Update From Chip And The Chatterbot Crypto Investment Newsletter

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Update From Chip And The Chatterbot Crypto Investment Newsletter

The following is reprinted with permission from Chip Smith, who runs the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter.

Good morning!

🔥ALERT!!! – First of all people we have something special for you today. But I have a lot of people asking for our MAGICAL SECRETS OF WEALTH FORMULA! I gave this away here for free this year! Its worth about $997, but you have have is FREE HERE! = CLICK HERE!

Well, I can say a big welcome to the new members and welcome to the future. I love posting these updates, and we have members from all around the globe that are reading this, and they know that something MAGICAL is happening, and we are the only ones in the world that are doing what is called blockchain linguistics, and with a few clicks of a button, we give you things with a magical touch, with a magical beam wand, and even though CORONA virus was the biggest scam known to man, we had 2 of our members QUIT their jobs, and RETIRE while everyone else was on the sidelines, and broke, down and depressed.

There is power what you read in here…. but first….

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Once you find out many of our magical secrets it becomes quite addictive.


Stay with me here, because We need to go over some things. Ill Put it in point form and try to point things out the best way I can, and explain what we do!

1) The way people will in time, turn against biden.

2) Crypto changing the lives of many people. People Who missed out on bitcoin run are searching for the so called “Next bitcoin” which is what we will cover today.

3) Blockchain is actually being used for good. We are the only ones using it to predict events before they happen.

4) We predicted the SUPERBOWL winners before it happened, and it got attention from wall st pundits.

5) The world is not what you think it is, but when you play their game you win. Every single time.

6) YOU ARE GOING TO SEE MASSIVE WORLD WIDE events coming soon!, More waking up, and We mean big, both positive and negative, and lots of money can be made from this.

7) Bitcoin just hit an all time high. Yes, over $50,000…..while some said it would never go this high, we kept warning this was coming. $70,000 is going to come soon later on.

8) Main stream media know that they brainwashed people and told them not to get into crypto or blockchain, because they do not want you rich, they want you working and a slave for the banks.

9) We do not just bring the NEWS, and the TRUTH we are giving a way for people to make money from this, before anyone else out there is. Even bigger banks, and investors are getting on board.

10) We already know that blockchain is the next internet. No one can see this yet, because they do not understand the way technology works. There is a tech boom every 20-30 years. Blockchain is the next big one. This is only the beginning.

11) Our team has been extremely accurate over the years……We never make or claims any guarantees with any of our information. All we can do is claim to be technology experts, and on top of that just MESSENGERS!!! We are just On a mission!!

12) We cannot force you to do anything with your hard earned money, and all we are trying to do, is wake people up to the possibilities in the future. TRUTH, CRYPTO, ROBOTICS, INTERNET OF THINGS, CARS WITHOUT DRIVERS, TALKING COMPUTERS, CURES FOR CANCER, ROBOTS LIKE HUMANS, EXPLOSION IN DRONES, SKYROCKETING METAL PRICES [to ridiculous levels] , TOKENIZATION, CASHLESS ECONOMIES, ELECTRIC VEHICLES, and Much Much more…….. This is all coming soon!….


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While some people are reading this and having their mind blown right now, you must understand, in this life, no matter what people say about you, or claim to label you, you deserve two things as you walk the earth…..

What are these 2 things we talk about?





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You Got 99 Problems This Crypto Dip IS Not One!!!!? 🤑

I get sick of all the newsletters out there giving clueless advice. YUP! Why can I say this, well because we have special software — CLICK HERE — that predicts events before they happen. We have done this very accurately for years now…., and I have created several millionaires just from following our daily advice! And we have PROOF to show that too. I’m not just saying it. So it might be worth to sit the F#$K down and start paying attention my friends!!

I will cut to the chase!

I use to live in my car, and so whatever you think you have gone through in life, and when you think you have hit rock bottom and about to die.


What does not kill you makes you stronger.

You will be surprised to know, GOD TOOK EVERYTHING AWAY FROM ME….So I could have a BLOODY FUN time getting it all back.

Plus I get to help people, and teach them about MONEY and the MENTALITY part of this.

Trust me I have been there.

I Have Hit rock Bottom.

I have had Nothing, and thought life was over.


It was just the beginning.

So NO MATTER What you are going through right now. Even Cancer, or the rest, Its not the ENDING, its just the beginning.

TAKE LIFE BY THE BALLS, and Keep going.

Whatever does not KILL YOU, will ONLY MAKE YOU STRONGER!




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And I’m not just saying that. We have bought in Millions of dollars for our clients.


It has nothing to do with me. And it has nothing to do with money.

Look what you can create. I am just a tool that you will be using in life, and you just have to LEARN………. whatever crap you are going through right now feels like DEATH, and the END, but later on down the track you will realize, what the lesson was, and you will be stronger, tougher and be able to take on the world.




It is funny hey, that even when eating noodles in my car….. yes……all those years ago. I never dream about my next meal, I dreamed about how much success I was going to have, and even create some little secret newsletter, that people would want to maybe join one day. 😁

People laughed at me, and thought I was NUTS.


I know someone wanted to hear this today.

There is so much crap going on in the world, and that is why this newsletter is different.

But Your problems, big and small will PASS, trust me. and they are NOT as big as you think they are. Heck, there are people right now in the world going through a lot more than you.

A lady I talked to today just lost her husband, and all her 4 kids in a house fire. Which was set on fire by her family dog. Which passed as well in the fire.

She has literally lost her whole house, and her whole family. All in a few hours!!!…..WOW! 😮😮 I did not know what to say to her!!! IT was nuts! 😮🙄😏

So NOW how is your DAY GOING!??


Interesting when you put things into perspective like that ey>?


THINK About the other side of the word and the people down the end of the street?

Its funny that the problems we think we have are minuscule to what others are going through.

some people in the world would BEG , and I mean BEG for our PROBLEMS Chatterbotians.

So go about your day thinking of them, and NOT YOURSELF!

This always helped me get through the TOUGH TIMES! 🙂



There is power what you read in here…. If you would like more,……

You can watch our FREE WEBINAR HERE to learn more!!!

Once you find out many of our magical secrets it becomes quite addictive.

Before you go…..

Digital currencies, especially Bitcoin (BTC), is the next evolution of money. We have been talking about this many moons ago, that cryptocurrency is poised for mainstream adoption in the next several years, but we have been talking about that fact for the last 8 years, and its all starting to play out. It will disrupt many weak economies, including fiat currencies!

We are going to get more mainstream crypto adoption in or around 2023…so there is lots of time.

The arrival of digital money/currency will spur massive disruption of the world’s economy, “foreshadowed by the new shifting of planetary economical alignments.”

You might be reading this, and a skeptic, but money is a technology—and technology always disrupts, and once you get your head around this, many worlds open up for you.

No one really understands and is ready for what is coming, WITH TRUMP at the WHEEL….. An “American Revolution 2.0 will officially begin sometime in 2022.”

Biden is not the real president, and you will see the truth come out about the election fraud soon. Very soon friends. They have put in an actor to make you think he is the president, and people are starting to wake up. Blockchain is going to prove who really won the presidency, and that is WHO….TRUMP!??

If something has been nagging at you, and chewing at your mind since the lockdowns started, now you know. Now you can make the connections.

“covid” Scam, coughing, germs, paper money spread of germs, govt intervention, “LETS GO CASHLESS!”…….. ie. The boom of digital currencies.


Consider reading that last sentence again! It just made you smarter, and You now know what 99.99% Of the rest of the world does NOT know! Others are not catching on.

We have already peered into the looking glass for you, with blockchain and confirmed that this is all coming, and it feels like we are writing from the future, ahead of time, to help people open their eyes.

Crypto vs world’s economy

In the next two years, this is just the start, more growth and adoption is coming in the digital currency financial system. This includes the long-planned Chinese digital yuan, and other countries. Its not just all talk!!!!

Instead of reading last weeks news, you now know what is coming, how it affects you and what you can do about it. You can be 17 steps ahead of others, and take action, and even make a few shekels form this new found knowledge of yours!!!

As the old economic guard wrestles with the unstoppable crypto-upstarts, social protest and unrest will likely erupt among fragile economies, and now you know!!!!

We have many new students with us learning more and more each day. My clients are from all walks of life and all sorts of backgrounds.

As we said, INFORMATION is power, with great power comes great life changing experiences.

Be 17 steps ahead of others, and REAP HUGE REWARDS!

Have a great day.



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