Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From May 26, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From May 26, 2021

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DATE: May 26, 2021 – “Blockchain & The Future COMING:

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Hey guys, what’s up chip here, welcome to the channel board newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host, Chip Smith from Australia, hope you’re enjoying your day, wherever you are in the world of ours. And we do apps and daps. We set them in the blockchain and we spread out across the internet, looking for chatter and linguistics online to predict events, and certain things happening in the crypto world. First of all, I want to say a big thanks. And a shout out to Karen. You’ve been very good, very wholesomely, supporting us throughout 2020 2021. And it’s it’s been an incredible year, guys, I know people are just shell shocked and rattling themselves and shaking off the water because of the dip have had in Bitcoin, and also many of the other altcoins. What I will talk about also is the Bitcoin dominance, which is has been a hot topic at the moment. And I probably need to go in a little bit about what that is and how that serves circumnavigates what we’re doing and our investing. And the newsletter is going really well. And so if you’re not a part of our VIP membership, I really urge you to jump on that. Because we’ve looked, we’ve got linguistics from about four or five years ago that are actually starting to come true. And it’s just rolling on across with our members. And they’re really reaping the benefits. And like I’m just saying, profiting. And so I’ve never been happier. Like I said, I feel that this is like a very peak time for me. Think things that I’ve been planning for 10 years are slowly, slowly, slowly coming to fruition. And it’s been just one of those big snowball effects. The newsletter we have has gone viral. And I’m really working hard for you guys. The reason is, I feel that we’re having a dramatic effect in and around some of the smaller communities. I mean, I would like it if we had a lot more exposure in some of the big areas. But I do sort of understand that with what we’re doing. It’s a little bit abstract, it’s a little bit, you know, alternative, if you want to call it that. A lot of our members who’ve been with me and very loyal, already know how we do things is a little bit different I know. But we’re just having some really increased and dramatic positive effects. So I am not really sleeping too much at the moment, because I really feel that, you know, there’s not much rest, if we’re going to put out some of the stuff we’re doing. And I you know, like I said, I’m not here to tell you what to do. And you’re free to listen to the podcast, and we have Twitter, we have Instagram, we have gab there’s all sorts of stuff we’re doing. And I just wanted to dedicate this to the really good and loyal patriots and our members. Because I really feel and think that, you know, the wicked, and the evil in this world are about to lose everything, I really do feel that it’s in my blood, it’s in my mind, it’s in my intuition, that you know, people that are good, good things will come to them people who are bad. And you know, these, these wicked people that have not been resting, bad things and bad karma will come to them. So I just wanted to put that out here. And we have a nice little show coming up. And I just want to say that, you know, the roadmap going forward, I really feel that crypto is it’s almost really too hard to keep up with what’s happening in the crypto world. I mean, that’s a good thing. But it’s sort of leading people astray. And they’re going over to YouTube, they’re watching idiots who are getting paid on coins, the pump and dump schemes. But realistically, what you should be watching is basically myself or our team, and putting some hours in there to catch up on the stuff we’ve been putting out. Or you can actually follow some of the big names and the big investors and the smart people in the space space. Because I really think there’s more of like an industrial revolution happening right now. And you know, in the olden days, it was the revolution of the trains and the automobiles, you had the fuel, the oil, the transportation, and now we’re actually teleporting that into a more digital world, aren’t we? So, you know, we’ll we’ll a lot of these coins are saying, you know, we’re the next big thing and theories out there saying oh, we’re going to be huge. And I know that the infrastructure and the backbone of that will be for smart contracts in the future. But you know, these people that are saying you know, Bitcoin is going to be huge. I mean, I will back away from that and argue that You know, I really feel that Bitcoin in these coins like Aetherium, I just the word power steam engines running things, they have their problems, that old technology and like I said, crypto is moving very fast. And we’re moving forward into the future very quickly. And like I said, with the Bitcoin dominance, we’re sort of sitting at about 41%, here in May 2021. And so as we move forward, this is actually going to give more dominance and power to the altcoins, as it has in the past. But, you know, there’s these waves and shifts and patterns, and all that sort of stuff in the crypto coins. And, you know, in the past, they were doing nothing, but this year in 2021, there is like, Ah, this is a home aha moment where people sort of think, Okay, well, you know, these coins are now starting to develop a plan, they’re starting to put things in motion, to articulate the smart contract thing, and working out what they’re going to be doing. And while realistically, some of these coins haven’t really been doing much in the real world, I really think that’s gonna change from 2020 to 2023. And onwards from there. So there’s a lot of talk, and I know, there’s people, you know, hanging on to Elon Musk, every tweet and every word, I wouldn’t recommend you do that, like I said, in the last previous podcasts, because, you know, there’s a lot of institutional money that have already been talking about the green energy and the sustainability and some of these coins that are low energy coins, that really sort of I feel that need to be looked further into. So I mean, we’re doing a little bit of work in that department. But you know, you need to really understand that a lot of people, there’s real people coming into the space. Now there’s real investors, there’s big Institute’s, there’s big financial people, big banks that are starting the atmosphere think, Okay, well, Bitcoin isn’t a scam, and there’s nothing really could be more important. Well, they already know this, guys, and they’re just using the media to portray another narrative. But you know, if you really want to know, in my own opinion, and looking at the data we have, that crypto really is the future, it really is the foundation for building like something really strong in the future for the financial WhaleShip of many people. And you know, you have different coins trying to bank the unbanked coin in places like Ethiopia or Africa or, you know, Central America, or people that don’t really have any money, people that don’t have any bank accounts. And so this is what the future is going to hold for these sorts of people. There is the old system that is been happening, and that will now shift into the new transformational system where banks and banking was sort of more go digital. I know there’s a lot of people are talking about more digital wallets. A lot of people have been, you know, joining in 2021, more so than, you know, double or triple or what they were doing in 2019 or 2020. And I think, you know, in the coming years, people will be doing a lot of a lot more stuff online. So banking, and digital wallets online payment online. Mobile phone apps are gonna be a big one decentralized applications, which we are very big on, because that’s how we do some of your linguistic and predictive pattern work. And so this, for me is one of the things that I think is very important going forward. So the adoption of these big technologies behind blockchain and also some of these Bitcoins and the names in the blockchain is going to be where the future is now starting to roll. We didn’t really see that in 2007, and 2018, which is why we had the big crypto winter, and a lot of people lost a lot of money, or they panicked out of the market. And they basically said, all this is a scam, it’s not going anywhere. But you know, we were the ones in the corner sort of saying, Oh, well, you know, our portfolios went down. But I just continued to say, look, this is going to be huge in the future. Nothing has changed in our data. And we continue to huddle. And we have been well rewarded for that. And so I think telling some of the other people and releasing what we were doing, that’s actually been very positive. I know a lot of people have, have talked about our newsletter, but we are just sort of sharing data. And you guys have to remember if you listen to this, we have no stage do we say this is financial advice. This is for educational purposes only. And we’re just trying to teach people what really is happening out there in the real world of blockchain. And the real world of you know, the defy space and the NFT space, which I think is just in the womb, a very, very early days there. It has a lot of potential. And basically, there’s nothing that has actually been done in this in terms of, you know, there’s only been a few big pieces of artwork and stuff sold online. But realistically, this could, you know, transform the art world and the digital information world and peer to peer transaction as we know it.

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So I don’t want to really confuse you there but I just think people are under estimating the power of what happens you In the blockchain, and people are under estimating the other side of it, where you have the peer to peer transactions and wallet to Wallet transactions, which I feel is going to be, you know, encapsulated, it’s going to be transformed and made better. And you will see whether I know even eBay has been selling NF t’s on their website. So these are the things I think the next eBay is coming. I think the next eBay in the blockchain is going to be bloody just massive, it’s going to be a gorilla that no one could stop. Although right now, it’s early, isn’t it. So there hasn’t even been someone has come forward and saying, we’re going to be the next eBay. Or we’re going to be the next peer to peer transactional website. We haven’t really seen, you know, anyone come up and say, Look, we’re the next Google, we’re the next Amazon. We’re the next Facebook, yada, yada, yada. But you guys listening to this now should understand or realize that, you know, these events are going to come very, very soon, probably quicker and faster than some people realize. I have actually been testing the brave browser. And I’m, I’m very impressed with the security and the level of control they have behind that actual browser. And realistically, if you know how to use the brave browser, and you have been testing it, it actually puts the Google Chrome browser to shame. Although, you know, Google is the be all and end all I know, they have a lot of funding, and they have a lot of money behind them. A lot of people don’t really know about brave browser, because you know that blockchain world is coming in the future. And people were just still stuck in that centralized part of their thinking and the centralized part of the world here on the internet, the web 3.0 Coming, which is more than blockchain world. You know, we’re talking about video streaming, graphics, arts, virtual reality, holograms, Blockchain, trading, defy, and all that stuff, financial. When all this comes, it’s going to be a whole different world, it’s going to be a whole different generation of thinking. And the millennials out there who will be older will be teaching the younger kids, and probably won’t be able to keep up with them. So it’s going to be very interesting in regards to the governance side of things, and also the government adoption, too. So I think regulation is eventually going to come in and idiots like Elon Musk Korea, they’re tweeting, basically just going to speed up that process. And while I think that regulation myself is a positive thing, I really think it’s going to affect the markets, when it’s brought in, I think it’s going to be a tier by tier process. And when that happens, I think it’s going to be quite a negative event initially for crypto, meaning the prices probably could see substantial, like, dramatic price drops. And then people then realize, you know, what it’s going to create is all these Institute’s will come in, and they’ll now say, Okay, well, this is now not such a scam, it’s regulated, we’re ready to put some big money in. And I really feel that that could be like, you know, a third wave to the entire way Kryptos working, and also another investment opportunity for people that who don’t, who haven’t even got one cent put in crypto as their investments and portfolios. So I think this is all part of the future. I know, I’m talking away ahead of time. But that is sort of what I’ve been known for. I’ve been known to pretend just to encapsulate things that are happening not just one year from now, when, you know, 34567 years down the track. And I think, you know, as this adoption will slowly take place, and crypto becomes more of a mainstream and also blockchain and the, you know, the ecosystem around that, I think it’s going to be very different, people are going to be thinking different, there’s going to be many opportunities coming. I really think and feel that people might not even need a job. And you know, if that is the case, people might be just rewarded and paid and in crypto for just doing their thing online. You know, someone has a service or they have some knowledge on something, they want to be paid for that, then that is sort of the I really feel that this is where the the information highway is headed in the web 3.0 and blockchain world. So a lot of people are going to get rich, a lot of people are going to lose money, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs, but it’s going to be replaced with the futuristic technology and what’s going to help us as society and the governance and the things that we need as we need to go forth. And society is sort of bred and you know, things will have to change. Anyway, this is just you know, remember 20 years ago, no one had an iPhone, no one had a laptop, no one had much internet access. You’d have to go to the internet cafe and how things have changed slowly and rapidly and progressively in In the last five years, just thinking about how fast things have dynamically shifted and transformed to what we’re seeing today, I actually love the fact that podcasting has got bigger and I think it’s a really good medium that people are under estimating and don’t use enough of. So I think it’s very interesting. Looking today with Aetherium the prices have gone up Philly Philly nicely, but I really feel the negatives there, you know, with this Bitcoin, because Bitcoin, Ethereum is the, you know, more to do with, with smart contracts. And, like the railroad that Bitcoin runs on, I’m really having trouble with Aetherium. And, and the gas fees is just ridiculous, like someone tried to put across 100 bills and Aetherium, and they’re gonna have to pay $50 in gas fees. I mean, they need to really work out this problem. And if they don’t, it’s going to just sort of rodents. And it’s going to give a chance for size, upcoming coins to really give them a run for their money. So I think, you know, in terms of what we’re looking at the proof of steak, and beef, I really think that’s early days. And like I said, I’m sure that the GOP plans to fix the gas fees, and the usability for nicking for Aetherium. But, you know, these, these technologies are slowly getting too big for themselves, I really think that Bitcoin has grown too much, and Aetherium has grown too much. And, you know, they’re trying to decide change therapy to old and clunky I think I’m not bagging these ones, guys, because I’m sure people might make some money on these coins. But it’s slowly as you can see the dominance come down and down for Bitcoin, it’s slowly opening the gate for some of these smaller coins to come in and sort of clip at the heels. Right now, like a pack of dogs, you know, they’re really chasing after these bigger coins. It’s gonna be interesting, because a lot of these projects that have been hanging in the background, they don’t do anything. But these are just seen these developers in the in, the more the altcoin worlds, the smaller points they’ve been trying to do, things are taking things, a slower pace, whereas Bitcoin and Aetherium would just put it out there blatantly. And you know, people, I really think Vitaly, and these people just didn’t think I mean, there might be good entrepreneurs, but as a business owner, they’re failing in some departments. And some of these coins have grown too big, too fast. And that’s going to, you know, they, they might just, I think some of these other systems that are coming along, are actually built more stronger and better, more sustainability. And when we’re talking about green technology, I don’t really think Aetherium and Bitcoin are up there. And these are going to be the big topics talk about in crypto and the millennials, and they’re going to be hunting for for what I would feel and think in terms of the data we’re seeing is the next Bitcoin these are these are the things the next big coin what is the next big coin, these key words keep getting punched into Google? And if you can get ahead of that and work out, you know, which of these coins are really not only clipping at the heels of Bitcoin, but could actually become the next Bitcoin? Because I think the coins that are going to be big and issued in society, and that will be used day to day, I’m not sure if that’s going to be a theory anymore. Bitcoin, I think something, something else could come along, and learn from the mistakes of the theory of Bitcoin and be used. And if you can jump on these earlier, they can be quite, they can provide you an opportunity that might actually allow you to quit your job. I don’t know, I’ve I’ve already been in this space. I’ve seen many, you know, people come and go, and I’ve seen, you know, bull markets and bear markets. But I think the people that and the smartest people I know in this industry are the people that take on study, and they build a foundation, which which can’t fail. So there’s only a few of those corners, I know in the future that you know, 98% of these points probably won’t be around. But you know, the other 2% of the coins out there could could actually not only just make you a handsome profit, but you know, probably revolutionize the way we’re doing a day to day transaction, or peer to peer transaction with other people online. I

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don’t know. This is just my thinking, the data we’re looking at. And I just know that people are just talking about things that are nonsense. And you just have to understand that we are in early days when we’re talking about crypto and blockchain and defy decentralized finance. We are in early days I remember the times when it was very hard to Buy a Bitcoin, you know, 10 years ago, it was almost impossible. And so today you can basically jump on us and you can put your KYC and you can put your credit card details in and within in a matter of minutes. You can own and operate Bitcoin on an exchange, which I think you know I’m in 2021, I think that’s just fairly insane. That’s awesome. But you know, this is how things change. And I know in another five years, it’s gonna be even easier to buy crypto or Bitcoin or blockchain. For me personally, I’ve had a lot of ton of fun. And I just was, like I said, we are in early days, there’s, there’s a much more variety option of sustainability options, crypto and people to invest in, if they’re looking at, you know, Bitcoin uses too much energy or Aetherium uses too much power, and it’s, you know, blah, blah, blah, blah. I mean, there is one side of it, where I know that Jesuits are trying to push this whole climate change thing. I think that’s wrong. And I think it’s a scam. But there’s the other side of it, too, where there’s an opportunity for you to make money from these evil and corrupt people. And so if they’re going to push those agendas, we will just take advantage of that one way. I think, you know, like, we’re in early days, if they’re going to talk about the environmental discussions, I’m open to that, too. However, it’s just, you know, pure nonsense. And, you know, we’re just going to take advantage of everything they do. As we said, chess moves, my friends. And it’s very interesting to see what’s happening this week. And I think as we go into 2022, there’s going to be even more rapid progression and growth and adoption in the crypto and blockchain worlds. So it’s been a blessing my friends, we’ve had a massive week, I’m going to go away and do a little bit of thinking, I’m going to do a little bit of, you know, more blogging, and we’ll be pumping out some really important stuff content for you guys, because I know you love and enjoy that. Alright, guys, that’s about it. For me today. We’ve talked about a lot of stuff, man, I hope you hope haven’t fried your brain there. But this is all part of the learning experience. I’ve always, I’m always part of the fact that, you know, you should always try to learn things each day, even if it’s something new, or, you know, you are pushing up on things that you know a little bit about, and we can all you know, grow and understand things a lot better and help each other. Alright guys, that’s about it for me today. I want to thank you. Please remember to like, share and subscribe to this podcast. And if you feel free, you can join our VIP chatbot daily crypto newsletter. The link for that is below. In the meantime, thanks again for listening to my voice. Have a great day. Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you all very soon. Okay, bye

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