Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 6, 2021

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Podcast Archive – Chip’s Predictions From April 6, 2021

Many people have wanted to know how accurate the Chatterbot newsletter has been before investing into the VIP private members area. One thing which may help you decide is to listen to Chip’s public podcasts from previous posting dates; and then you can determine how accurate his predictions were from the time of the posting.

This post will provide you the link to his podcast, and the embed of his podcast – so that you may listen to it on this site, which was published on this date:

DATE: April 6, 2021 – “Crypto Psychic – ONE OF OUR MEMBERS MAKES $500,000 Profits In Crypto! 😲😲😲”

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In order to help you save time you also can find the podcast audio transcript below this section. If you prefer to read or scan a podcast’s content, instead of listening to it, then we hope that this offers you some benefit. Due to the translation software we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy so you are welcome to listen to the podcast in order to ensure accuracy of what Chip said at the time.

Once you like what Chip offered and believe that his predictive linguistics model is valuable to you, then contact us by clicking the button below and contacting us. We can offer you a promo code to get access to the VIP private members area for the Chatterbot crypto and altcoin investment newsletter. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Hey guys, what’s up chip here? Well, welcome to the chatterbot newsletter podcast radio series. I’m your host chip Smith from Australia. We do what’s called apps and daps. We set them in the blockchain, we spread it across the internet. And we try to pick it up pick up China and linguistics online to predict future events before they happen. So be very, very accurate. Lately, it’s been very, very rewarding. Crypto and 2021 has actually been quite exciting. There’s been lots of news, there’s been lots of events. And so we’re trying to encapsulate all that we’re trying to keep up with everything that is happening, and putting that forth to you guys. And I wanted to just post a little podcast here, because we had a, I’m just on Twitter here. And we had a member I want to give you just a quick, a brief background about the story here. We had a member who, you know, many, many years ago, she was in a situation where, you know, she was struggling a bit, she had a minimal job, you know, minimal income, she was very angry, she was frustrated, you know, then COVID hit. And she was sort of talking to me, looking for opportunities. And we were sort of going back and forth on email. And I thought, you know, I at the time, I thought, you know, maybe she’s not in the situation to start investing in crypto, because now it’s a risky thing, right, I get that. It’s a high risk, high reward thing. But she, she was telling me, you know, my kids are struggling a bit. I’m not doing too well, emotionally, she was sort of a bit upset about all the things that have happened in her life. And I thought, you know, okay, well, I sort of given her option. And as you know, we run a VIP daily chatterbot newsletter, we run a, you know, it’s not financial advice, but we’re running a lot of things, predictive linguistics and with coins, we talk about coins. And she I think, basically the story here is, we were giving her a few updates. And I thought, oh, you know, maybe she’s interested in maybe she’s not, you know, she doesn’t join, I mean, I’m okay with that. Then sort of suddenly, she emailed me out of the blue and said, No, screw this. I like this story. I like the plans that are like all the, the content you’re putting in your daily newsletter. And she basically just sign up on the spot. I think she had, you know, while she wasn’t broke, I know that she was probably struggling a bit. She decided that, you know, for her and a situation, something had to change. And so she made, she took on some pretty big risks, that I probably wouldn’t recommend to too many people. But I mean, this was her own thing. She wanted to change your life. And you know, basically, you’re one day away from, you know, changing everything, and your financial position. But she was sort of just saying, you know, look, I’ve had enough. And this is it. I’m going to join, I thought, Okay, fair enough. That’s cool. And I’m just reading you here, this is this is her testimonial. So she’s saying he could not be happier to be a member for over a year now. I started off in debt with no end in sight, I’ve now made more than I would have working my job for 10 years, just off your chat about Newsela thanks a million, or even two, maybe, maybe even three. So, as you can tell her you know, I am not going to give you give you the number that she is in profit, but I will say it is a three figure amount, okay? It is going from like a three figure amount to a six figure amount. And she’s been doing very, very well. So as you can tell from a language, she’s sort of very happy. And this really is one of those things where you can, you know, there’s no guarantees, I can’t do that. There’s no reason for me to do that. I don’t need to lie to you. I always try to be open and honest. But I, I really do think, you know, this person had no experience and no previous knowledge. And we that’s what we try to do. We try to write our newsletter in a way we’re just to make things easier for people to sort of numb things down. Don’t make it technical. Just, you know, the average month is an average mom, she’s doing really well. And I think realistically in the future if she keeps doing what she’s been doing, she’ll just keep getting better and better and better. But like I said, I’m not going to give you the amount but it is a six she is up six figures in terms of her profits of crypto and you know, people just think you have to start with, you know, millions of dollars to make millions of dollars. Well, you know, this person did not start with a huge amount of investment and a huge amount of money. So, um, it’s very, very interesting, and I think I’m very pleased I’m very happy because we see all these sorts of testimonials and messages all the time. And I know it sounds fake or it sounds you know, I’m putting an advertisement out there but no, we This is the reason why I do it is I really like to help people. And you know, I really do believe that, you know, if you help people, other things will come your way. And then that gives you even more knowledge, more and more experience to help even more people. So it’s just really going from strength to strength with a newsletter I know a lot of people have have been really rewarded, people have decided to keep their profits to themselves, that’s fine. But every now and then we get a really, really cool story that comes across our desk. And I have, you know, I asked the person if we can share that. I agree with that. And I was more than happy to share that with you, it’s all positive. We’d like to keep it all positive. And I’m really proud, I’m really proud of the fact that people have a choice to not take an action or take an action. Some people will always think that, you know, this is all a scam. And you know, even no matter what, there’s always going to be people that are skeptics. But you know, when I first started in crypto many, many years ago, I just thought, you know, this was going to be something of significance. I knew it would be fairly big. But you know, look what we have here today, we have a two $2 trillion market cap, and it’s just blown up into this huge things are. Now a lot of people are out there. And I know people are questioning and asking about our newsletter. And so I thought I’d share that with you today. Because you know, all the years and all the planning. And, you know, it’s a lot of time and effort has gone into my part of trying to work things out. And basically, we’re trying to put things in like a military style plan so that we can’t lose. I know that that sounds bizarre. But you know, there’s always a chance of being wrong and being silly, and not doing things the right way. But I’ve always tried to play things smart. And unfortunately, it’s been working out quite well. So anyway, that’s a little story. I know, I’m rambling on here. But I think it was important to just show you guys what’s really happening behind the scenes because we’re not sort of out there promoting and we don’t really even do any advertising because most of the most of the sales and some of the people joining are all from word of mouth. So there you have it, guys. Thanks again for listening. Please remember to like, share, and subscribe to this podcast. And in the meantime, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye

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