Chatterbot Investment Newsletter Discount Through Nov 30, 2021

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Chatterbot Investment Newsletter Discount Through Nov 30, 2021

This video features Chip from the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin newsletter offering a 20% discount on 6-month and 12-month memberships to the VIP area. The discount is good through November 30, 2021. Click this link to contact us for the private link to get the VIP members’ area discount information.

You also may email this address and use promo code “MTS” to get the discount:

Here is more about the Black Friday discount (good through November 30, 2021) from Chip of the Chatterbot newsletter:

Well, I can say a big welcome to the new members and welcome to the future. I love posting these updates, and we have members from all around the globe that are reading this, and they know that something MAGICAL is happening, and we are the only ones in the world that are doing what is called blockchain linguistics, and with a few clicks of a button, we give you things with a magical touch, with a magical beam wand, and even though CORONA virus was the biggest scam known to man, we had 2 of our members QUIT their jobs, and RETIRE while everyone else was on the sidelines, and broke, down and depressed.

There is power what you read in here…. but first…. You can watch our FREE WEBINAR HERE to learn more:

Stay with me here, because We need to go over some things. Ill Put it in point form and try to point things out the best way I can, and explain what we do!

1) Crypto changing the lives of many people. People Who missed out on bitcoin run are searching for the so called “Next bitcoin” which is what we will cover today.

2) Blockchain is actually being used for good. We are the only ones using it to predict events before they happen.

3) The world is not what you think it is, but when you play their game you win. Every single time.

4) YOU ARE GOING TO SEE MASSIVE WORLD WIDE events coming soon!, More waking up, and We mean big, both positive and negative, and lots of money can be made from this.

5) Bitcoin is over $50,000…..while some said it would never go this high, we kept warning this was coming. $70,000 is going to come soon later on.

6) Main stream media know that they brainwashed people and told them not to get into crypto or blockchain, because they do not want you rich, they want you working and a slave for the banks.

7) We do not just bring the NEWS, and the TRUTH we are giving a way for people to make money from this, before anyone else out there is. Even bigger banks, and investors are getting on board.

8) We already know that blockchain is the next internet. No one can see this yet, because they do not understand the way technology works. There is a tech boom every 20-30 years. Blockchain is the next big one. This is only the beginning.

9) Our team has been extremely accurate over the years……We never make or claims any guarantees with any of our information. All we can do is claim to be technology experts, and on top of that just MESSENGERS!!! We are just On a mission!!

10) We cannot force you to do anything with your hard earned money, and all we are trying to do, is wake people up to the possibilities in the future. TRUTH, CRYPTO, ROBOTICS, INTERNET OF THINGS, CARS WITHOUT DRIVERS, TALKING COMPUTERS, CURES FOR CANCER, ROBOTS LIKE HUMANS, EXPLOSION IN DRONES, SKYROCKETING METAL PRICES [to ridiculous levels] , TOKENIZATION, CASHLESS ECONOMIES, ELECTRIC VEHICLES, and Much Much more…….. This is all coming soon!….

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GET TOMORROWS NEWS TODAY! :-0 There is no better newsletter out there in terms of charts, crypto news and predictive AI bots! The daily newsletter analyzes the crypto market for novice to institute investors. Also we regularly update fresh data from our world leading chatterbot set in the blockchain using our “chatterBot” predictive blockchain language data technology to predict events and crypto prices before they occur.

Has an astounding 93% accuracy. Simply, it’s the best crypto newsletter delivered to your inbox every morning. No frills. No bullcrap. Just everything you need to know in a 4-minute read each day..

Due to our accuracy and increased popularity, Our newsletter is by private invitation onlyso click here to contact us.

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