Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From May 24, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From May 24, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: May 24, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – Navigating This Crypto Crash – Around the Traps!”

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Hey guys, what’s up? Chip here. Welcome to the chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith, from Australia. We do what’s called apps and apps, we set them in the blockchain. And we spread out across the internet, looking for chatter, and things of that nature to predict certain events coming down the line. So today, as you are listening to this, I’m just having some breakfast here. And I thought, you know, why not do a little podcast about what’s happening in the market right now? I thought a lot of people are really, really panicking here right now. The Crypto market has, you know, I mean, the funny thing is, the crypto market is crashing, I see a lot of people panicking. We’ve seen panic in the market before people are pulling out their hair, they don’t know what to do, they don’t know where to turn. And the really toxic thing, guys, if you’re listening to me, is a lot of these people that are newbies to the space, I don’t like the fact that they’re coming in. They’re listening to these top influences. And even some of the big influences on Facebook and social media like Twitter, and YouTube, even these guys don’t know what to do or where to turn or who to ask. You must realize that as a blockchain person, and you know, people might call me a guru, but I really don’t like that terminology. Basically, I’m a messenger for people who have open ears, and they want to hear any important spiel. And for me, personally, you have to realize that this game of crypto, it’s not a get rich, quick thing. We’ve never promoted that boys. Since the start of our newsletter, I’ve had a very successful newsletter, the turnover is ridiculous. But with a business comes many responsibilities. And running a business isn’t that easy. If you’ve if you’re an entrepreneur, you know that there’s taxes, there’s legal things as this was his regulations, there’s all sorts of things. And so personally, as a newsletter owner, we do things a lot differently. But it is really sad to see him be events that have circumnavigated around the crypto space in the last couple of weeks. Basically, with the news out of China, the regulation, there’s also big people that are manipulating prices of the market big whales. And I need to be the voice of reason for that today, because a lot of people are really, it’s astounding, you know, the more and more pit times, people, you know that on the crypto market, you’re going to experience these large dramatic sell offs, these large crashes, the more and more people don’t listen. Me personally, it’s one of those situations where I need to be flat out and tell you if you think that this is the last crash on crypto, you are totally wrong. If you think that this crash is my you know, it’s probably over? Well, I don’t know. But with what’s happening in the market has been a pretty significant event. But you must realize that, you know, there is no set extended period to the crash in crypto. So it wouldn’t surprise me if we went down another 567 10%. I’m not saying that’s going to happen. I’m just saying you need to be level headed headed. When times are tough in crypto, and you need to understand what is happening. People sort of come into the space, they think, Oh, I’m going to become rich, and I’m going to become a millionaire and all my problems will go away. Well, unfortunately, my affiliate friends, that’s not how it works. That’s not how crypto was designed. And there are as a leading set of larger hands and larger Institute’s coming in and they find it funny to manipulate the prices of crypto and, you know, shove out the small people and make people panic out of the market. But you have to remember, most likely, you know, if your account and your portfolio is down, we’ll so is mine. And I’ve read many books, I have done many things you have to sort of, you know, don’t listen to the idiots don’t listen to the haters. For me personally, I’ve done a lot of thinking around the last month and I’m actually more calmer than ever.

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I’ll tell you why. There is a whole

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bunch of new millennials coming into the space on promises that the crypto party is going to make them rich. All their problems like I said, there’s also many news of fate use media coming in and stirring the pot, and confusing people even more. So this is why we’ve been so successful and accurate with our predictions because we have sources that we know are reliable. And we have ways to cut out and just cut through all the prep data that comes through what I do is a very hard, it’s a very, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t want you to be in my situation, because it’s, it’s very monotonous, is how I’d call it. But I’m very happy that the data we’ve shared and some of the things we are projecting, all starting to come true. So if you’re in a bit of a panic, right now you’re in a tears, you’re pulling out your hair, you don’t know who to go to where to turn to, I’m not saying you have to join our business or our newsletter, I’m just saying, you know, you have to really sort of take some side time away from the computer, take some side time away from the crypto markets, your portfolios, and you really need to understand what is happening in the crypto world. And not only that, the blockchain and the blockchain infrastructure that is going on behind the scenes, when we’re talking about the new world coming. So I wanted to put out this message because I know a lot of people asking me, I’ve had a lot of emails, a lot of people panicking. This is what happened in the last dip, or the last crash on crypto and even back in 2017 2018. I’m not sure if this is going to be any different. But we have a very, very good military style plan for anything in any of the events that happen in the future. We think that people that are out there and talking about you know, crypto being a scam and getting people to panic out. I mean, that is one message. But you need to sort of work, realize that in this situation, that you have to trust in yourself, I wouldn’t be going out there. And even I sometimes I have to tell people to turn away, I have to turn them away from our newsletter because I really feel the personality is not in right alignment with what we’re doing in our messages. Because we do throw out a lot of things in our newsletter that has got nothing to do with crypto. These are the skill sets that I’ve been teaching people. And I feel that they’re very important. It’s my life’s work. And people just have to be mindful and resilient. When times get tough. And I wouldn’t believe people out there projecting, you know, they got rich in crypto overnight. Because while that can happen, there’s a very, very slight chance of that happening to yourself, it’s probably the odds of winning the lottery. So it’s one of those situations where if you’ve entered crypto for the wrong reasons, I would really tell you just you know, you’re better off to sell out and just go back to your nine to five job, go back to your normal life. Because this this market and this crypto space is not for everyone. And when I say that it takes a certain type of personality. It takes a certain type of resilient and people need to be mindful of the actual situation and the consciousness that what they’re projecting out there is going to affect the entire space. So when these things in crypto happen, people need to work out that it’s not just a crypto thing, it’s blockchain related. And the community that I’ve seen in been encapsulated, not just in in Bitcoin and crypto, but the blockchain community out there is very strong. So I think in the future when many, obviously, we’re in baby days, we’re in very the Infancy part of blockchain and crypto. But as things get grow and get bigger, and go more mainstream, there’s going to be problems. But you have to remember that the communities out there that I’ve seen have been part of a very, very strong, if they’ve if there’s ever been a problem, there’s been there’s always been a very, very quick set of solutions, to amplify, and to try and solve some of the problems that are that arise as they come. So I think these are the main important topics that people need to talk about, and not necessarily the way bitcoin is behaving, or whether your coin is crashing, or what should you do, or where should you go, or, you know, I put all my grocery money into the markets. What should I do now? Like, I mean, that’s stupid guys. If you’re doing that sort of thing, then I would tell you, you’re doing it all wrong, right. So for me personally, we have to just encapsulate what has been happening. And we need to all just sort of like, breathe in and breathe back out. And all just take, you know, take a little bit of stock and just sort of realize what really is happening in the world right now in terms of new technologies. Blockchain techno allergies, people, you know, after the pandemic. And I think people have been affected really negatively by the pandemic, and some of the fake news and some of the information being put out there. But I don’t really want to go on about that. Because I think it’s more important with to do with what’s happening in the markets, I wouldn’t be relying on one specific person on Twitter, for all your investment advice, I wouldn’t be relying on influencers like Elon Musk and hanging on to his every word, because I know people are going to lose money from that. What I might check Elon Musk’s Twitter account every so often, I have a set of different reasons for for doing that, which might be significantly different, different, different than you. But I do think, you know, in this game, you have to really understand this one person that you should be trusting more than anyone else. And that is you. So that’s my message today, because I know there’s everyone’s out there saying different things, and everyone has their own opinion. And everyone’s in a state of panic, and everyone’s trying to work out, you know, what’s going to happen next. But for me, personally, we are in very, very early days for crypto and blockchain. I’ve been doing this podcast for a while now, guys, and people need to just sort of, you know, take a step back, if you think and feel that things are becoming overwhelming for you. Well, I wouldn’t be in the space number one. But number two, you know, go out in nature, go for a walk around your block, put your shoes on, and just you know, enjoy your day. Because there’s more to life than just sitting in front of a screen and trading these crypto and trying to make your millions. Yes, sure. I’ve done well over the years. And crypto has been very good to me, I’ve been very grateful. I am very grateful for the people that I have around me, my team, and my clients who I feel that are the best in the world. I’ve never worked with a better group of people. And this is what I’m finding on my life’s journey is you need to really put people around you that trust you and that you can put in them. So this is the real important things to be situated. And these are the important things that must be discussed right now with what’s happening in crypto because it has nothing to do with the crisis. It has more to do with going inside yourself and just seeking and understanding and gaining more knowledge. And the personally that’s always been a big help. And in the past I’ve done very well from doing that and consuming more information, always information, always consuming, always studying, always trying to be the best you can and just basically peace the headers off, don’t get engrossed in people that are telling you you’re doing the wrong thing. On a journey and you have a mission, just don’t listen to the kids and the idiots. And basically, you know, just follow your own. Follow your own intuition, follow your own heart, and keep doing what you feel and think is right. Of course, we all make mistakes in life. Everyone has I’ve made many myself really really big ones that I don’t need to share here. So if you are on the on some journey, and you seem to stumble and fall, as they say, you know, if you stumble 99 times, you have to get up 100 You have to keep going and forth. And you know, basically put yourself around people that are smarter than yourself. So I needed to put this out here because I feel it was the right time to do it. I know a lot of people listen to our podcasts and they find them helpful, but I’m not really here to, you know, promote or project anything. I’m just sort of here to put the equilibrium message out there that you know, people are just losing their

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goddamn nut. So just take it take time out today, if you’re listening to this, switch off everything, turn off your iPhone, turn off your phone, turn off your internet, turn off your laptop, or whatnot. And you know, just get back to the normal grind and basically go for a drive go for a walk. And you know, just really take some time out take some home time out for yourself, give your brain a rest. But it is from time to time just to recharge my batteries. And I know you know once you do it and you get away from everything for a day or so you come back much fresher, much cleaner and clearer. And so that’s my message for you today. Alright guys, thanks again. I had a lot of fun and hopefully this talk has helped with you today some what are the opinions that you know if you have something to share, then share it and we can all be better and more positive for the keep the positive vibes flow flowing, my friends, and until next time, I’ll talk to you very soon. Please remember to Like share and subscribe to this podcast. And if you feel free you can join our daily crypto chatbot newsletter The link for that is below. Thanks again for listening and

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have a great day. Bye

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