throw your cash unit out there, there are a lot more people talking about Bitcoin and crypto. Really, guys, the average Normie out there really does not have an understanding or a clue about what is happening. Now, do I think this will change in the future? Yes, I do believe that a lot of people are going to start to come in on board, they’re going to cut start to, you know, wake up to the fact that, you know, crypto is not a is not just some scan and magic internet money, I really believe. And I really feel like I’ve been saying it for a long time now, that crypto is going to be the future. And so you know, the best time to learn about crypto and blockchain and Bitcoin was yesterday. So it’s very interesting what’s going on a lot of people talking about Elon Musk, and he’s saying is sending this and blah, blah, blah. But I really think you know, just the best thing is just to stick to your guns and learn as much as you can about some of these major players that are going to dwell within the bull market, that we’re having become the leaders of tomorrow. So that’s what we’re trying to do in our newsletter, we’re trying to be the newsletter for tomorrow. And we’ve been very successful, I don’t have to hide that fact. I’m not here to show off, I’ve always come in here, I love giving away free content. I love helping people because I feel, you know, I’m in that peak area of my life. And you know, hey, if you’re listening to this, and I’m helping you and Hekia, you make a few bob, from what I’m saying, well, then I feel like I’ve done my job. And that’s rewarding enough for me. So I don’t have to worry about you know, anything else. Because I’ve always wanted to be sort of helping people. And this is my passion. And you know, a lot of people trying to do their best. And I’m all I’m all for that whole thing about a group of Angeles getting out there as long as the information is good. And as long as they’re not promoting scams, all that sort of stuff. Because myself, if you have a look and you we look at a lot of things during the day, but as the crypto markets going up, just so you know, and you’re aware that a lot of these crypto scams are going to come up a lot of these crypto, you know, these schemes or pyramid Ponzi schemes, and you know, like stuff like B connect, and that’s the thing, you’re gonna see a lot more of those evolve because these scammers are in it to make money. And if they’re scamming you out of crypto coins, and they know the price is probably going to project upwards or upwards path, then they’re going to do everything in their power or everything use every little tip and trick they have to try and scam you out of your beloved coins. So there’s a little tip for me just stay away from things if something sounds too good to be true. It usually is. It’s a lot of hard work this stuff on this crypto, it’s you know, the crypto investing game is not for everyone is. So that’s my thought. For today. It’s Sunday, I’m just going to enjoy today it’s lots of stuff is happening. And we’ll be looking at the crypto market right now is only down about 1%. But it there’s a lot of stuff, there’s many opportunities I probably won’t go into to them here today. But you know, there’s there’s a lot of really good solid projects that are starting to rear their head. You know, a couple of years ago, Blockchain was just, you know, a couple of coins on the blockchain that name. And right now, you’re really starting to see real term adoption, real world, real world use real world use cases. And so as we continue into 2022, that’s, that’s only going to increase. So I think when you’re looking at some of the points that were being made today, it’s not going to be about Elon or Bitcoin, I think, you know, crypto is changing very fast. A lot of people are, you know, still thinking that, you know, things like Aetherium and Bitcoin are gonna zero. Whereas, you know, things are pretty solidified at the moment. And, you know, this is, you know, this is the thing guys. Crypto really is the future. And the more and more people that say it’s a scam will it doesn’t really matter because it’s going to get more people involved because it’s getting so much attention now. So, I mean, it’s I lifted the lid off a bunch of crabs, you know, they’re gonna find their way out and just scatter across everywhere. So I’m really don’t think the whole crypto thing has gone viral yet. Our newsletter has had a lot of press coverage. And I’ve been very blessed. And I’ve been very honored that a lot of people find out advice, or I wouldn’t like to say advice, you know, articles in our daily alerts that are very helpful. And some of our clients have actually become very, very, very, very successful. So, again, I’m not here to show off, I’m just sort of saying, you can join our newsletter. It’s up to you. We’re not claiming we’re any big gurus, we’re just having fun. And we like to predict things that are coming and a lot of our predictions have fortunately hit. And we’ve been very grateful. And only because we’re working hard, I don’t believe in you know, good luck, probably plays a little bit of part to it. But our newsletter has been going pretty nuts. So if you have sent any messages to us, we’ll try and get back to you. That’s about it for today, guys. Like I said, it’s Sunday, I’m going to head away now have a beer, just do a bit of relaxing and downtime, and we have a massive, massive weekend. So I will actually mention again, just off the top here. If you’re not involved with our chatterbot VIP newsletter, we give a daily rendition of the crypto markets, what’s happening if they run coins, and all things to do with predictive linguistics. Basically, we’re using Blockchain and we’re helping to basically predict crypto prices and events to do with crypto and Bitcoin in the future and it’s been ridiculously accurate. And so, with that being said, I’ll leave it up to you guys. Please feel free to like and share this podcast and if you want to join our podcast newsletter, The link for that is below. Anyway, that’s about it for me today and sign off here. Have a great day. Have a great weekend and have a safe one. Bye bye

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