Unique Approach From Recent Chatterbot Newsletter Post

Unique Approach From Recent Chatterbot Newsletter Post

In addition to suggested buy-and-hold (aka “HODL” in the cryptocurrency investing jargon) suggestions for various altcoins, Chip from the Chatterbot crypto investment newsletter also gives several mindset and mental approach suggestions based on his work. He also consults with blockchain millionaires and other investors who share their tips for the mental side of investing.

Yesterday (August 9, 2022) he added these images from the VIP members area posts on his public Twitter page (link to that post here):

For many VIP Chatterbot members, these mindset and personal development posts often are as (sometimes even more) helpful than the posts with the specific crypto / altcoin recommendations or longer-term market charts. If you enjoy a combination of direct suggestions for specific altcoins to buy as well as occasional mindset and personal development suggestions, in a fun and interactive comments section, then consider joining the VIP members area.

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